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/ \                                                                        \
|  |                                        Kelfour's First Houses, Page 2 |
|                                                                         |
|  XXXX         XXX       XX     XXXXX                                    |
|xXX XX       XXX        XX     XX  XX                                    |
|    XX     XXX          XX    XX    X                                    |
|    XX   XXX    XXXXXXX XX    XX      XXXXXXXXX  XXX     XX    XX  XXXX  |
|    XX XXX    XXX    XX XX   xXXXXXX XX       XX XXX     XX   XXX XX     |
|    XXXXX   XXX       X XX    XX  XX XX       XX  XX     XX    XXX       |
|    XXXX   XXXXXxxx     XX    XX   X XX      XX   XX     XX    XX        |
|    XXXXX   XXX         XX    XX     XX     XX    XX    XXX  x XX        |
|    XXXXXX    XXXx      XX  x XX      XX   XX     XX  XX XX XX XXX      _|
|    XX  XXX     XXXXXxx XXxXX XX       XXXX        XXX   XXXX  XX       \
|    XX    XX            XXXX  XX                                         |
|   xXX     XX xX             XX        The Kronicles                     |
|  XXX       XXX            xXX               of Kulthea:  Vol.1, No.10   |
|                        XXX           X                   March 1991     |
| XXXXXXXXXXXXX         XX     XXX    XX     XXX           """"""""""     |
|XX XX        XX        XX    XXX   XXXX    XXX                           |
|X  XX         X        XX         XXXXXXXX                               |
|   XX           XXXXXXXXX     XX     XX     XX     XXXXXXXX   XX  XXXX   |
|  XXXXXXXX     XX      XX    XXX     XX    XXX    XX      XX XXX XX  XX  |
|   XX    X     XX      XX     XX     XX     XX    XX      XX  XXX    XX  |
|   XX          XX     XXX  x  XX  x  XX  x  XX  x XX     XX   XX     XX  |
|   XX       XX  XX   X XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX   XX    XX     XX x|
|  XXX     XXX    XXXX  XXXX   XXXX   XXXX   XXXX    XXXXX     XX     XXXX|
| XXXXXXXXXXX                                                             |
|    Local News .............. 1   First Houses of Kelfour's Landing   2  |
|_   Behind the Shops ................................ Martin Kinzan   4  |
 /   On Critical Hits .............................. Valeria Deering   5  |
|    Is There a Healer in the House? ................. Maia Moonsong   6  |
|    Wilderness Creatures .......................... Ilstar Darkedge   9  |
|    The Mystery of Resistance Rolls ................. Lythe L'Green  11  |
|    Looking Painful? The Effect of Scars ........... Rhys Corwinson  13  |
|    The Bardly Way .................................... Dec Lanthar  15  |
|    Lively Combat ................................... Dane Redlance  16  |
|    News of Kulthea ............................... Alton Alianthas  17  |
|    Merchant Match .................................. Maia Moonsong  19  |
|    Think About It ................................. Drasin Dracull  20  |
|    From VampAres to VampYres ....................... Vlad Drakulya  21  |
|    Uncovering The Silence (Conclusion) ............... Chad Eberle  24  |
|    Pwyll, Prince of Annwfn ........................... Eron Kulsen  26  |
|    The Putrescent Parchment ............... Miss Louvella Parsnips  28  |
|    Poetry: Warrior Bard by Eron Kulsen (P.1), Ranger's Rhyme by         |
|        Wisraith Winterwind and Shadow of Death by Raven Brightwing  19  |
| The Kelfour Edition of the  Kronicles of Kulthea is devoted to the game |
| GemStone III on the GEnie Information Network.  Submissions are welcome |
| and  may be  edited for space, accuracy  and readability.  Contact Usul |
| Lu'Nak Editor-In-Chief, Eron Kulsen Reporter, or Phaedra Bleu Publisher |
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      Wayside Inn Opens                                  _________________
      """""""""""""""""                               o=(_________________)=o
The Wayside Inn, located just outside the town gates,    |               |
opened recently.  Chill  spring nights  are warmed by    |    ===/===    |
the roaring fireplace  therein.  Adventurers may rest    |    Kelfour    |
assured  that  they are  recovering  as rapidly  from    |    Edition    |
hunting  expeditions  here as they are in the  Temple    |    ===/===    |
and Helga's Bar,  although your editors have due con-    |               |
cern at the portent of a messaged carved in the table.   |               |
Reports of an inn and castle remains  on the old road    |    Ye Olde    |
to Danjirland have yet to be confirmed.                  |     News      |
                                                         |     Deske     |
      GemStone Resources Relocated                       |               |
      """"""""""""""""""""""""""""                       |               |
Residents are advised that numerous  scrolls contain-    |            /  |
ing  priceless information  about GemStone  have been    |      /^\    / |
transferred by the all-powerful GEnies from the Games    |     /   \     |
RoundTable to the Libraries and Bulletin Board on the    |    /     \    |
on  the  Multiplayer  Games RoundTable  on page 1045.    |   /       \   |
Local  MPG Representative  Lythe L'Green has  details    |  /         \  |
not only about this transfer,  but about  conferences    | /           \ |
with the gods and designers, and upcoming classes for    |/             \|
beginning hunters.                                       '               `
   Essense Slamming Discouraged                 Auction Adjustments
   """"""""""""""""""""""""""""                 """""""""""""""""""
The local  gods  are discouraging a    Last month's auction resulted in some
practice  called discoing (or slam-    citizens being bitterly  disappointed
ming, as it is also known) in order    with the special items they purchased.
to prematurely terminate encounters    KE is  glad  to  report a  gratifying
with  monsters.  Be it  known  that    response to these  complaints by local
monsters  often make unseen attacks    gods, which culminated with  the sil-
upon  perpetrators  of this method-    vers being impounded from the  appar-
ology, and you could return to dis-    ently unscrupulous auctioneers.  They
cover you have bitten the dust.        are prepared to  address  any further
                                       complaints about such items (directed
                                       to GemStone Feedback)  either  by re-
The next issue of KE will be avail-    funding silvers or, when appropriate,
able in early April,  complete with    adjusting the item.
current Hall of Fame listings
     / ______________ \                  Warrior Bard
    / /| | | | | | | \ \                 """"""""""""
   ( ( | | | | | | | |\ \
    \ \| | | | | | | | \ \   The minstrel boy to the war has gone;
     \ \ | | | | | | | |\ \   In the ranks of death he will find him.
      \ \| | | | | | | | ) )
       \ \ | | | | | | |/ /  His father's sword he hath girded on;
        \ \| | | | | | / /    And his wild harp slung behind him.
   art   \ \ | | | | |/ /
     by   \ \| | | | / /     "Land of song," said the Warrior Bard;
    Eron   \ \ | | |/ /       "Though all the world betrays thee.
   Kulsen   \ \| | / /
        _____\ \_|/ /_____   One sword at least, thy rights shall guard;
       (__________________)   One faithful hand shall praise thee."
                    First Houses of Kelfour's Landing
Three Houses are under construction in our town, each dedicated to serve its
members  in various manners.  An interview with the  City Building Inspector
(one Toadeus  Openpalmer, obviously a member in good standing with the local
bureaucracy), revealed  scant information as to completion dates.  Inspector
Openpalmer,  having  consumed  numerous  overpriced  cups of strong Kulthean
coffee and scandalous two dozen donuts during our chat,  claims all building
codes shall be followed to the letter of the law.  However, we were  able to
locate in the Tomes only laws about  forming houses, none on construction of
same.  KE is currently considering an  investigation into the disposition of
the hundreds of thousands silvers paid for local building permits.  :)
    House of the Argent Aspis
 Reported by Lord Erebor Bordeaux
 _____________                                      HOUSE OF THE
/ \ _________ \
\@| ||-|-|-|| | he House  of  Argent                ARGENT ASPIS
  | ~~ |~| ~~ | Aspis was  conceived         /\  /\               _/\
 _|    |~|    | amidst the flowering        / --/ |         /\  _/    >
/@|    |~|    | blossoms in the Kel-       /       \       /  \/       >
\_/   ~~~~~   / four  Gardens  on  a      /  *      >    /  _/         >
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  warm  autumns's eve.     /    --)   >   / _/           >
Whimsical discussions  of   palaces,    /    /  /   >  /_/         / ^^^ \
mansions  and other exotic buildings  (^^ / /  /    > //          (  __   )
gradually  materialized into what is  (__/_|  /     >//           < (  )  >
soon to become our humble abode.  We         /      >|            < > /   >
spoke  briefly  about  our preferred        /     ^ \_\ _ ^ _     ( \/   /
style   of   governing  and  quickly       (     ^ ^     ^ ^  \    \ \  /
agreed  that  we did not desire some        \   |   \   |    \  \_/ \ \/
bombastic  dictator  forcing his/her         \  \    \  \      \     \_\
will    upon   other   members.    A         _\__\    | _\     |    /  ^^
democratic  form  of 'rulership' was        (      ___(        |___/
chosen; decision by consensus.               \(_(__(   \(_(_(__|
The   most   pressing  task  was  to
solidify   our  aspirations  into  a     (Art by Lady Taarna Wayfinder)
definite plan.  Ilstar Darkedge took
it  upon  himself  to  hire  some of
Kelfour's   finest   architects  and
together they quickly designed plans   The  house has six founding members:
that  promised to be pleasing to the   Delvian   Kel'Bathian,  Taarna  Way-
eye  of  it's founding members.  The   finder,  Jamel Kailli, Caroam Thien-
plans   submitted   to   the   local   son, Ilstar Darkedge and myself.  To
bureaucracy   were  for  a  building   appease  the  local  bureaucracy, we
closely    representing    a   tudor   developed a statement of purpose and
mansion.   The  locality will be the   house   by-laws   and  this  rapidly
garden  of Kelfour, a 'middle class'   quelled  any anxieties that they may
area.  The building itself is large,   have  had.  The purpose of the house
consisting  of  a couple of lounges,   of the Argent Aspis is a simple one.
storeroom,  wine cellar and bar, ten   We   seek   to  assist  and  provide
bedrooms, kitchen, courtyard, etc. A   guidance  to all adventurers who are
quick  estimate  for the cost of the   new  to Kelfours.  Of course we will
building  came  to  1,300,000 silver   be  offering  the  'usual benefits',
pieces, a veritable fortune!           locker space, herbs, wands etc.
                                    -2-                             More...
          House of Paupers                 House of the Rising Phoenix
          """"""""""""""""                 """""""""""""""""""""""""""
      Reported by Phaedra Bleu              Reported by Lythe L'Green
 ____________                           ____________
/ \ _____    \                         / \ ________ \
\@| ~|_|~    | ocated   conveniently   \@| ~|_|~~|~|| erhaps the  House  of
  |  |~|     | on the square in  the     |  |~|__|~|| the Rising Phoenix is
 _|  |~|  __ | heart  of   Kelfour's    _|  |~|--// | best described by the
/@|  |~|__|| | Landing,  the   House   /@|  |~|     | bylaws under which it
\_/  ~~~~~~~ / of   Paupers   offers   \_/ ~~~~     / operates: Established
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  membership   to   all     ~~~~~~~~~~~  for the  purposes  of
adventurers  of  Kulthea  regardless   preventing  the  furtherance  of the
political or religious affiliation.    goals  of  the  Unlife, education of
                                       others in the promotion of Truth and
Its purpose is to provide a relaxed,   organizing  those  devoted  to  such
social   club   atmosphere  for  its   goals  for  their  mutual assistance
members  with  comfortable areas for   and camaraderie.
conversation    and   contemplation.
Member  services will include loans,   The House accepts with open arms all
storage  facilities,  dispute  arbi-   those  who reject the Unlife, and is
tration,  hot tub and swimming pool,   completely open in all its dealings.
and  the services of a masseuse, the   To  become  a member of the House of
latter   by  appointment  only.   In   the  Rising  Phoenix, one must swear
addition  to a plush reception area,   to have NO allegiance to any society
members  and their guests will enjoy   or  cult  in league with the Unlife,
a furnished commons room with a huge   and be accepted by general ballot by
fireplace  in  addition to a library   all   members  of  the  House.   The
and no-host bar.                       initiation  fee  is  20,000  silver,
                                       with  monthly  dues of 5,000 silver.
