Ketain of the Scars

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Ketain of the Scars (4245-4293) was an infamous pirate who lived in River's Rest during the Grand Era of Piracy from 4275 to 4325.

Prior to his piracy, Ketain was believed to have been a former galley slave, due to his namesake scars across his back. In 4288, Ketain gained further infamy after a daring raid up the Tempest River on the Hendoran city of Waterford. As a result, Ketain became the only man wanted for piracy by an inland kingdom. In 4293, Ketain was accidentally killed by his own crew and was buried on the island of River's Rest. His grave is marked by a statue of the pirate and surrounded by blackberry brambles. The grave is memorialized,"Ketain of the Scars. 4245-4293 M.E. 'Only the dead are serious, they say. I plan to prove them wrong'."

The statue stands outside the River's Rest Adventurer's Guild.

A tall statue, carved from a single block of mottled grey riverstone, is set back in a niche cut into the bramble thicket. The statue depicts a lightly armored man leaning on a double-bladed axe. He stands with one foot resting on a heavily chained strongbox. His head is tossed back in laughter, his long hair is ruffled by wind. A jagged scar crosses his cheek. A silver plaque is attached to the base of the statue.