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Khylynnia SparrHawk, Mrae'ni Aelotoi Bardess

pronounced kai-LYNN-ee-ah

Khylynnia SparrHawk
Race Aelotoi
Culture Mrae'ni
Profession Bardess
Religion L'Naereen'dar
Affiliation(s) Twilight Hall, Fenog's Regulars, Drakes Vanguard, Ord an Dragan
Flaw prone to mood swings
Habits Smooching noses
Spouse Jhenni SparrHawk

This page is a work in progress.

Here I will be following the development of Khylynnia and her story as she progresses through her life in Elanthia

Khylynnia SparrHawk

                                                                        Excerpt from TownCrier Interview Sessions with Khylynnia
    Leafiara inquires, "Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers that we didn't cover in the course of the interview?"
    Khylynnia thoughtfully says, "Actually yes.  There are a few things..."
    Khylynnia softly says, "First, Never let the tribulations and pitfalls get you down.  I am not a powerful bard, and as such I have had my fair share of stumbling blocks in my path, in fact getting through my thirtieth training cost me twelve deeds, but I keep fighting on and will not allow that to stop me."
    Khylynnia softly says, "Second, Follow your heart.  Don't get caught up in the daily grind.  Take time for yourself, and spend time getting to know the people around you...some will be a delight, and make your day more enjoyable...others will make you want to stab them in the face with a that bastard Rheteger..."
    Khylynnia softly says, "Third, and this is the most important in my opinion..."
    Khylynnia softly says, "Do with your life and your career what YOU want to do!  Never let anyone dictate to you how you should live, or who you should love...Only YOU know what is in your heart and your future, and as such anyone who tells you to be or do otherwise is only going to cause you to be unhappy."
  • Khylynnia was Wed to Jhenni SparrHawk on Leyan, the 1st day of Lumnea, in the year 5116.
  • She has one "chosen" sister - Ayumia - They are not blood related, but they have become as close as siblings
  • Khy shares a bond with Evician and they are as close, if not closer than siblings
  • She calls Cruxophim her dyre'myhrano, and she sees him as a mentor/big brother


Cysaegir and training in the Bardic College

Moving to the Landing

Upon completing her training in the Bardic College, Khylynnia spent many long days and nights thinking about her future. The Elven Nations and Cysaegir her somehow, her rekindled understanding of and belief in L'Naere gave her reason for doubt in the Elven leadership and she harbored mistrust of their intentions. Having no family of her own, she no longer felt a link to the town or the region, and traveled to Ta'Illistim to find answers. The vast libraries of the house of Illistim provided a great distraction for a while as she scoured the tomes housed within their multitude of chambers.

After many months of reading through the books, Khylynnia's perspective began to clear, the fog of doubt clearing as she read more and more about the western towns. Wehnimer's Landing kept coming back to the forefront of her research and study as the days passed, and in time, her mind was made up...She would pack her meager belongings and travel west across the DragonSpine Mountains. Using the last of her coin, she paid for a travel guide and began her journey in earnest.

The human lands were different. In general they seemed less refined, but there was an excitement, an electric charge in the air, that she never felt while living under the thumb of the Elves. The farther west she went, the more intrigued she became as she saw so many different people. Halflings, gnomes and krolvin were more prevalent this side of the mountains, and she found herself intrigued as to how well everyone got along, different races working together, half-elves were seemingly everywhere, and they were ACCEPTED here.

to be continued

Activity in Events

Current CHE and MHO Membership

Services Provided

  • Loresinging - As a Bard, I try to provide Loresinging services for the community.
         - I do not have a price for loresinging to single items or small batches, but will happily accept donations.
         - If you have a backpack full of items (more than 5) then I will charge 5k silvers per item over the initial 5, and 10k silvers per item over 25.
         - I do not have a set price for permanently unlocking an items loresong as yet.
  • Custom Alteration Designs - I provide assistance with designing SHORT, LONG and SHOW descriptions for items. Please refer to my Khy's Alters page for samples!
         Fees range from 100k-200k silvers per item depending on the detail involved.
  • Custom Tattoo Designs - Personalized tattoos are coming on the scene in Elanthia with a quickness! I will help design your custom ink which can help speed up merchant services. The more complete the work you bring to the table, the less editing they need to do which will make EVERYONE happy. Please refer to my Khy's Tat's page for samples of my work!
         Fee schedule is 250k silvers per tattoo.  If you want me to try and tie it in with an ongoing theme, then there will be a 100k silver additional surcharge.

Tips and Tricks

Compared to most of the Gemstone Community, I am a rather new player, having only started playing Khy in 2015. This has had me taking my gameplay into different directions than most others due to my past experiences in in so many other games. Below I will be detailing some of the more useful "tricks" I have found that work really well for me.