Founders  of  The  House  of Paupers
include  Chairman  Silent Mydnyghte,   A  large citadel which will serve to
Treasurer Kirc Bloodguard, Secretary   protect  and  house  the  members of
Dextor  Malthorn,  Phaedra  Bleu and   Rising  Phoenix  is  now  under con-
Karel Tasavalta.                       struction.   Membership at this time
                                       consists  of  the following esteemed
A   substantial  number  of  Kelfour   citizens   of   Kelfour's   Landing:
residents  have  already  elected to   Wisraith Winterwind (Chairman), Lord
join  The  House  of  Paupers.   The   Riverwind Entreri (Treasurer), Lythe
initiation  fee is only 5,000 silver   L'Green  (Secretary), Aleric d'Goth,
pieces,  and  dues are an affordable   Anika   Shanna,   Maruko   Ashimine,
500  silvers  per  month.   Lifetime   Neander   Ofolde,   Strom   O'Berin,
memberships  are  available  for  an   Siegfried dieMiesterToten, Swifthawk
additional  15,000  silvers.  Guided   Lyonsbane,   Lord  Talon  Elessidil,
tours  will  be available during the   Tourock  Zephher,  Twie Montecristo,
grand opening.                         Wacha McCollett, and Waldo2 Ptolemy.
                     House of Argent Aspis (continued)
It   is   our  intention  to  remain   Current  house  officers  are Taarna
apolitical  (which is why I will not   Wayfinder as Secretary, Jamel Kailli
be  chairman for long).  We will not   as Treasurer and myself as Chairman.
attempt  to  coerce  any  members or   These    are    interim   positions;
potential  members  into  a  certain   elections  will  take place once the
belief,  ideology  or set of actions   house   is   habitable.   Contact  a
simply  for  them to become eligible   member  for  a  copy of our by-laws.
for  our  house.                       Tours will be offered upon opening.
                              Behind the Shops
                              by Martin Kinzan
/ \ _________ \
\@| ~|_|~~~|| | ver wonder what's in   The  easiest way to get these things
  |  |~|__ ~~ | the backrooms of the   is to ask someone with access to the
 _|  |~|-| __ | shops in town?   You   appropriate backroom.  It's not like
/@|  |~|___|| | know, where  certain   the  custom  stuff  where choose the
\_/ ~~~~~~~~~ / customers are  well-   color  or material but some of it is
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  received,  when  you   very  nice  and  can be picked up at
can't see anything at all?             the time you pay for it.
Out   of  curiosity  I   bribed  and   If  you insist on getting back there
cajoled my way into all of them, and   yourself,  I  remind you of that old
let me tell you, it was an expensive   adage, "Money talks." You don't have
and   sometimes   frustrating  trip.   to buy alot, but be persistent about
Here's a list of the hidden things I   it.   Those  merchants may start out
found.   Oh,  there aren't any back-   acting cold, but they'll warm up!
rooms  at  the  Alchemist  Shop, the
General Store  or Sarii's Clothiers.   They make great gifts, too!
      Aznell's Armory Backroom              Sarn Keltain Gems Backroom
      """"""""""""""""""""""""              """"""""""""""""""""""""""
  Augmented Metal Breastplate Armor      A Strand of Black Pearls
AT  18:   A  metal  breastplate with   These rare, grey-lustered pearls are
smaller  plates and leather to cover   perfectly  matched to Sarn's own ex-
legs and arms.          1237 silvers   acting expectations.   27500 silvers

  Half Plate Armor                       A Golden Dragon Medallion
AT 19:  A suit of plate armor backed   A heavy, gold medallion in the shape
up  with  double  chain  mail at the   of a flying dragon.    27500 silvers
joints for flexibility. 5625 silvers
                                         A Diamond Unicorn Pendant
  Full Plate Armor                     A fanciful pendant in the shape of a
AT  20:   A  complete  suit of plate   prancing   unicorn,  encrusted  with
armor,   suitable  for  knights  and   tiny, flawless diamonds.
jousting!              11250 silvers                          48125 silvers
       Gert's Bakery Backroom
       """"""""""""""""""""""                   Tyron's Arms Backroom
  A Strawberry Ice                              """""""""""""""""""""
A refreshing, slushy drink made with      A Claidhmore
ice,  dairy  cream, and fresh straw-    A  great  sword,  almost longer than
berries.                  60 silvers    Tyron  himself,  with a plain handle
                                        inscribed  with beautiful scrollwork
    Larton's (Locksmith) Backroom       on the blade.           4500 silvers
  A lore lockpick                         A Naginata
Made of mithril, this very rare tool    A  long curved blade upon the end of
is  very  good  at picking locks and    a sculpted silver pole.  A beautiful
resists breakage.       3800 silvers    weapon!                 6750 silvers
                             On Critical Hits
                            by Valeria Deering
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~|_|~ | n the Rolemaster system,   roll to hit exceeds your THT (To Hit
  |  |~|  | it  is  more  often  the   Threshold)  plus  the  armor type of
 _|  |~|  | crits  than   the   hits   your target.  See Chart I.
/@| _|~|_ | that will take  you down
\_/ ~~~~~ / in  combat.  Those  evil   For  example, say my THT against you
  ~~~~~~~~  geniuses  at I.C.E. have   is 84.  I have an OB of 211 and your
developed  countless charts  listing   DB  is  150.   You are in heavy hide
creative  ways  to die,  and if  you   (nude).    My  die  roll  is  a  66.
have  always  wondered  how critical   66+211-150  = 127 adjusted die roll.
hits work, read on.                    This exceeds the THT by 43, which is
                                       more  than the D-Crit threshold (32)
Each time a blow connects, two types   but  less than the E-Crit threshold.
of  damage are inflicted.  The first   Therefore I inflict a D-Crit on you.
is  the  concussion damage, a number
of  straight concussion points (CPs)   A  hit  will  inflict  at  most  one
which   are   marked   off  of  your   critical hit, which is determined by
opponent's  total.   The second is a   the  highest  critical threshold you
possible   critical  hit.   Critical   exceed  with  your  roll.  If you do
hits  inflict  additional  CPs; they   not  exceed  the 'A-Crit' threshold,
can   tear  open  wounds  and  cause   no critical hit is inflicted.
bleeding,  put  you  into  a stun or
knock  you  down, or simply kill you
instantly.     Straight   concussion
damage inflicted by weapons has been   [Notes  on  armor:   When  selecting
dealt with in a previous article and   armor  for  personal use, while this
thus will be ignored here.             chart  may  initially appear to give
                                       considerable  benefit to the heavier
When  a  hit  is  scored,  either  a   armor    types   for   purposes   of
critical  hit  is inflicted or it is   resisting   critical  hits,  realize
not.  (Real deep, eh?) If a critical   that  wearing  heavy armor will give
hit  is  inflicted, it may be one of   others a _lower_ THT against you and
five  severities:   A,  B, C, D or E   thus   improve   their   chances  of
level.  An A-crit is the mildest and   scoring   a  critical  against  you.
an   E-crit   is  the  most  severe;   Take  everything into account before
however,    even   an   A-crit   can   deciding  on  armor  to wear!  There
potentially be fatal.                  are   also   deviant   armor  types:
                                       Crystal   and   steel   golems   are
Determination  of whether a critical   considered  to  have  a  variant  of
hit  is  inflicted and its severity,   heavy   hide  armor,  despite  their
if  so,  is  based  on how much your   bizarre THTs.]
         |                                                       |
         |            Chart I: Critical Hit Thresholds           |
         |            --------------------------------           |
         |                                                       |
         | Armor Type     A-Crit  B-Crit  C-Crit  D-Crit  E-Crit |
         | Nude             10      15      21      32      50   |
         | Soft leathers    20      32      47      60      79   |
         | Hard leathers    20      31      46      62      74   |
         | Mail             49      63      74      84      93   |
         | Plate            70      84      92      99     104   |
Once  it  has been determined that a   Certain creatures do not take normal
critical  hit  has  been scored, the   critical  hits;  instead  they  take
dice  are  rolled again to determine   LARGE   criticals   which  are  less
exactly  what  critical  it is.  The   severe.   The  majority  of monsters
dice rolled are percentile dice with   level   10  and  up  are  considered
the following modifiers:               'large'  and  thus use these tables.
                                       (Notable    exceptions   are   black
        A Crit: -20 to roll            stalkers  and  mountain ogres.) Note
        B Crit: -10 to roll            also  that  a number of monsters are
        C Crit: no modifier            immune  to  stun and thus stuns from
        D Crit: +10 to roll            these tables are totally ignored!
        E Crit: +20 to roll
                                       Most 'large' creatures are immune to
       Striking from hiding:           stun.  Therefore stun results in the
       +(skill level in ambush)        above chart may be inaccurate.
It  is  widely believed that using a   Acknowledgements:    Data  for  this
claidhmore  lends  +20  to your crit   article   was  taken  from  I.C.E.'s
hit roll as well.                      Rolemaster   Companion   and  Middle
                                       Earth  Role  Playing Combat Screens.
Several  different  charts  are used   Some data may be in error (I haven't
for critical hits.  Those I am aware   personally  witnessed  every  one of
of   are   Puncture,  Slash,  Crush,   these  crits)  and  your mileage may
Impact,  Grapple, Electricity, Cold,   vary.
and  Heat.   There  is also a poison                                More...
critical  chart  which,  to my know-
ledge,  is dysfunctional at the time         ============\\==========
of this writing.
The  determination on which chart is
used is based on what kind of attack      Is There a Healer In the House?
is  being made.  Here is a breakdown      """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""
of  such  attacks,  followed  by the
corresponding  critical hit tables.          Heard by Maia Moonsong
Swords/Axes: Slash, Crush                 In Frith's Inn late one evening
Rapier/Dagger: Slash, Puncture            I have a scar across me face,
Mace/Mattock/Staff/Fist: Crush,Impact     A nasty bruise upon me knee.
Morningstar/Warhammer/Flail:  Crush,      A left me own poor arm someplace,
  Puncture (Impact?)                      I am a sorry sight to see!
Whip: Grapple, Crush                      While convulsing spasmodically,
Polearms: Puncture, Crush                 I bled upon the mayor's blouse.
Spears: Puncture, Impact                  I mangled me leg terribly,
Arrows: Puncture                          Is there a healer in the house?
Beaks/Pinchers: Slash, Crush
Bites/Claws/Talons/Horns: Slash,          My lover has gone and left me,
  Puncture                                Me mother cries all the time.
Stings: Puncture, Poison                  I am weaker than I should be,
Charge/Bash/Trample/Stomp/Fall/Crush:     I canna even hit the chime.
  Crush                                   Gods forbid! I am fading fast!
Shock bolts: Electricity                  Me heart's beating weaker than
Water bolts: Impact                         a mouse.
Ice bolts: Impact, Cold                   My lungs have almost breathed
Fire bolts: Impact, Heat                    their last!
Lightning bolts:  Electricity,  Heat      Is there a cleric in ....
Cold balls: Cold                                =========\\========
Fire balls: Heat
                          CRUSH CRITICAL HIT TABLE
Die Roll   Result
    <05    Weak grip, no extra damage.
