Kick critical table (UCS)

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Kick critical table (UCS):

This table lists the critical messaging and status effects associated with the Unarmed Combat System's Kick attacks. The damage values and messaging associated with each critical rank should be very accurate. The listed status effects, particularly stun round lengths, most likely have some inaccuries since they are often estimated.

Attack Type AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate RT Damage Type
Kick DF .400 .350 .300 .250 .200 4 Kick


  • A - Amputation (limb loss)
  • F - Fatal critical
  • Fv - Favors limb
  • K w/ksp - Knockdown (Kk kneeling),(Kp prone),(Ks sitting)
  • R - Injury level (rank 1, 2 or 3)
  • S - Stun w/number of rounds
  • Sil - Silence
  • Slo - Slow effect
  • Slp - Sleep (unconscious state)
  • x - Unknown stun round


Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Side kick to face barely grazes the chin. That's no worse than a close shave! None None
1 6 Glancing roundhouse kick lands heel upside the [target]'s face. None R1
2 12 Head snaps backward from surprisingly fast kick to the jaw. S2 R1
3 18 Sudden high kick nails the [target] just between the eyes! S3 R1
4 24 Flying axe kick seriously rattles the [target]'s noggin. S4 R2
5 30 Solid strike! The [target]'s skull resonates like an ill-tuned drum! S5 R2
6 36 Nose torn off from wheeling hook kick! That will certainly spite the face! S6 R3
7 42 Rapid side kick knocks out several teeth! What we have here is a failure to communicate! S8 SIL R3
8 48 Brutal head kick flips the [target] over! Cracked skull! F R3
9 56 Knee drives into skull with a horrible *CRUNCH* sound! F R3
10 64 Flying roundhouse lands severe blow to the head! Brain begins to ooze out through the ears! F R3
11 72 Double spin flying roundhouse shatters skull and turns brain to jelly F R3


Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Awkward kick just brushes the throat. The [target] sticks its neck out for nobody! None None
1 6 High kick impacts neck, leaving a bruise. None R1
2 12 Arcing butterfly kick to the throat looks fancy, but does little injury. S2 R1
3 18 Swift high kick lands a solid blow to the [target]'s neck. S3 R1
4 24 Descending axe kick strikes base of neck, staggering the [target]. S4 Ks R2
5 30 Rising hook kick catches the [target] solidly in the throat, leading to gagging. S5 Sil R2
6 36 Rapid scissor kick catches neck and pulls the [target] off-balance! S6 Ks R2
7 42 Rapidly moving foot crushes the windpipe! S7 Sil R3
8 48 Tremendous side kick snaps neck instantly! F R3
9 54 High flying kick drives toe deep into the neck, cutting off blood and air simultaneously! F R3
10 60 Reverse roundhouse impacts base of neck, driving upper spine through the throat! F R3
11 66 Magnificent rising side kick smashes through the [target]'s neck, removing his head from his body. F R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 High kick connects just above right/left eye, ruffling the eyebrow. None None
1 6 Sharp upward kick bruises right/left eye. None R1
2 12 Front kick catches the [target] below the right/left eye, blackening it. S1 R1
3 18 High butterfly kick impacts right/left eye and rocks the [target] back! S2 R1
4 24 Side kick slams into right/left side of head, damaging the eye! S3 R2
5 30 Hooking kick to right/left eye dazes the [target]! Always look on the bright side of life! S4 R2
6 36 High arcing kick causes severe swelling over the right/left eye! S6 R2
7 42 Descending axe kick impacts just above right/left eye, knocking the living daylights out of the [target]! S Kp Slp R3
8 48 Swift roundhouse to right/left eye cracks the socket! F R3eye R1head
9 56 Flying axe kick smashes right/left eye out of head, pulling bits of brain matter with it! F R3
10 64 Magnificent reverse roundhouse drives heel of foot into the [target]'s head through the right/left eye socket. F R3
11 72 Spinning aerial kick removes right/left eye from head, and head from body! F R3 eye/head
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Fast kick to chest doesn't even make the [target] blink. None None
1 8 Rapid kick to the chest connects with a dull *THUD*. None R1
2 16 Leaping butterfly kick to the chest forces the [target] backwards! S2 R1
3 24 Solid front kick causes heart to skip wildly for a moment! S3 R1
4 32 Feint to left leaves opening for a solid front kick to the chest! S4 R1
5 40 Sweeping side kick brings full weight to land against the [target]'s chest! S5 R2
6 48 Flying kick impacts center of chest! S6 R2
7 56 Quickly descending axe kick shatters several ribs! S8 R3
8 64 Strong roundhouse penetrates the chest! The [target] seems to have lost heart for this fight! F R3
9 72 Perfectly targeted flying kick drives foot through center of chest! Doesn't that just break your heart? F R3 chest R2 back
10 80 Rapid spin brings leg around with immense power, caving in the [target]'s entire torso in the process! F R3 chest R3 back
11 88 Devastating reverse roundhouse sends the [target] flying, only to land in a crumpled heap! F R3 Chest R2 Back/Abs
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Light kick to abdomen doesn't do any significant damage. None None
1 8 Quick kick to abdomen. None R1
2 16 Swift kick to side jars the [target] momentarily. S1 R1
3 24 Rotating kick catches the [target] in the pit of the stomach. *WHOOF!* S2 R1
4 32 Sharp kick to the side puts the [target] off-balance. S3 Ks R1
5 40 Front kick to midsection doubles the [target] over! S4 R2
6 48 Well executed roundhouse knocks the [target] back! S5 R2
7 56 Strong kick to gut knocks the [target] back a few feet. This. Is. Elanthia! S6 K R3
8 64 Well-aimed hook kick strikes a vital spot in the abdomen... from the inside! F R3
9 72 Powerful front kick connects with a sickening *CRUNCH*, shattering bones and rupturing internal organs! F R3
10 80 Reverse roundhouse drives through abdomen, stopping only when it encounters the spine! F R3 Abs R2 Back
11 88 Amazing kick goes through abdomen without slowing, sending stomach flying out through the back! F R3 Abs/Back
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Poorly-executed kick impacts the back with no real force. None None
1 8 Kick to lower back leaves a minor bruise. None R1
2 16 Jumping butterfly kick connects squarely with upper back. None R1
3 24 Quick pivot! Solid kick impacts the [target]'s back! S2 R1
4 32 Square kick to back knocks the wind out of the [target]! S3 R1
5 40 Hooking kick connects with the [target]'s side, injuring back. S4 R2
6 48 Flawless roundhouse to the back forces the [target] to stumble forward. S5 Kk R2
7 56 Fluid move followed by a leaping kick to back! S6 Kp R3
8 64 The [target] attempts to evade, but moves directly into the path of a flying kick! Well, it takes two to tango! S7 R3
9 72 Flying kick shatters spine in multiple places! S8 R3
10 80 Shattering kick to spine sends the [target] flying through the air, already fully limp! F R3 Back R3 Chest
11 88 Reverse roundhouse punches through back, organs, and out through the stomach! F R3 Back R3 Abs
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Snap kick to elbow falls just short, barely impacting the arm! None None
1 5 Front kick catches the [target]'s right/left forearm, leaving a bruise. None R1
2 10 Butterfly kick looks impressive, but impact to right/left forearm only pushes the [target] back a bit. S1 R1
3 15 Sudden kick to right/left elbow bends joint the wrong way! S2 R1
4 20 Leaping kick smashes into right/left shoulder! S3 R2
5 25 Hard kick to upper arm tears several muscles! S4 R2
6 30 Tumbling scissor kick traps right/left arm and yanks it down hard! S5 Kp R2
7 35 Fast-descending axe kick cracks collarbone and numbs right/left arm! S6 Fv R2
8 40 Powerful roundhouse kick catches the [target] under the right/left armpit and continues through! S6 A Kp R3
9 45 Jump kick lands heavily against upper right/left arm, crushing the humerus! S8 A R3
10 50* Reverse roundhouse removes right/left forearm at the elbow! Apparently the [target] wasn't forewarned about it! S9 A R3
11 55 Flying axe kick brings full weight to bear on the [target]'s right/left shoulder, ripping it from its socket! S10 A Kp R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Clumsy kick connects with the [target]'s right/left fist, not even bruising the knuckles! None None
1 4 Front kick connects with right/left wrist, knocking the hand back. None R1
2 8 Butterfly kick takes the [target] by surprise, landing suddenly on the right/left hand. S1 R1
3 12 Diversion to the right?/left suddenly turns into a kick to the right?/left, crushing fingers on the hand! S2 R1
4 16 Snap kick to chest suddenly shifts to right/left hand, driving it far sideways! S3 Fv R1
5 20 Heel of right/left foot meets heel of right/left hand! The former wins out easily. S4 R2
6 24 Flying scissor kick traps right/left hand and drags it down hard! S5 Kk R2
7 28 Axe kick drops rapidly, handily smashing the right/left wrist. S6 Fv R2
8 32 Quick flying kick utterly shatters the right/left wrist! A handy strike! S8 A R3
9 36 Wrist snaps and leaves right/left hand dangling like a limp noodle S6 A R3
10 40 Awesome reverse roundhouse takes off the [target]'s right/left hand and sends it sprawling! Need a hand? S8 A Kp R3
11 44 Right/Left hand caught between descending heel and the ground! Every bone reduced to splinters! S10 Kp A R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Sudden low kick is off-target, scraping the [target]'s shin. None None
1 5 Sharp downward kick leaves a bruise on the [target]'s right/left leg. None R1
2 10 Snap kick to right/left knee catches the [target] by surprise! S1 R1
3 15 Front kick catches the right/left shin, splintering bone. S2 Kk R1
4 20 Well-aimed side kick gives the [target] a limp! S3 Kk Fv R2
5 25 Hook kick connects with right/left thigh, fracturing the hip! S4 Kp Fv R2
6 30 Wheel kick connects with the right/left leg, tearing into tendons and muscle. S5 Kp R2
7 35 Low axe kick drives into side of right/left knee, shattering the joint! S6 Kp Fv R2
8 40 Rapid twisting kick deals nasty double strike to lower right/left leg! S7 A Kp R3
9 45 Flying kick connects with right/left knee and continues through to the other side! S8 A Kp R3
10 50 Low reverse roundhouse sends right/left leg flying faster than the rest of it! S9 A Kp R3
11 55 Sweeping side kick tears right/left leg out at hip, sending it flying! Parting is such sweet sorrow. S10 A Kp R3
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