Kingdom of Elanith

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The Kingdom of Elanith was among one of the earliest human kingdoms in Elanthia in the present day region of the County of Torre.

The kingdom arose prior to the Kannalan Empire, but was eventually absorbed by the empire as it expanded. The town of River's Rest first rose to prominence under the kingdom's sponsorship. A saying of the time went, "The Tempest River is the bloodline of the Kingdom, and River's Rest is its heart." After its incorporation into the Kannalan Empire, the Kingdom of Elanith ceased to exist as a separate entity.

Behind the Scenes

The Kingdom of Elanith was remarkably similar to the I.C.E. Age city-state of Quellburn, which was also ruled by a Council of Mages and sacked by trolls and krolvin. Quellburn was the capital of the realm Quellbourne, where both words were shifted to "Elanith" before that replaced Jontara as the name of the continent. The difference is that Quellburn was located north of the Spider Temple and Danjirland on the High Plateau. However, the Citadel itself is not merely similar to Quellburn, its rooms are identical to it. Whether it is a re-purposed quest or other area, it was presumably designed in the I.C.E. Age.