  06-20    Rib fracture (first degree chest wound, +5 hits)
  21-35    Blow to side (+4 hits)
  36-50    Blow to forearm (first degree arm wound, +5 hits, 1 rd stun)
  51-65    Shield strike (Ignored if target using shield. If target
             without shield, second degree left arm wound)
  66-79    Breaks bone in leg (second degree left leg wound, +12 hits,
             2 rds stun)
     80    Strike to forehead (second degree head wound, +30 hits,
             20 rds stun)
  81-86    Weapon arm broken, tendon damage (second degree right arm
             wound, drop weapon, +8 hits, 2 rds stun)
  87-89    Knee shattered (second degree leg wound, knocked prone,
             +9 hits, 3 rds stun)
     90    Blow to back of neck (third degree neck wound, +25 hits,
             10 rds stun)
  91-96    Blow to side of head (third degree head wound, +20 hits,
             instant death if without helm, otherwise 20 rds stun)
  97-99    Ribcage sent through lungs (third degree chest wound, death)
    100    Jaw bone driven through brain (third degree head wound, death)
101-106    Hip broken (second degree leg wound, knocked prone, +15 hits,
             3 rds stun)
107-109    Throat crushed (third degree neck wound, death)
    110    Hip crushed (second degree leg wound, +35 hits, 2 rds stun)
111-116    Weapon arm elbow shattered (second degree right arm wound,
             drop weapon, 5 rds stun)
117-119    Chest cavity crushed (third degree chest wound, death)
   >120    Heart destroyed (third degree chest wound, death)
                          SLASH CRITICAL HIT TABLE
    <05    Weak strike (no extra damage)
  06-20    Minor calf wound (first degree leg wound)
  21-35    Blow to upper leg (second degree leg wound, +5 hits)
  36-50    Chest wound (first degree chest wound, +3 hits)
  51-65    Slash right forearm (first degree right arm wound, +4 hits,
             1 rd stun)
  66-79    Left thigh slashed (second degree left leg wound, +6 hits,
             2 rounds stun)
     80    Cartoid artery severed (third degree neck wound, death)
  81-86    Slash muscle and tendons in right arm (second degree right
             arm wound, drop weapon, +10 hits)
  87-89    Left eye blinded (left eye out, +10 hits, 10 rd stun)
     90    Disemboweled (third degree abdomen wound, death)
  91-96    Strike to side of head (third degree head wound, +15 hits,
             instant death if no helm, otherwise, 20 rds stun)
  97-99    Lower left leg severed (third degree left leg wound, knocked
             prone, 10 rd stun)
    100    Slash side (second degree chest wound)
101-106    Abdominal wound (third degree abdomen wound, +10 hits,
             4 rd stun)
107-109    Weapon arm severed (third degree right arm wound, drop weapon,
             10 rd stun)
    110    Impaled heart (third degree chest wound, death)
111-116    Left hand severed (third degree left hand wound, knocked down,
             6 rd stun)
117-119    Spine severed (third degree neck wound, knocked down,
             10 rd stun)
   >120    Brain annihilated (third degree head wound, death)
                          PUNCTURE CRITICAL HIT TABLE
    <05    Glancing blow (no extra damage)
  06-20    Glancing blow to side (+3 hits)
  21-35    Thigh strike (first degree leg wound, +3 hits)
  36-50    Forearm wound (first degree arm wound, +2 hits, 1 rd stun)
  51-65    Strike along side of chest (first degree chest wound, 1rd stun
  66-79    Strike to lower leg, tendons torn (second degree leg wound,
             +3 hits, 1 rd stun)
     80    Strike to neck (third degree neck wound, instant death)
  81-86    Strike to weapon arm (second degree right arm wound, +10 hits,
             3 rd stun)
  87-89    Strike through lower leg (second degree leg wound, 3 rd stun
     90    Strike through lungs (third degree chest wound, death)
  91-96    Strike to side of head (third degree head wound, +10 hits,
             instant death with no helm, otherwise 20 rd stun)
  97-99    Spine severed (third degree neck wound, death)
    100    Strike through eye (death)
101-106    Abdominal wound (third degree abdomen wound, +10 hits,
             4 rd stun)
107-109    Nailed in lower back (third degree back wound, knocked down)
    110    Shot through heart (third degree chest wound, death)
111-116    Shot through leg, artery severed (second degree leg wound,
             knocked down)
117-119    Shot through kidneys (third degree abdomen wound, death)
   >120    Shot through ears (third degree head wound, death)
    <05   +10 hits (Don't ask me why)
  06-20   +6 hits
  21-35   +12 hits
  36-50   +18 hits
  51-65   Staggered (+20 hits, 2 rd stun)
  66-79   Fine leg strike (first degree left leg wound, +18 hits, 3 rd stun
     80   Jugular severed (third degree neck wound, death)
  81-86   Hard blow (+25 hits, 2 rd stun)
  87-89   Leg artery severed (second degree left leg wound)
     90   Forelimb artery severed (second degree right arm wound,
            monster goes to full parry, +20 hits)
  91-96   Leg strike (first degree leg wound, +15 hits, 3 rd stun)
  97-99   Strike to head, skull fracture (second degree head wound,+ 30 hits
    100   Strike through heart (third degree chest wound, death)
101-106   Shatter right shoulder (second degree right arm wound, +15 hits,
            3 rd stun)
107-109   Vicious crossing strike (right eye out, 2 rd stun)
    110   Strike through cheek (third degree head wound, death)
111-116   Strike to chin, jaw shattered (second degree head wound,+60 hits,
            20 rd stun?)
117-119   Strike through eye (death)
   >120   Strike through ear destroys brain, unfortunate lummox dies
            instantly, ear wax removed (third degree head wound, death)
                           Wilderness Creatures
 ____________               by Ilstar Darkedge
/ \ ___   ___\
\@|  \~\ /~/ | ou may have  seen him   Kelfour's Landing:
  |   \ ~ /  | wandering  the lands,
 _|    |~|   | wearing modest cloth-   Having   traveled   for  almost  six
/@|    |~|   | ing and an expression   months, I  have finally found a land
\_/    ~~~   / of quiet thought.  He   with  more  unusual  beasts.  A talk
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ obviously finds inter-   with  Helga,  the local barkeep, has
est  in  more  than  just his magic.   convinced me this area might be pro-
Cinjin  journeyed  about  the  wilds   missing. I shall stay about for some
letting  his  curiosity  lead him to   time  and  see if I can  verify some
new and always more dangerous tracts   of the tales I just heard.
where he could find beasts which few
come across.  His insatiable curios-   Sightings:
ity  has taken him to other lands in
search  of even stranger animals and   BASILISK:   These  beasts seem to be
spirits  to add to his immense tomes   weaker  relatives of the basilisks I
of  personal sightings.  He is obvi-   saw long ago.  I will now call those
ously driven to experience things; a   greater  basilisks.   Like its appa-
man for whom stories will not do.      rent   relatives,   it  has  a  body
                                       similar to a serpent with two clawed
I used to talk with him about things   legs,  feathery  wings, and no arms.
he  saw  before  he came to Kelfour,   Its length is similar too, around 25
and  I  think  it  was this interest   feet  with  a  wingspan of about 28.
which  prompted  him to hire a local   Both  have  a  feather  covered head
scribe  to  copy his tomes.  He left   with a sharp beak, though these seem
them  on  my doorstep the morning he   less  reptilian.   One  would  still
set off to journey to lands far from   look  at  them  and  think of a cock
Kelfour's,  no  doubt   in  hope  of   mixed  with  a  small dragon.  Their
quenching his continuing curiosity.    eyes can turn one to stone, but that
                                       doesn't   last   as   long   as  the
His   tomes   contain  many  strange   greater's hardening gaze.  Also they
beasts.   In them he describes their   don't seem to desire to crack one to
appearance,  what they are called by   pieces as the greater ones do.  They
local   inhabitants,  and  sometimes   lack  both  the  ability  to  breath
their abilities.  Interested more in   poison  and  secrete  it  from their
seeing  the beast rather than fight-   skin,  thus  one does not lay in air
ing  it,  he usually failed to docu-   full  of deadly fumes.  Though still
ment all of their actions in battle.   intelligent,    they    seem    very
                                       unpredictable   almost   verging  on
I  still  find it hard to believe in   insane,  their  crazed  wailing  can
some of the beasts he has supposedly   drive    fear   into   the   bravest
seen,  although  many feel I have an   barbarian.   They  use  their  sharp
open  mind  on such matters.  So, to   beaks  and  talons effectively.  The
avoid  any  fables, I will only show   feathers   are   usually   white  or
entries  of those beasts I have seen   sometimes  a  medium  brown, and the
myself,  or heard about from trusted   body is always a deep green.
eyewitnesses.   Therefore,  most  of
these  creatures  are  within  a few   BROWN  BEAR:   Bears  are common all
days  journey  of Kelfour's Landing.   over  the lands, but for some reason
A few lay beyond, those I saw before   these  in particular are much larger
I settled in this area.                than  those  I  have seen elsewhere.
                                       Their  fur  is  softer  and a little
I  have  taken  it  upon  myself  to   trickier   to   skin   than  others.
organize Cinjin's tomes a bit as the   Otherwise just a common bear.
monsters are entered in the order in
which  he sighted them.             -9-                             More...
WEREBEAR:   These  werebears seem to   their  head.  These sacks allow them
enjoy staying in their bear form, in   to  flatten the neck into a hoodlike
which    they   are   difficult   to   form when approached.
distinguish  from  a  regular  bear.
They are more vicious and seem to be   COCKATRICE:   Another  beast closely
unaffected  by normal weapons.  Only   related  to  the basilisk.  They are
with  the  aid of a god or the flows   more  common  than  the  others and,
of  essence  should  one tangle with   luckily,  less dangerous.  They seem
them.  One distinguishing marking is   to  fly  about  more than basilisks,
that  their  eyes  are  deep  red in   and  they  prefer  to nest in trees.
color.   If  you  haven't  heard the   The  greater  basilisk puts his lair
tale,  a  werebear  is  supposedly a   in  a  cavern and prefers walking to
creature  of  the darkness that once   flying.  This is probably due to the
was   a   humanoid.   Werebears  can   poison that the greater basilisk can
infect  with  their  bites,  and the   emit  that both fills the air of his
victim    is    then    cursed   and   lair  and  covers  the  floor with a
periodically  changes  into  a  bear   deadly clear slime.  The feathers of
form and wrecks havoc.                 these  beasts  are softer and larger
                                       and seem to be desired by those with
BLACK  STALKER:   These  beasts  are   certain   odd   desire   to  tickle.
hard to describe since they like the   Beware  of the cockatrice's gaze and
shadows.  From what I have been told   their  talons.   They stand anywhere
they  are  warriors or assassins who   from  three to twelve feet high with
have  been  possessed  by  some evil   a wingspan of about eight feet and a
spirit.     They   are   quick   and   tail  of  about  three  feet.  Their
excellent  swordsmen.   Their  whole   feathers  are  white  over  a  brown
purpose is to kill, and nothing will   skin.
deter  them  except their own death.
Be wary of the dark forests south of   DARK  APPARITION:  Dead spirits with
town.   They  shy away from light as   the  ability  to alter their appear-
darkness  invigorates  them.  I have   ance,   dark  apparitions  use  this
heard  that  sometimes they are used   ability   to   look   like  horribly
as  assassins.   If  this is true be   mutilated  corpses,  some  humanoid,
careful if you are the target.  They   others  not.  All their forms have a
will  let nothing stand in their way   sort  of  ghostly appearance.  Their
and   they   carry   blades   forged   entire  purpose  is  to  spread fear
specifically   with   you  in  mind.   into anything that they encounter.
Death  is  the  only thing that will
stop them, either yours or theirs.     DEATH  DIRGE:  These forms with very
                                       dark  eyes  seem to be spirits bound
BLOODBEAST:  One of the most hideous   to  this  world  by  music.   Quiet,
things  I  have seen.  I can believe   haunting  tunes  can  be  heard when
the   tale  that  these  beings  are   they  are  about.   Their voices can
created  when a victim dies a bloody   make  you  stand  frozen  or run for
death.   They  appear to be a corpse   your life.  I always hear a distant,
completely covered in blood.  Almost   depressing funeral march just before
unrecognizable,  their  arms usually   I  meet  one  of these.  Still, they
look  like  bloody  tentacles.  They   seem  to  come  up  without warning,
use them to fling an acidic blood at   since  the music does not seem real.
you.   Similar  beasts  that  I have   Their  size  is  varied as are their
seen  actually  draw  the blood away   shapes.   They always have dark eyes
from  your  wounds.   Luckily  these   and equally dark music.
don't seem to have that desire.
                                       DEATHWOODE:   The animate spirits of
COBRA:    A   large   snake  with  a   slain  trees  are deathwoodes.  They
poisonous    bite,   they   can   be   are vindictive and ruthless in their
distinguished  by large semicircular   goal to rid the forest of travelers.
sacks  that  hang  on  each  side of   Some will ignore those who would not
                                    -10-      (continued on page 12)
                      The Mystery of Resistance Rolls
                             by Lythe L'Green
/ \ ________ \
\@| ~|_|~~|~||erhaps the least under   caster.   They  then  roll a hundred
  |  |~|  |~|| stood  rules  in Gem-   sided   die,   modified  by  the  RR
  |  |~|==// | Stone are  those sur-   modifier  that  was  determined from
 _|  |~|     | rounding  the  resis-   the  BAR,  as  well  as  any special
/@|  |~|     | tance roll (RR>.  RRs   modifiers  (usually racial).  If the
\_/ ~~~~     / are an  important as-   RR  is  greater than or equal to the
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ pect of the  game, and   RR  threshold,  then  the  spell has
are useful if you understand them.     been  resisted.   Here is an example
                                       Resistance  Roll:   Lythe  gestures.
Essentially, an RR is the chance for   BAR:   D100  70  +  19 = 89, general
a  victim  to resist the effect of a   RRmod:   -50  Target  RR  threshold:
certain  spell.  A variety of spells   50,  d100 32 + -50 + race_mod:  -5 =
allow   for  an  RR:   Sleep,  Calm,   -23, resistance failed!
