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Koar was god of Justice, Law, and Loyalty, in Elanthia. He was considered the king of the Arkati, but was not necessarily an arkati himself. Some believed Koar to be the last of the Drakes.

Koar was rumored to dwell on Koargard, the tallest mountain in Elanthia, where he watches the world even while asleep. The minor spirit Voln was believed to be his son by a mortal woman. Koar was the patron god of the Turamzzyrian Empire, in which the Church of Koar was the largest religious organization in the empire. Every Emperor or Empress required the approval of the Church to take the imperial throne. Mestanir was the location of the Fist of Koar, a holy statue of a great fist that pilgrims traveled to visit from the length and width of the Empire.

Koar was believed to appear to others as a great man on a throne. His symbol was a golden crown on a white circle.


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