Kobane (prime)

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Portrait of Kobane, by Kellecezza
Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Hometown Icemule Trace
Class Wizard
Profession Archmage
Religion Zelian
Affiliation(s) Icemule Town Guard, Ord an Dragan, Fenog's Regulars
In-a-Word Run!
Disposition Quiet, thoughtful
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait Insightful
Secondary Trait Listener
Flaw Cares too much
Greatest Strength My friends, allies, and those I call family
Greatest Weakness Shopping! Ugh!
Habits Keeping things orderly, cleaning up messes
Hobbies Interacting with folks, reading, dabbling in drawing, studying
Likes Meeting friendly people
Dislikes Meeting mean people
Fears Failure
Loyalties Delyorik, Elphieya
Best Friend Too many to count here, you all know who ya are!
Spouse None as of yet
Loved One Fee
Children None as of yet

About Kobane Tiravellian

Kobane was born in New Ta'Faendryl to a family of magic users, under a totally different name.. Early in life, it was noted that he had no interest in magic, and he was expelled to Wehnimer's Landing. There, he delved into roguish practices, becoming a sell-sword and worse.
In 5105, he came to Icemule Trace, seeking to put his former life behind him. Wanting to help and become a part of the community, he pressed himself to arcane studies, becoming a wizard. Since this time, he has made many close friends, defended the town on numerous occasions, served with the Icemule Town Guard, and now hopes to serve on the Town Council.


You see Lightweaver Kobane Tiravellian Faendryl the Town Councillor of Icemule Trace.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is alpine in stature. He appears to be in the spring of life. He has mismatched violet and emerald green eyes and vibrant, black skin. He has long, ebon-striped white blonde hair tucked neatly behind his ears. He has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a thin nose and thin, lithely muscled arms and wrists.
He has a sigil-incised vaalin half-ring in his lip, a set of four sharply curved talons wrought in gleaming gold in the upper ridge of his left ear, a tattooed symbol of Zelia on his neck, and a crescent moon tattoo on his wrist.
A ring of icy orbs encircles his hands.
He is wearing a pair of blue-hued spectacles, a glacial white spidersilk longcloak, a symbol of silver and black marble shaped like a crescent moon, some long brushed silver claws, a stark white spidersilk pack draped with silvery webbing, and a ghostly white tunic with long flowing sleeves over an icy blue leather gambeson dusted with white-tipped arctic blue diamonds, a pair of vaalin-runed white silk casting gloves, a scintillating lucent glass band, a crystal-inset platinum ring, a twisted black ora ring, a storm grey suede belt with a cloud-etched invar buckle, a white cloth satchel stitched with the word "Oregano", a branded leather case inset with well-oiled metal gears, a rune-stitched blue silk gem pouch, some blizzard blue trousers, and some stark white tooled leather boots buckled with riveted vaalin.
a crossed mammoth tusks tattoo
This tattoo dominates the entirety of his back, rendering an image of worn mammoth tusks in pale grey and ivory hues. The tusks themselves are pockmarked and chipped, having sustained a great deal of damage when they were still attached to their owner. Delicate shading around their periphery give the tusks the impression they are hovering just above his back.

Known Friends and Associates

If you're close, you know it.

Kobane's Shop - Sparklies N' Shinies

a sun bleached beechwood market with a snow-covered grey slate roof
(Icemule Trace - Lich Room # 2374)
Come buy all th'sparklies!
Sparklies N' Shinies
To browse Kobane's shop, currently shop #1 in Icemule Trace, use the above link, or in the game:
Sometimes a shop's number changes. If that happens, you can get help to find the shop and make purchases.