Unbalance,  Repel  Undead,  Word  of
Stun  and  several others.  If an RR   In  the  above  example,  the target
is  failed, then the spell will have   rolled  a 70 on a hundred sided die.
some  effect on the intended target;   Their  level,  19, was added to this
if  the  RR is failed by a lot, then   roll,  to  result  in 89.  This high
the effect is often worse.             roll  resulted  in an RR modifier of
                                       -50,  to  be  applied  the  the next
An  RR takes place in two parts:  an   roll:   the  actual  RR.  The target
initial Base Attack Roll (BAR) which   also  happened  to be 19th level, so
determines  how  well  the spell was   using  the  chart,  we  find  the RR
cast.   The  higher  the  roll,  the   threshold  to be 50 (it is always 50
better;  if  you are a mage, cleric,   when  the  caster  and target are of
healer, or sorcerer, then your level   equal  level).  The victim rolled 32
is   added   to   this   roll.   The   on  a hundred sided die, modified by
'modified  roll'  due  to this level   -50  due  to  the caster's effective
bonus   may  never  exceed  95.   An   BAR,  and  further  modified  by the
unmodified  initial  roll  of 96-100   target's  race  by  -5  to result in
results in extraordinary success.      -23.    This   is   well  below  the
                                       threshold,  so  the target failed to
The   result  of  the  BAR  is  then   resist the spell.
cross referenced  with   an  obscure
table (which won't be discussed here   Some  races  are highly resistant to
for  it  is  of  lesser  importance)   magic:   dwarves  and  halflings are
which  is  based  on  the  armor the   granted  large bonuses to their RRs,
target  is  wearing and the realm of   whereas  elves are given are given a
magic  the spell comes from.  In any   slight  penalty  for  being somewhat
case,   the  higher  your  BAR,  the   susceptible to magic.
larger  the  negative  modifier  the
target  will  suffer  when they make   This  Resistance  Roll table is also
the  RR.   A  low BAR will result in   useful  to  determine the level of a
the  target  receiving  a  bonus  to   creature you haven't met before.  If
resist.                                you  can  cast  a  spell on it which
                                       requires an RR, then you can look up
After  the  BAR  is  completed,  the   their   RR  threshold  against  your
victim  is given a chance to resist.   level, and cross reference that with
The target has an RR threshold based   the target level.
on  their  level   relative  to  the                                More...
           |            Table of Resistance Roll Thresholds            |
    |Target|                    Caster's Level                         |
    |Level | 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  11  12  13  14  15|
    |   1  | 50  55  60  65  70  73  76  79  82  85  87  89  91  93  95|
    |   2  | 45  50  55  60  65  68  71  74  77  80  82  84  86  88  90|
    |   3  | 40  45  50  55  60  63  66  69  72  75  77  79  81  83  85|
    |   4  | 35  40  45  50  55  58  61  64  67  70  72  74  76  78  80|
    |   5  | 30  35  40  45  50  53  56  59  62  65  67  69  71  73  75|
    |   6  | 27  32  37  42  47  50  53  56  59  62  64  66  68  70  72|
    |   7  | 24  29  34  39  44  47  50  53  56  59  61  63  65  67  69|
    |   8  | 21  26  31  36  41  44  47  50  53  56  58  60  62  64  66|
    |   9  | 18  23  28  33  38  41  44  47  50  53  55  57  59  61  63|
    |  10  | 15  20  25  30  35  38  41  44  47  50  52  54  56  58  60|
    |  11  | 13  18  23  28  33  36  39  42  45  48  50  52  54  56  58|
    |  12  | 09  14  19  24  29  32  35  38  41  44  46  48  50  52  54|
    |  13  | 07  12  17  22  27  30  33  36  39  42  44  46  48  50  52|
    |  14  | 05  10  15  20  25  28  31  34  37  40  42  44  46  48  50|
     Note: For each level over 15, the attack level raises the result by
           1, and the target level lowers it by 1.
                Wilderness Creatures (continued from Page 10)
harm  trees,  but  those  about  the      Fighting  dragons  is always dan-
forests  near  Kelfour's  desire  to   gerous.  Not only are they more than
slay  every  traveler.   Bitter  and   capable  fighters  but if you manage
prolific,  I  have never before come   to cut one, you will learn they have
across so many.  Typically, they are   corrosive blood.
large  trees  with  black  eyes  and      They  usually  nest  in cavernous
large mouths filled with teeth.        lairs,  the  entrance  to  which  is
                                       often  a tight squeeze for them, but
DRAGON:  I have seen only one dragon   inside  of  which  they  can stretch
in  this  area, and heard of another   their  wings  and  even  fly  about.
nesting  somewhere up in a mountain.   There  body  length is anywhere from
These beasts of the drake family are   30  to  90 feet, and their wing span
intelligent  and  deadly foes.  They   from 50 to 150 feet.
vary   vastly   but   appear  to  be      Dragons have developed sleep to a
enormous,    enchanted   reptilians.   art form.  Unluckily, they rest best
Some  can  fly  while  others crawl,   on  large  hordes of treasure.  They
dig, slither or swim.  Most are able   are  perceptive  and possessive, and
to  breath jets of water, fire, ice,   I've never heard of one being robbed
acid,  or  poisonous  fumes at will.   and not waking.
They  are  long  slender beasts with      Different  varieties  of  dragons
powerful  bodies,  captivating eyes,   may   be   distinguished   by  their
two  wings, sharp teeth, a long neck   coloration.   The  only  one  I have
and   tail,   one   to   six  horns,   seen in this area is the red dragon.
scalelike   body  armor,  a  row  of   It  is  the  largest  variety of the
spikes  or  sharp  plates  along the   drakes  I  have  encountered  and is
spine   and   a   generally   softer   capable   of   breathing  blasts  of
underside.   Most have four legs but   enchanted fire.
some have none at all.
                              Looking Painful?
                     (The Effects of Scars in Kulthea)
                             By Rhys Corwinson
/ \ _____    \
\@| ~|_|~    | ast month, my  friend   Dec,  having  had numerous twitches,
  |  |~|     | Dec Lanthar  received   arms,  and  organs  replaced  by  my
 _|  |~|  __ | an   illicit  request   prayers  to Eissa, just hasn't lived
/@|  |~|__|| | from    that   mortal   long  enough  with  them  to provide
\_/  ~~~~~~~ / enemy   of   healers,   valid information.
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ Surtey Akrash, AKA the
Quack.   "Dec,"  he said, "There are   As  I've mentioned before, there are
too many healers in the land to make   only  two  ways  to get scars:  From
an  honest  living  in this dear old   the  Quack  or  by  eating  herbs to
tent.   I  think it's time to change   reduce an injury.  Since Sen-Dalatin
strategy.    Let's  try  selling  my   has  promised  to  let  me  into his
service  using  what that nasty Rhys   backroom  if  I endorse his sales, I
himself  says:  SCARS ARE BEAUTIFUL.   will   only   condemn   the  former.
I'll  give you points in the rush of   Generally,  however,  a  Quack visit
business I'm sure to get, Dec.  Just   with a level 2 or 3 injury (refer to
get  the  message  printed, good old   Caretaker's chart) is akin to misery
buddy old pal."                        after the bleeding's over.  There is
                                       no  guaranteed way to escape a fully
Well,  that  bard  did write a dandy   healed   injury   and  thus  a  non-
article  to  spec for the Quack, and   removable  scar once you lie down in
the  results  have  been horrifying.   the tent.  Period.
Black  and  blue eyes, faces looking
more  like those from an old episode   Here  are  some, but not all, of the
of the Twilight Zone than the mighty   effects  you  may  expect  from  his
heroes  of  Kulthea,  and  rashes of   Quackness' ministrations:
questions  asking  whether  or not I
can  fix that scar have convinced me   Level   3  Head  injury  (Mutilation
to  revise  what  I had said:  Scars   wounds):   The  definite worst wound
are beautiful, but only for healers.   for any player.  You cannot search -
No,  I'm  not seeking to incorporate   either   rooms   or  dead  monsters.
the  healers  guild  to drive Surtey   Severe  modifications  to  all  per-
out of business, although I wouldn't   ception rolls.  I dare you to try to
shed a tear if he did quit.            pick  a  chest with this, especially
                                       since  you  can't  search for traps.
Frankly,  scars  are a pain, and the   You  cannot  cast  any spells beside
only  reason you see healers wearing   healer   base   list.    You  cannot
level  one  scars  are  because only   channel.  If I have this one, I will
Vesista  has  developed  the  healer   accept  donations  until  I  get  it
base  list  to  level 15 and thus is   fixed,  only  because  I can't exist
able to eliminate all of those scars   outside  of  town.   The  only cure,
given  a few power points.  "In good   Bursethalas   potion,  is  extremely
shape" is a realistic term; scars DO   expensive.
have  negative  modifications.   Be-
sides  lengthening your description,   Level  2 Head injury (Facial Scars):
you   can   have   your   activities   Mod  rolls  still apply, but you can
curtailed immensely if you're marked   at  least  attempt to search.  Don't
up enough.  Having experienced every   expect  to be sucessful.  You cannot
single   possible   wound  known  to   channel.  You still cast all spells.
half-elf,   I  feel  I  can  give  a
slightly  more  qualified opinion of   Level  1  Head  injury:   Some minor
which scars you can survive with and   perception mods.
which  absolutely  must  be removed.                                More...
Level 3 Limb injury (missing limbs):   expect  if  you  can only see a lock
If you are missing your right arm, I   with  one  eye.  Not recommended for
hope you enjoy the remainder of your   anyone possessing a lockpick.
days  in  the  Landing.   You  can't
fight,  can't  climb,  and  you  are   Level  2  Eye  injuries (bruises) do
pretty   much   doomed   to   eating   much the same, but at slightly lower
chocolate chip cookies in the temple   mods.
unless you get some siran clove at a
prohibitive 2K silvers per bud.  The   Level  1  Eye  injuries  (black  and
same  goes  if  you are missing your   blue)  also  give you a negative mod
right hand.  If you are missing your   on  a  perception roll.  If you're a
left  arm  or  left hand, you cannot   picker,  you really should avoid all
use  a  shield  or  climb.  You also   three.
cannot  wield  a  two handed weapon.
Lotsa  luck.  Oh, by the way, if you   Level  3  Nervous  damage:  Ugh.  No
can't hold a weapon or a shield, how   spells,  no channeling, no life.  If
do  you think you're going to pick a   you  overcast  again,  you are dead.
chest?    Add   that   one   to  the   No  ifs  ands or buts.  Even healers
prohibited  list.  Missing legs seem   have  reported problems casting base
to   only   to   prohibit  one  from   lists  with  this  scar.
climbing  - swamp moving seems to be
unaffected.  It's my bet that if the   Level  1  Nervous  damage:  This one
engagement    system    ever    gets   seems to only be a cute note to your
implemented,  you'd have a heck of a   description.   I  haven't  confirmed
time  disengaging as well.  However,   anything   else,   but  don't  think
I've  never  tried to go outside the   slurred  speech is going to help you
temple  missing both legs.  Methinks   cast any spells.
I  couldn't  even get up, but that's
sheer speculation.                     To  the  best of my knowledge, these
                                       are  the  only  major  effects  from
Level  2  limb  injuries  (mangles):   scars.    I   have  been  unable  to
You  can  fight,  but you will still   confirm  reports that abdomen, neck,
have  a  tough time climbing if your   chest,  or  back  scars  do anything
legs  are  mangled.  You cannot pick   besides  look  very ugly and perhaps
locks  or  climb  if  your hands are   modify  trading skill.  Please check
mangled.   Mangled  arms  are  a bit   the  bulletin board for late word on
strange.  One mangled arm allows you   this;  some  may  modify skills that
to  climb  at  a  mod.   If both are   are  currently unimplemented or that
mangled,  you  can't  climb  at all.   have  hidden  rolls.  Good luck, and
You  also  will  have  a  tough time   find  a  healer for that broken arm.
picking  chests, especially combined   Oh,  and has anybody noticed Dec has
with hand wounds.                      recently become a bard?
