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Kharam Dzu map by Tsoran

Kharam Dzu is a dwarven settlement located on Teras Isle established in 4997. It remains the only livable town on the island.

Kharam Dzu was founded by Ghorsa Borthuum, founder of the Borthuum Mining Company and the Borthuum Clan that still rules Kharam Dzu. It sits as far south as it could be from the mountain volcano Stormbrow, so named because of the dark clouds circling it like a heavybrow.

At first, Ghorsa Borthuum only wanted to share the riches found in his settlement only with those who had joined him, and to this day the Borthuum Clan of dwarves remains the most exclusive of all the dwarven Clans. After settling in, the dwarves decided that the best profits would be gleaned from trading. Ghorsa devised a system by which a small percentage of profits was redistributed equally among all the members of the Borthuum Clan: the Borthuum Mining Company.

Kharam Dzu has grown into a popular port of trade mostly due to its exclusive access to rare rainbow glaes. Frequented by experienced adventurers, travel between Teras Isle and the remainder of the adventuring lands was made via passage on the Glaesen Star, a passenger and cargo ship which made periodic round trips to Wehnimer's Landing.

As passage on the Glaesen Star is restricted to those of "titled" rank (level 20), young adventurers were unable to reach Teras Isle.

Voregrek Borthuum is the current Prince of Kharam-Dzu and the Borthuum Clan leader.

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