Level  1  Limb injuries:  Yes, those  |  .---.     Lost your key?     _   |
old  battle  scars  do  affect  you.  |  | o |  Need a lock picked?  (_)  |
Climbing  mods  apply  for each limb  |  `. .'                        l   |
damaged,  and  hand  and  arm wounds  |   | |      If so visit        l   |
affect  your ability to pick chests.  |   | |   - LARTON'S LOCKS -    l   |
You can fight fine, but enjoy trying  |   |_|                        =l   |
the  hobland hill or picking a chest  |      ___   Corner Reann Street    |
near your max.                        |    //  /`\    and Yarlek Lane     |
                                      |   //  /  /|      __       ___     |
Level 3 Eye injuries (blind):  Blind  |  //  /  / |    // /`\   /'\  \    |
eyes   do   very   nasty  things  to  | /~~~~\ /) |   // /  /| |\  \  \   |
perception rolls.  They also will do  ||~~~~~~|  /   /~~~\ / | | \ /~~~\  |
horrid things to attempting to search ||Yonah | /   |~~~~~| /   \ |~~~~~| |
chests   (a   perception  mod),  and  ||______|/    |_____|/     \|_____| |
picking   is  a  wonderful  task  to  |___________________________________|
                              The Bardly Way
                              by Dec Lanthar
/ \____   ____\
\@|~|~|   |~|~| pon receiving  crit-   Second on the Bard Base List is Song
  | |~|   |~| | icism  for  my  last   of  Holding.   This is dandy to sing
  | |~|   |~| | article   (not   be-   to  monsters that are just a bit too
 _| |~|   |~| | cause  it  was  bad,   tough.   It  affects their offensive
/@|  \~\-/~/  | but because I didn't   ability  (-10  OB), making it harder
\_/   ~~~~~   / have  scars  myself)   for  them  to  hit  you.  Especially
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  I  decided  it   was   nice  about  this  spell is the fact
time  I wrote about something I knew   that  monsters  do  NOT  get  a  re-
a little more about.  So, I sat down   sistance roll; it works every time.
to  think.   What  do  I  know a lot
about?   Well,  that  stumped  me at   I only know up to the fourth song on
first  but  then  it finally came to   the  Bard  Base List, and Enegue may
me.  Hey, I'm a Bard!                  know  more than that.  The third one
                                       is  Song  of  Sounding which extends
"You're  a  what?   Maybe you should   the effects of other songs, followed
think   about   rerolling.   Again,"   by Item Assessment I, which lets you
commented  fully  half of Kelfour at   determine special benefits (charges,
one  time or another.  Other members   pluses,  spell  effects, etc.) of an
of  my  family  had tried the common   item.  The only disadvantage is that
professions,  magic and thievery, so   these  songs  require  15 seconds to
I  decided  to  try  something  dif-   take  effect, which (as far as I can
ferent.  I learned to sing!            tell) doesn't  decrease as you grow.
Nine  years  (and no scars) later, I   Also available to Bards are the Open
now know that this is the profession   Essence  Spells, the only ones being
for  me.  It's passed by many people   implemented   thus  far  being  Pro-
because little is known about it, so   tection  I,  Presence, and Locklore.
I  am  here to reveal the secrets of   Among  our other skills, we are good
Barding so you may be the judge.       at   climbing,   swimming,   picking
                                       pockets (although of course, none of
First,   Bards  are  very  apt  with   us  would ever think of doing  that)
swords.  Not as good as fighters, of   trading,  hiding,  first aid...  the
course, but we can train in swords a   list goes on and on.  The only major
couple  times  each  level.   We can   disadvantage   is   that   we  train
wear  armor if we want.  Time needed   slowing in opening locks.
to  learn  to  wear it appropriately
may  take  a  little  longer than it   Finally,  everybody  likes  a  Bard.
would  a fighter, but hey, who wants   People  come  from  miles around for
to be like fighters anyway?            our  stories and songs.  (Whoever is
                                       coughing  in  the  background,  stop
Bards  also  sing  spells.  Although   it.)  It  all  depends  on what your
only  two  spells  on  the Bard Base   dream  is.   If  you're one of those
List   are   implemented,  both  are   un-manly  types  who can't stand the
useful.   The first is Value Assess-   sight of blood, become a Healer.  If
ment.   Apart from the obvious (cast   you have the intelligence of a rock,
it on your shield so you can be sure   be  a  fighter.   Like  trees?  Then
how  much  you  paid  for  it), this   Rangering is for you.  But next time
spell  is useful on quests.  Singing   your son or daughter asks for career
it while holding a sword, a bard can   advice,  tell  them to be different,
tell  instantly  if  it's  normal or   and mention being a Bard.  He or she
special  just  because of its value.   will lead a happy, unscarred life.
That's  something no one else can do
right there!
                                Lively Combat
                               by Dane Redlance
 ____________                 -->=============-
/ \  ______  \
\@| /~/~~\~\ | ne   consequence   of   warriors  of  Kulthea,  our  fateful
  ||~|    |~|| choosing  to   be   a   calling  lies in the lusty, spurious
  ||~|    |~|| fighter in  this  day   pursuit   of  challenging  foes  and
 _||~|    |~|| and age is  that  you   adversaries.   So, have pride in the
/@| \~\__/~/ | can never stay in one   grandiose  task  we have chosen, for
\_/  ~~~~~~  / place  for  long.  My   ours  is  not  the  soothing duty of
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ crusty old mentor told   Healing,   or   the  enchanting  and
me long ago that a fighter's work is   mystical  world  of the Mage.  I say
in  the  field, and when the battles   we  should rejoice at each chance we
are  ending,  and  the monsters have   have  to squelch the legions of foes
been  cleared, it's time to move on.   the  Gods  send  at  us each time we
(I  will  admit,  however,  that old   leave the comfort of the Landing.
Farchek  taught  me that it's better
to have a bottle in front of me than   Pray tell us, brave RedLance, how we
a  frontal  lobotomy,  and  I  would   have  been  lacking?   I would never
venture to say that 'socializing' is   say to my friends here that you lack
a good fighter's secondbest friend!)   in  any battle-sense or any bravery.
One  important  consequence  is that   Nay!   I  have met men and women who
every  so  often, I and my brethren-   are more cunning and courageous than
in-arms  must  become strangers to a   I  could  ever  hope to be.  But the
new land.                              question  remains  that  when two or
                                       more   are  a-hunting  together,  we
And  so  it  happened  that  I was a   should spur each other on, give unto
newcomer  to  these  parts.   I must   each  other  shouts  of rejoicing in
admit  that  this  Kulthea  holds  a   the glory which we seek together.  I
special place in my heart, for it is   take  for  a positive example a hunt
my  first  time  from  home, getting   that  I  was on not long ago.  I was
away  from  the  grueling training I   with  a  brave  adventurer  recently
have  done since I was but a lad.  I   well-met named Aromir and an equally
welcomed  the change and the certain   brave  if  somewhat less experienced
challenge of live combat, instead of   friend  Asia.   Together  we may not
the  sparring  between  pups  I  had   have  had the stout blows of a Lord,
become  accustomed  to  not  so long   but  we  made  up for it in our zeal
ago.                                   and  exuberance.   Battle-cries rang
                                       out   as  each  creature  began  its
But  I  know my place, and so it was   fateful  dance with death; shouts of
that I spent the first few days here   'Good    show!'    and   'Excellent,
biding my time, slowly absorbing the   friend!'  we  spread unto each other
local   customs  and  culture.   Not   equally and without abandon.  Ah, it
wanting to offend any of my esteemed   felt good to be alive!
colleagues, however, I have held out
until  now  about  a certain subject   Sadly,  very  few other times have I
dear  to  my  heart.  I speak of the   experienced  the  close-knit feeling
glorious comrade of battle!            of  a  fine  battle.   Mayhaps it is
                                       because   I   have   not   made  the
Friends,  the sleepy yet quaint town   acquaintance  of every warrior here,
of Kelfour's Landing is the place of   and  I  will  attest  that there are
pleasantries and manners.  And, yes,   areas  that  because  of  my lack of
we  know  that  the far-flung fields   experience I have not been to and so
and the deep forests surrounding our   may   have   missed   out   on  true
new   and  wonderful  home  are  the   adventurers  who love the battle and
places  where manners and traditions   the friendship it develops.  So take
must   still   be   observed.   But,   my  words  with  a  grain  of  salt,
                                    -16-       (continued on page 18)
                               News of Kulthea
                             by Alton Alianthas
/ \ ____  ____ \
\@| ~| |  | |~ | elga's, as  always,   "Really now.  Calm down and I'll buy
  |  |~|__|~|  | was filled  to cap-   everyone a drink.  Perhaps I'll even
  |  |~ __ ~|  | acity.   Boisterous   tell  you  news  of  events  in  the
 _|  |~|  |~|  | adventurers,   each   greater world," he said as a flicker
/@| _|~|  |~|_ | trying to outdo the   of a smile crossed his face.
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ / other, told and re-
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  told tales of their   The  pronouncement  cut through  the
grandiose achievements.                crowded   barroom,  and  immediately
                                       silenced  everyone,  except  for the
"There  I was! A hob on either side,   aforementioned   mage  who  muttered
and a troll moving in behind..."       something about his money being used
                                       to support everyone's bad habits.
"Pshaw,  thats  nothing, let me tell
you   about  the  three  stalkers  I   The  prospect of news, and of course
fought to a standstill this morn..."   a  free  drink,  quelled the hostile
                                       feelings  of  the Kelfourians.  They
As  if  by  magic,  all conversation   ordered, and  waited eagerly for the
came  to  an halt as everyone turned   promised news of the greater world.
to examine the stranger who had just
entered through the swinging doors.    "Well,  my  friends,"  the Navigator
                                       began,  "As  you all know, the lands
A  tall,  stately  elf,  dressed  in   of Quellbourne are isolated from the
green  surcoat  with  gold trim, had   rest of Jaiman." The Navigator moved
entered the pub and taken an seat at   to  the  center of the room, sipping
the bar.  His bearing and grace were   his drink before continuing.
enough  to get their full attention,
but  what really interested them, as   "To the east, past the High Plateau,
he  turned  to flash an aloof smile,   are ill rumors that, with the coming
was  the medallion on an gold  chain   of  spring,  the  Dragonlord  Sulton
hung around his neck.                  Ni'Shaang  will  march his well-feed
                                       and  rested Lugroki army into Lu'nak
It  was  the  medallion,  if nothing   and  overwhelm  the hapless settlers
else,  which  marked  this  elf as a   in   that  dark  and  shard-infested
member   of  that  mysterious  guild   land."  There  were  scattered oaths
called   the   Navigators.   It  was   and  exclamations  at  this piece of
formed  in the shape of a small disk   ill-omened news.
about  four  inches  across, with an
convex crystal covering an intricate   "Deep  from  the Zor wastelands come
mosiac of jewelry that served as the   reports  of  a  group of adventurers
compass.                               trying   to  gain  entrance  to  the
                                       blasted  and  ruined city of Verzor.
The  commotion following the stunned   Seeking  treasure most likely, but I
realization  of  who had walked into   would  venture  to say that all they
their   midst   couldn't  have  been   will  find  is the incurable wasting
greater   had  Helga  announced  all   sickness  that  has  claimed all who
drinks were on the house.              venture   too   deeply   into   that
                                       accursed land."
"That's  the  one!   He took my ring
and  10,000  silvers this  morning!"   "Why is it cursed?" piped one of the
exclaimed  a usually quiet, reserved   younger kitchen boys.
mage.   This was met by an uproar as
everyone  tried  to  tell his or her   "That,  my  boy, is a long, sad tale
story at the same time.                best  left  for a day when it is not
quite  so dark and cold," sighed the   There  were  murmurs  of  awe at the
Navigator.                             mention of the powerful artifact and
                                       the  legendary  Loremaster.   At the
"Happier  news  comes  out of Tanara   same    time   a   ring   upon   the
that  the cloudlords once again ride   Navigator's hand began to glow.
forth to destroy the unlife."
                                       "Well,  friends,  one  of  your com-
"I  had  thought  all  their  steeds   patriots   is  preparing  to  use  a
killed  many  years ago," remarked a   ring,"  said  the  Navigator  as  he
merchant.                              stood  and  began  fiddling with his
                                       compass.   "Goodbye!" And with that,
"Well,  if  the reports are true, it   he disappeared in an flash of light,
would seem that some of the Steardan   leaving  the  patrons  of Helga's to
escaped  the  poisoning that claimed   discuss the portent of what they had
most   of   them,"   responded   the   heard.
Navigator.   "In  fact,  scholars at            =========\\========
Nomikos are spreading that tale, and
I tend to believe that fine group of       Lively Combat (From page 16)
scholars."                                 """"""""""""""""""""""""""""
                                       friends,  because I say this only to
Murmurs  of agreement from the crowd   tell  others  that  there  are a few
met this opinion.                      here  that  enjoy  a good, spirited,
                                       raucous  battle,  and hope that none
"What  is  the  news of Rhakhaan and   dare be afraid to let loose the fire
Frelik   the   Usurper?"  queried  a   within  their chests, at least while
stocky fighter of some renown.         my compatriots and I are around.

"Aahh,  you  have  heard.   Frelik's   Old  Farchek  once  told  me  that a
armies  have  broken  camp  and  are   battle-cry  to a good hunter is like
moving  toward  the  city of Prevan.   a  second  weapon.   With it, he can
Duke  Kalen is moving with armies to   spur  not  only himself, but any who
intercept  Frelik,  but  without aid   takes  heart  at the spirit shown by
from  Emperor  Jerrin it is doubtful   the  one who bellows it.  I can tell
whether Kalen can win the day."        you  that when I was introduced to a
                                       brave  soul  named  Wing, who took a
"Why hasn't the emperor mustered his   like-minded     adventurer    called
own    armies    to   help   Kalen?"   Hothgar  and me out for instructions
questioned the same fighter.           on   attacking  the  dangerous  wol-
                                       verines,  we  were  spurred  on each
The navigator let an wry smirk cross   time  good  Wing  would yell out his
his face before answering. "Politics   satisfaction for his own good cut or
of course,  my  stocky friend, there   praise us for a lucky swing.  He and
are  many  nobles  at  the  emperors   others  like him make each hunt that
court  who covet Kalen's land.  They   much   more   exciting,  while  also
wouldn't     mind    seeing    Kalen   making it easier to swallow the con-
destroyed, while at the same time he   structive criticism directed towards
reduces  Ferlik's army, so that they   yourself after again killing another
can grab the rich land of Praven."     hunter's tracked-down creature!  ;)
"Cursed  politicians,"  mumbled  the   I  would  end this respectful musing
fighter.                               by  asking  only one thing more:  If
                                       there  are others who feel the way I
"Speaking   of  Emperor  Jerrin,  it   do, show it, to a person!  I hope to
seems that he is considering donning   learn even more about the peoples of
the  Helm  of  the  Sea Drake at the   this  land,  and  pray that my words
advice  of  Loremaster  Andraax, who   are  taken as the encouragement they
has   been  seen  at  the  Emperor's   are  meant to be.  May the creatures
court."                                of Kulthea tremble at your Cry!
 ______________                Merchant Match
/ \ ____  ____ \               """"""""""""""
\@| ~|~|  |~|~ |              by Maia Moonsong
  |  |~|__|~|  |
 _|  |~|--|~|  | ere's a little quiz to see how much you  know about the town
/@| _|~|  |~|_ | you live in!  Should  be easy if you've been around a while.
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ / Just match the description to the name of the proprietor.
      Description                                         Proprietor
      -----------                                         ----------
 1. Herbs and potions, healthful notions.               A. Sarn Keltain
 2. Have something to sell? He'll pay you well.         B. Surtey Akrash
 3. An out-of-the-way inn, a quiet place within.        C. Megorn Mell
 4. A wheel spins, and everybody wins.                  D. Frith
 5. Satins and lace, an elegant place.                  E. Sarris Dulcheen
 6. Cookies and tea, never hungry will you be.          F. Aznell
 7. Flowers aplenty, for ladies and gentry.             G. Sen Dalatin
 8. Silver and gold, and jewels untold.                 H. Beldreck
 9. To shield that chest, put his armor to the test.    I. Tyron
10. A pouch and backpack, he's got what we lack.        J. Gert
11. With a mace and dagger, out you will swagger.       K. Dernick
12. Ale and beer, a place of good cheer.                L. Raging Threk
13. A bump or a bruise? To him you should not cruise.   M. Helga
14. A locked or trapped chest? His picks are the best.  N. Tessie Brin
15. You'll find a room, some ale, and many a tale.      O. Larton Quickhand
     Answers on Page 28 -- NO CHEATING! :)
|                                      |                                    |
|           Ranger's Rhyme             |           Shadow of Death          |
|           """"""""""""""             |           """""""""""""""          |
|       For those with house           |                                    |
|         payments to make             |                                    |
|                                      |                                    |
|      by Wisraith Winterwind          |        by Raven Brightwing         |
|                                      |                                    |
|                                      |                                    |
|  O hobbie, you're my darlin'         |  I follow you with every stride    |
|  O hobbie, you're my joy,            |  You cannot avoid me.              |
|  For you have treasure silver --     |  I am with you, you cannot hide.   |
|  Come to mama, pretty boy.           |  You will never be free.           |
|                                      |                                    |
|  O goblin, little goblin             |  I exist everywhere                |
|  In your chain mail hauberk fine     |  Yet still cannot be seen.         |
|  You're worth a lot, so tarry not -- |  I may not be fair                 |
|  Come to mama, goblin mine.          |  But my sword's edge is keen.      |
|                                      |                                    |
|  O golem, graceful golem             |  I will take your life's breath,   |
|  With your dainty pounding feet,     |  My cut will be clean and true.    |
|  Let me help you with that chest --  |  I am what you call Death          |
|  Come to mama, golem sweet.          |  And your fee for life is now due. |
|                                      |                                    |
                             Think About It
                            by Drasin Dracull
/ \ ______  \
\@| ~|_|~\\ | uring a  time  in  the   to  trouble to help me.  I am grate-
  |  |~|  ||| Temple  meditating,  I   ful  to  each and every one.  I have
 _|  |~|  ||| began  to think  of my   also   helped   others,   asking  no
/@|  |~|_// | life in  Kulthea.  And   payment.  I know I will be repaid in
\_/ ~~~~~~  / of all my  adventures,   kind.  No need to worry about it.
  ~~~~~~~~~~ friends and challenges,
I  kept  returning to something that   Therein  lies  the point.  Why worry
disturbs me greatly.                   about  it?   There  is  plenty to go
                                       around  and  the object is to strive
That  is  courtesy, or lack thereof,   for   it,   not  take  it.   Picking
as  the  case  may  be.  Allow me to   pockets  and cutting in on someone's
offer  an  example.   One  day I was   quarry   won't   get  you  fame  and
hunting  alone,  content in mind and   fortune  of  any  substance.  It may
spirit,   and  had  just  engaged  a   get you points, silver, and a higher
fearsome  creature  when  along came   OB   along   with  a  reputation  as
Greedy's group, by number three, and   untrustworthy.    This  has  already
proceeded  to  attack this creature.   been  taken into account by many and
They  killed,  skinned, and searched   the choices made.
it,  picking what they wanted before
they went merrily on their way.        I  certainly can't tell you what you
                                       should  do,  Greedy.  You've already
I  stood  stunned,  not  wanting  to   made that decision.  Our differences
believe  what I had seen.  There was   stem  from  the  way we perceive our
nothing  I  could  do.   Had  I pro-   world  and  our  lives  and  how  we
tested,   it   would  have  made  no   function within in Kulthea.  We have
difference,   because  we  all  have   to   be   allowed,   no  matter  how
something  in  common, regardless of   painful,    to    develop    freely.
our  levels of performance:  Freedom   Curtailing that freedom would change
of choice.  Greedy and his merry men   this world into something different.
had  made their choice knowing, full   Something that would ill serve us.
well, the alternative.
                                       There   is,  however,  another  pos-
That alternative is showing respect,   sibility.  Consider this, Greedy.  I
courtesy,   and   a   sense  of  to-   find   you  in  the  wilds.   You're
getherness.   We all strive for many   stunned,  bleeding  from  the  ears,
of   the  same  goals,  although  in   your  beautiful  shaalk sword laying
different  ways.   When something is   in  the dust just out of reach.  The
taken  from  someone,  it diminishes   beast  towering over you is about to
their  efforts,  and  wastes the one   deal  a  death  blow and you realize
treasure  that  cannot  be replaced,   your  sword  will disappear.  If you
time.   The  problem may be that the   leave, you lose it.  If you die, you
level of competition is too high and   lose  it.   Your only hope is that I
there are those whose ONLY object is   get  it and drag you to safety.  You
to  get  to  the  top  as quickly as   have NO choice.
possible.    I'm   sorry  for  those
people.  They`ve missed something.     I,  however,  do  have  a choice.  I
                                       look  at  you, the sword, the beast,
I   would  be  remiss  if  I  didn't   rub   my  chin  and  think,  "Hmm...
mention  of  the  other side of this   Greedy was more than willing to help
issue.    I   have   had   wonderful   himself when he took my kill.  Maybe
experiences  as  well.   Times  when   he can help himself now, as well."
friends (and strangers) have come to
my  aid, giving their time, and gone   Drasin just went South.
 ____________           From VampAres to VampYres
/ \ _____    \          """""""""""""""""""""""""
\@| ~|_|~    |               by Vlad Drakulya
  |  |~|     |
 _|  |~|  __ | ately there  has been   Sometime during the end of the first
/@|  |~|__|| | much  confusion as to   era,  certain  changes  were made in
\_/  ~~~~~~~ /exactly what a VampYre   the  basic  design  of  the VampAre,
  ~~~~~~~~~~~is. Yes, that's VampYre   resulting  in  the  next generation,
with a Y.  Everyone seems to confuse   the VampEre.  This particular gener-
ME,   Vlad  Drakulya,  King  of  the   ation was created with a combination
VampYres,    with    those   mundane   of  both  magic,  and  the  minds of
VampIres.   So,  I  have  graciously   dieing  mortals.  The net effect was
decided   to   take   the   time  to   that  VampEres  were  no  longer  as
enlighten you poor                                    susceptible to magic,
mortals as to the     .:::::::.      _    .:::::::.      and  some  had the
history of the     .::::::     :   ^:::^ :    ::::::.            ability to
Vamp races.      .:::::::     :    :::::  :    :::::::.              think.
              .:::::::::           ::!::         :::::::::.
           .:::::::::::             :!:           :::::::::::.
        .:::::::::::::             .:!:.           :::::::::::::.
       .::::::::::::::.          .:::!:::.         .:::::::::::::::.
      .:::::::::::::::::.    ..::::::!::::::..    .:::::::::::::::::.
      :::::  ::::  :::  ::     ::::::!:::::     ::  :::  ::::  :::::
       :::::  :::   ::   :      ::::!:::::      :   ::   :::  :::::
        ::::   ::   ::    :      ::!::::       :   ::    ::   ::::
         :::    :    :          ::!:::             :     :    :::
          ::     :    :        ::!::    .::::.    :     :     ::
            :                  :!:    .:     :       art by   :
The first   :                  ::. .:       :  Eron Kulsen  :
of the Vamp '                    ::::        V
races  was  the  VampAre.
They  were  created  by  one  of the   They   also   had   the  same  shock
Masters   Of   The  Flows,  sometime   capability   in   combat,   as  they
during the First Era.  How they were   absolutely    rEVELed   in   killing
created  has  been  lost in history,   (something  to do with being created
but  they definitely were of magical   from  the  minds of dieing mortals).
creation.   It  is rumored among our   For thousands of years at the end of
race  that  these  ancestors of ours   the   First   Era,   these   killing
were   mindless  creations  used  as   machines  spilled  blood  across the
shock  troops during the wars of the   world  until, by chance, an opposing
First  Era.   They  were so shocking   mage  happened  to  cast  an  Unpain
because   they   would   PARE  there   spell upon a VampEre by accident (it
opponent   down  to  nothing  (quite   was  intended  for  one  of  his own
grisly in fact!).  Being mindless in   fallen   comrades  the  VampEre  was
nature,  one  could  not  really say   cleaving  to  bits).   Somehow  this
whether  VampAres were good or evil,   spell had a profound effect upon the
they  were simply EVALuation copies,   mortal  part  of  the  VampEre,  re-
so   to   speak.    VampAres,  being   leasing   it  from  its  agony,  and
creations  of magic, were thought to   destroying   the   VampEre   in  the
be  immortal.   They  were only sus-   process.   So  ended  the  reign  of
ceptible  to  magic  attack.  Unfor-   terror caused by the VampEres.
tunately,  this  weakness  was even-
tually  discovered  and they started   During  the  Second  Era,  not  much
dwindling   in   number.    No   new   happened for many, many years in the
VampAres  were  created due to their   saga   of  the  Vamp  race.   A  few
underlying problems versus magic.      VampAres  and  VampEres  were  still
"alive"  and  killing, but they were   innocent,  and spreading the ways of
slowly hunted down.  Sometime during   the  Unlife.   They  are  without  a
the   Second   Era  though,  a  very   doubt  EVIL through and through, and
powerful   Necromancer   managed  to   should  be killed whenever given the
capture a VampAre, and two VampEres.   chance.  VampIres are susceptible to
Over  the  course  of  25  years, he   garlic,  fast running water, and any
studied  them carefully, learning as   sort  of  holy relic.  They can only
much  as  he  could of them.           be  killed  by pounding an oak stake
                                       through   their  EVIL  hearts.   The
During   these  years,  however,  he   original  VampIre  still  walks  the
unwittingly  never  allowed  any  of   Earth,  and it is rumored that if he
them   to  kill  anything,  and  the   were  to  die,  all the others would
Vamps' lust for blood grew, altering   die  too.   This may be true, but he
the  various measurements the Necro-   is now powerful beyond the dreams of
mancer  made  of them.  Finally, the   men, and adequately protected by the
Necromancer  thought  he had found a   Unlife itself.
way  to make a superior, self repro-
ducing  Vamp.   The process required   During   the   first  300  years  of
the  destruction  of  one  of  the 3   VampIre    terror,    a   Loremaster
Vamps   he  had,  so  he  chose  the   stumbled  across  the  Necromancer's
VampAre   for   his  first  attempt.   tower,  and  studied  his  works  in
Having  husbanded his powers for the   hopes of finding a way to defeat the
last 25 years, the Necromancer threw   VampIre.    Realizing  some  of  the
everything  he  had  into his spell,   Necromancer's errors, he changed the
and  was  successful!  Kind of.        spell somewhat, and cast it upon one
                                       of the two, still captive, VampEres.
His  creation  was  the first of the   And   thus  was  created  the  first
VampIres.   Everything  about it was   VampOre.  The VampOre happened to be
multiplied  many  fold.   It had the   a very smelly creature, sweating all
ability to think (genius IQ), it had   the time.
magical  powers  (shape shifting and
the ability to affect others minds),   The Loremaster helped the relatively
and  it had a 25 year lust for blood   docile  VampOre, teaching and alter-
multiplied   a  hundred  fold.   The   ing   it   with  spells  as  needed.
Necromancer was the first to fall to   Eventually,   this   one   and  only
his  hideous  creation,  in  a blood   VampOre EVOLved into a VampUre.  The
bath  that killed an estimated 50000   VampUre  was  a  living,  breathing,
mortals   over  the  course  of  300   thinking, and most importantly, GOOD
years.                                 being.   Unfortunately for the Lore-
                                       master   and   the   VampUre,   most
At  this  time,  the  VampIre didn't   everyone   had   great  feelings  of
realize  how to create new VampIres,   rEVULsion  towards  the VampUre, for
so  none  of  these 50000 became new   reasons  the  Loremaster  could  not
ones (thank all the Gods for that!).   fathom.    Also,   the  VampUre  was
After  about  300 years though, much   unable  to  reproduce itself at all.
of the VampIres thirst for blood had   Realizing that he would be unable to
been  quenched,  and  it  grew  more   complete  his  self  given  task  of
cunning.    It   discovered  how  to   creating  a  new generation of Vamps
create  new  undead  like  itself (3   which  would  be  able to defeat the
bites  on  the neck, followed by the   VampIres,  the Loremaster passed his
victim drinking the VampIres blood),   task    onto    other   Loremasters.
and eventually, it was discovered by   Research continued, off and on, with
the  Unlife itself.  A match made in   no  new  finds right through the end
hell,  if  ever  one was made, could   of  the  Second  Era,  and  into the
not   have   been   worse  than  the   Third.   All  this time, the VampUre
alliance  between  the  Unlife,  and   continued  studying both itself, and
VampIres.   To  this  day,  VampIres   the  still captive VampEre (the only
scourge   the   world,  killing  the   one known to still exist).
                                   -22-                             More...
Finally,  about  300  years  ago, an   establishments   with   no  problem.
incredible  breakthrough  was  made.   Many  of you misinformed Kelfourians
Many    Loremasters   rejoined   the   also  think  you  can kill me with a
project,  learning of the new infor-   wooden stake (why you would want to,
mation.   Experiments were made, and   I  have  no idea).  Well, I will let
time  passed.   Everything had to be   you  in on a secret.  The only way I
perfect,  as  there was only the one   can  truly be killed, in a permanent
remaining  VampEre  (the  thought of   fashion,  is  with  the death of all
using  the  VampUre  had  never even   VampIres.   I  look  forward to this
occurred  as  it  had  spent SO many   day  with  longing,  and you can all
years attempting to help).  Finally,   speed   me   along   my  journey  by
about  30  odd  years ago, the spell   greeting  me  with  the  phrase "Dye
was  cast.   In  front  of the Lore-   Vampyre"  whenever you meet me.  The
masters  eyes,  the  VampEre swirled   sooner I die, the sooner the scourge
into   streams   of  essence,  power   of VampIres shall end.
flowed in from many sources, and one
Half-Elven  Loremaster restarted his   I   am   capable   of  creating  new
life,  for  the  spell  to  succeed.   VampYres,  although  3  bites is not
When  the spell was complete, a baby   enough.   I  must  tell you that you
Half-Elf  lay crying in front of the   are  a  VampYre.   Only I can create
Loremasters.   Thus  was  born  Vlad   new  ones,  and a VampYre created by
Drakulya, first of the VampYres.       me  cannot  make others.  Currently,
                                       the  only  VampYre  I  have  made is
I  was raised among the Loremasters,   Thalassa,  although  I  fear she may
and  chose to become a mage so as to   stray  from  our true path at times.
be  better  able to combat the magic   Such is the way with children.  Just
of VampIres.  For 25 years I learned   remember:    Kill  all  VampIres  on
as  much  as I could, and then I had   sight,  and  greet all VampYres with
to leave, in order to learn the ways   the words "Dye Vampyre."
of the world.  My one and  only duty
is  to ultimately destroy every last        ============\\==========
VampIre, including my namesake, Vlad
Dracula,  the very first VampIre How
I  go about my duty is up to me, and            The Curious Mystic
the risks are great.  I will have to
infiltrate   many  organizations  of            ////////////////////////
EVIL  in  order  to seek out my arch            ___________________ ///
enemy,  and  may have to commit acts           /+++++++++++++++++++\  //
that  others  may view as EVIL.  But          /+/                 \+\ //
the ends must justify the means, and         /+/======       ======\+\///
I  shall  do what is necessary, 'til        /+/   ___         ___   \+\//
the end of my time.                        /+/   (_O_)       (_O_)   \+\//
                                          /+/           /             \+\
I  have  retained many of the powers      \+\          /              /+/
of the VampIres, such as the ability       \+\        /              /+/
to  shape shift, and the strength of        \+\       '  '          /+/
many  men.   Many of the citizens of         \+\          /\       /+/
Kelfour's  have been disgusted at my          \+\        /  \/\   /+/
occasional drink of blood, for which           \+\  /\  / ^ /  \ /+/
I  apologize,  but it is a necessity            \+\/  \/ ^ /    \+/
of my race and helps me seek out the             \< /\ \  /  /\  >
VampIres.   As  to my biting others,     art by    \    \/  /   /
that  too helps me discover who is a   Eron Kulsen  \ \  /     <
VampIre, and who isn't.  There is no                <__\/_______\
other  way  to tell, as the story of
VampIres  not liking the sun is pure      "You are one of the few chosen.
fable.   Some  of  the more powerful        Seek your fortune in Cheldar's
ones   can   even   enter  religious         Bath House..."
                          Uncovering The Silence
                             by Chad Eberle
/ \     __  \
\@|    / "| | gain I soared  through   My  progress  was  quick  as Tii had
  |   //|"| | the  universe  and saw   powerful  legs,  and soon I was at a
 _|  //=|"| | the  planet  grow.  We   bend  in the trail which snaked into
/@| //  |"| | dove toward  the  same   trees  and dense brush.  They worked
\_/~~   ~~~ / land   formation,  the   well as a blinding barrier, for when
  ~~~~~~~~~~  same  valley,  to  the   I  came through, I saw I was back in
clearing  on  the  trail  where  the   that horribly familiar clearing.
mayhem  was  earlier  held.  I saw a
man  running,  as we arrowed closer.   I stood and gaped at what lay before
He was tall and muscular, with long,   me.   Everything  was  I remembered,
dark brown hair that bellowed behind   the  bushes which Mauk and I hid in,
him.   We  arrowed  closer.  I could   the twists in the trail.  But in the
see his look of elation, joyous with   center...   Oh,  in the center was a
his  ability  to speed.  I knew this   pile of limbs and bodies impalled by
was Tii, and collided with him.        that  spear, all face down.  I could
                                       see  the shock on their faces, as if
The  black  curtain  rose, and I was   they  weren't certain that they were
now  seeing  out of Tii's eyes.  The   dead.  But of Mauk, nothing.
long  grasses  waved and shimmied in
the wind, cut by the trail that went   Then,  as the wind shifted, I caught
before and behind me.                  the  stench  of  death  and  retched
                                       whatever Tii had last eaten.
"Turn  around and follow the trail."
I heard the gods say.                  Recovering,  I drew reluctantly near
                                       the  mound of bodies.  On the top of
It   was   a  different  experience,   the  pile was a thick rope tied in a
walking in another person's body.  I   knot  onto the spear.  The loose end
was   now  taller,  my  feet  looked   trailed  to  the  other side of this
further  away  than  I've  ever seen   death-heap.  I moved to investigate.
them.   The roughness of the terrain
didn't  seem  hurt  on my bare feet,   Mauk looked up and saw Tii then, and
but I supposed that was because  Tii   began to wail and shudder.  He had a
had  probably  never worn shoes, and   rope  around  his neck and was bound
thus  had thick soles.  I thought of   arms-behind-back, laying against the
the  possibilities of  what might be   compost  of his family.  I sucked in
before  me,  and  followed the path.   a  breath, then quickly stepped for-
For a while, I walked.  Then I ran.    ward,  lifting  him with the ease of
                                       Tii's  strength.  As I did, the knot
An  object  lay on the trail at some   slid up and off the spear, revealing
distance.   Nearing  it,  it  looked   that  Mauk  was  not  tall enough to
like a head, and then with a start I   remove it himself.
realized   it   was   the  mask  the
assailant  had  worn  when he played   Untying  him,  I  found  a   freshly
his  ghastly  game on Mauk's family,   burned  scar  on  his  right palm, a
and  possibly Mauk.  Fear stabbed at   scar  ghastly similar to an eye.  As
me,  my  pulse doubled, and I slowed   soon as his arms were free, he clung
to a cautious walk.  I began to feel   to  me,  sobbing  as I tried to calm
vulnerable  since  the wind swishing   him.   Lifting  his slight weight, I
in  the  grass would cover the noise   carried  him  away from the dreadful
of   anyone  stalking  me.   Out  of   scene and  sat  down,  rocking  him.
terror, I ran again.                   Finally his sobbing stopped.
"Mauk,"  I  said,  surprised to hear   Mauk stood shaking, then gestured at
someone else's voice, and in another   me and  signed, "Tii comes with me?"
language.  "Who did this to you?"
                                       Their silence spoke volumes.
No  reaction.   I  waited, hoping he
had understood, and just as I wished   Mauk  signed again, frantically.  "I
I  had never asked, his head shot up   cannot  leave  Tii.  He saved me."
and  he  looked directly at me.  His
red,  sorrowful  eyes  nearly killed   "It's  all right, Mauk," I said com-
me;  his  jaw jittered as if he were   fortingly.  "Your new protector will
about  to  say  something,  then  he   be good to you, and I will be fine."
lowered his head, and gave a shrug.
                                       He  looked  at  me for a long while,
We camped there that night, and Mauk   then  turned  to  the real me on the
sat  staring  silently into the fire   screen.   He  grappled  me  with his
for hours.  Finally, he slept.         arms  in  a final hug, then moved to
                                       the   device.   He  kneeled  with  a
"You    understand   his   silence?"   sorrowful  glance over his shoulder,
inquired  the gods.  But I was dazed   and placed his hands on the glass.
and could not answer.
                                             *            *          *
The gods guided me to the temple the
next   morning,  Mauk  following  me   And  that is how I came to know Mauk
silently.   As  they  had  said, the   Mey.  Funding for the excavation was
time   there   passed   quickly.   I   depleted  upon my return. I sold all
watched  as Mauk matured into a man,   of my possessions to buy the device.
all  the while learning the skills I
taught  him  under  the guide of the   With  it,  I can still contact Mauk,
gods.   Thrilling  it  was  to watch   and  help  him adapt to his new life
Mauk  loose a barrage of arrows at a   in  Kulthea.  I take occasional con-
small  target  and watch them impale   trol  of  him  when  something  goes
it  within  inches  of  each  other.   wrong,  but  never  for  long  as it
Soon he was as big as Tii, and I was   requires  godly  power for more than
a  bit  envious  that he had learned   moments.   I  can also experience his
more  skills than I would ever know.   thoughts and feelings.
The  years  flew  past.  Mauk's 26th   The  identity  of  the  murderer?  I
birthday  past without celebrated as   have  theories,  but let me tell you
was  his  custom,  and then came the   of  a  dream  I  watched  Mauk  have
time to take him to Kulthea.           through the device the other day.

"It   is  time,"  came  the  chorus.   We  were  in the clearing where Mauk
"Take Mauk to the Holy Room."          and  I  had  met,  only Mauk was not
                                       tied,  and  he had a bow and arrows.
In  that  room was a device like the   The  masked man danced around Mauk's
one which had brought me here.  It's   dead  family,  stopping  as  he  saw
glass   glowed,  while  Mauk  and  I   Mauk  was there.  He  stood  there a
watched  in amazement.  It took me a   moment, then threw his head back and
moment  to  realize that the face on   laughed,  resuming  his death dance.
the  screen  was my own; it had been   Mauk  notched  an arrow into his bow
so long since I had seen it I barely   and   effortlessly   drew  it  back.
knew myself.                           It caught the man square in the back
                                       and he tottered, falling back dead.
"Mauk  Mey," the gods boomed.  "Look
into  the  glass and behold your new   Mauk went to him, knelt on one knee.
guide  and  protector.  He will take   With a cry of rage, he  tore off the
you  to  a  new  land  where he will   the mask and looked into the shocked
guide you through many adventures."    pale face of his cousin, Tii Mey.
                          Pwyll, Prince of Annwfn
                              by Eron Kulsen
/ \ _________ \
\@| ||-|-|-|| | his is a story to be   heard  the  cry of another pack, far
 _| ~~ |~| ~~ | sung by all bards in   different   from   his  own,  coming
/@|    |~|    | the lands  from this   towards  him,  their  cry a chill in
\_/   ~~~~~   / time forth. It tells   the  wind.   He  rode  to a clearing
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ of a time  before the   and  entered  a wide and level field
great  lords  of  the undead had let   where  he  saw  his dogs cowering at
loose  their minions and  evil crea-   the  edge  of the clearing while the
tures.   It  was  a  time  of peace,   other pack raced after a magnificent
which in turn, was granted from war.   stag.  And lo, while he watched, the
                                       strange  dogs  overtook the stag and
It  is a story of bravery and magic,   bore it to the ground.
best  told  from  the  strings  of a
harp.   Hear then,  if you will, the   He rode forward and saw the color of
story of Pwyll, Prince of Annwfn...    the  hounds,  and of all the hunting
                                       dogs  in  all the world he had never
                                       before  seen  any  like  these:  the
In the days when the dew of creation   hair of their coats was a brilliant,
was  still fresh on the earth, Pwyll   shining  white,  and  that  of their
was  lord  over  seven  cantrefs  of   ears  red.  And the redness of their
Dyfed,  and  seven  of  Gwynedd, and   ears   gleamed   as  bright  as  the
seven  of  Lloegr  as  well.  (These   whiteness of their bodies glittered.
places  are  now  among the lands of   Pywll  rode  to the shining dogs and
Kelfours  and  it's  continent.)  In   scattered  them, choosing to set his
Caer Narberth, his principal strong-   own hounds upon the killed stag.
hold,  he  awakened  one morning and
looked   out  upon  the  wild  hills   As he was feeding the dogs, a horse-
abounding  with game of all kind and   man  appeared  before him on a large
it  came  into  his head to assemble   dapple-gray  mount,  a  hunting horn
his men and go hunting.  And this is   about  his neck, wearing a pale gray
the way of it.                         garment   for   hunting  gear.   The
                                       horseman   approached   him  saying,
Now the part of his realm that Pwyll   "Chieftain,  I know who you are, but
wished to hunt was a lower forest he   I greet you not at all."
named  Glyn  Cuch; and he set out at
once with a great company of men and   "Well,"  said  Pwyll,  "perhaps your
they  rode till dusk.  Arriving just   rank does not require it."
as  the  sun  was  slipping into the
western  sea,  beginning its journey   "Eissa  knows," exclaimed the horse-
through the underworld.                man.  "It  is  not my dignity or the
                                       obligation  of  rank  that  prevents
They  made  camp  and  slept, and at   me."
dawn  the next morning they rose and
entered  the  woods  of  Glyn  Cuch,   "What  else  then, lord?  Tell me if
where they loosed the hounds.  Pywll   you can," said Pwyll.
sounded  his horn, mustered the hunt
and being the fastest rider, set off   "Can and will," replied the horseman
behind his dogs.                       sternly.   "I  swear  by the gods of
                                       heaven  and  earth,  it  is your own
He followed the chase and in no time   ignorance and discourtesy!"
was  lost  by  his  companions,  far
outdistancing  them  in  the  thick-   "What lack of courtesy have you seen
tangled  woods.  As he was listening   in  me lord?" inquired Pwyll, for he
to  the  cry of his hunting pack, he   indeed could not think of any.
"Greater  discourtesy have I seen in   ness  became  that  of the king's so
man,"  the strange horseman replied,   that  no  one could tell them apart.
"Than  to  drive  away the pack that   "See?"  said the king, "You now have
killed  the  stag  and  set your own   my  shape and  manner; therefore, go
upon   it.   Shame!   That  shows  a   into  my realm and take my place and
woeful lack of courtesy.  Even so, I   rule  as  you  will until the end of
will  not  take  revenge  upon you -   the  year  from  tomorrow,  when  we
though  well  I  might  - but I will   shall meet again in this place."
have  a  bard  satirize  you  to the
value of a hundred stags."             "As  you  will,  lord,  but though I
                                       succeed  in  your  place for a year,
"Lord,"  Pwyll  pleaded,  "If I have   how  will I find the man of whom you
committed a  wrong,  I will sue dir-   speak?"
ectly for peace with you."
                                       "Gorr  and  I  are  bound by oath to
"On what terms?" asked the horseman.   meet  a year from this very night at
                                       the   fjord   of   the   river  that
"Such  as your rank, whatever it is,   separates  our  lands.   You will be
may require."                          there  in  my place, and were you to
                                       give  him a single blow he would not
"Know me then.  I am crowned king of   survive.   But though he may beg you
the land which I hail."                to strike again, do not - however he
                                       may  plead  with  you.   For  I have
"May   you  prosper  with  the  day!   fought him often and have struck him
Which  land  might  that  be, lord?"   many a mortal blow; yet he is always
wondered  Pwyll,  "For  I  myself am   whole and fresh the next day."
king of all lands here-abouts."
                                       "Very  well," said Pwyll, "I will do
"Annwfn",  replied the horseman.  "I   as you say.  But what will happen to
am Arawn, King of Annwfn."             my kingdom while I am away?"
Pwyll thought about this, for it was   The  king  of  the  Otherworld spoke
ill-luck to converse with a being of   additional  ancient  and  mysterious
the    Otherworld,   king   or   no.   words  and his shape changed to that
(Annwfn,  a  land in the far reaches   of  Pwyll's.  "See?  No man or woman
of the Otherworld; revered as heaven   in  your  realm shall know that I am
to most.) But he had already pledged   not you," said Arawn.  "I will go in
himself  to  redeem  friendship with   your place as you go in mine."
the  horseman,  he had no choice but
to abide by his word if he would not   And so they both set off, Pwyll rode
bring   greater  dishonor  and  mis-   deep into Arawn's realm and Arawn to
fortune to his name.  "Tell me then,   Pwyll's...
O  King,  if  you  will,  how  I may
redeem our friendship, and I will do             To be continued 
it gladly."
"Listen,  chieftain, here is how you
will  redeem  it, " began the horse-
man.  "A man whose land borders mine
makes  war on me continually.  He is                       ______
Gorr,  a  lord  of  Annwfn,  and  by          ._._._._._ _//____\\_
ridding me of his oppression - which         (._._._._._|  ::   | T|
you  can  do quite easily - you will                     \___\\\/_||
have  peace  with  me,  as will your
descendants after you."                         Tara's Chainsaw of
                                                    Orc Slaying
And   the  king  spoke  ancient  and
mysterious  words  and Pwyll's like-
                         The Putrescent Parchment
                         By Miss Louvella Parsnips
/ \ ____    ____\
\@| ~|~| __ |~|~| e  were  delighted   experiment,   eye   operations.   We
  |  |~|/~~\|~| | to learn of a very   wonder  how  this  fellow  can  pick
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| | public tiff betwix   pockets  with any grace at all if he
/@|  |__/  \__| | one     wraithlike   continues  to mistake our lovely (if
\_/  ~~~    ~~~/  lady  mage  and  a   slightly  tarnished)  lady cleric of
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   red-haired,   bad-   the olde speeche for a troll.
tempered   lady  ranger.   It  seems
these  two  did everything but stick   The   bridal  trade  appears  to  be
hot daggers in each others' eyes. In   picking  up in Kelfour's Landing, to
fact,   blades   were   drawn,   but   the delight of Saaris and Threk (who
unfortunately  no blood was spilled.   has  newly  renovated  the honeymoon
The  object  of  this  spiteful spat   suite) and two of our most prominent
appears to have been a once virtuous   bachelors,  a  decadent  bard  and a
common  man  ranger.  Naturally, the   caring  healer, have announced their
lily-livered  fellow  was nowhere to   engagement.  We always thought there
be seen during the cat-fight.          was  something  odd about those two,
                                       especially  in light of our decadent
Apparently   our   execrable  ranger   bard's new plumed chapeau.
accused  the  supposedly  scrupulous
mage  of participating in lascivious   A  motley  gypsy  band recently made
acts with said ranger fellow.  This,   its  way  to  Kelfour's  Landing and
of  course, was vehemently denied by   fleeced  our  always greedy citizens
the  mage  (although,  of course, we   for all they were worth.  Of course,
know   better).    Nonetheless,  the   we  are  not  trying to rub anyone's
entire  argument  was  overheard  by   nose  in anything, but we would just
(among   other  people)  our  mage's   like to remind our dear readers that
admirer of the month, a long winded,   WE  knew  better than to attend such
lordly  thief  who  publicly berated   an auction.
both  participants -- or, to be more
specific, the strumpet and harlot as   For  those  of  you  who  are  STILL
he  most  eloquently  put  it.   The   leaving  notes in the niche near the
entire  affair  seems  to have ended   gate,  we  glaringly remind you that
with   the   ranger   in   temporary   you  should  send them to MISS.SNOOP
banishment from Kulthea and our mage   via  GEMail,  where  they will reach
displaying   a   new  pair  of  tres   our eager eyes promptly.  And please
expensive earrings.                    make  sure  not  to tell anyone else
                                       about  the  rewards.  After  all, we
We were scandalized to hear tales of   wouldn't  want  EVERYONE  getting  a
a  certain bleu robed, newly married   piece of the action, now would we?
lady  mage  au  natural  behind  the
bleachers  in the arena.  Naturally,   Until   next  time,  happy  scandal-
her husband  was nowhere to be seen,   seeking and tra-la for now!
and it appears she was  enjoying the    __________________________________
attentions  of  the  winner  of  the   |Answers to Merchant Match, Page 19 |
recent   jousting   tournament   who   |1G; 2K; 3D; 4H; 5E; 6J; 7N; 8A;    |
was reportedly  practicing  with his   |9F; 10C; 11I; 12M; 13B; 14O; 15L   |
lance.                                 |             SCORES:               |
                                       | 1 - 5  Where have you been? Emer? |
Our  mailbox  has  been  filled with   | 6 - 10 An average run-of-the-mill |
juicy  tidbits  and we are delighted   |        adventurer. (Yawn)         |
to   inform   you   that  a  certain   |11 - 15 An adventurer about town!  |
half-elf  thiefly  fellow  is a good   | Been too busy to kill trolls, eh? |
candidate    for   Surtey's   newest    -----------------------------------
                                   -28-                            KE V10N9

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