Kotin (prime)

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Where I spend most my time.
Race Giantman
Profession Martial Artist
Affiliation(s) Bandit Cleavers of Elanthia, Rage Plate Do
Demeanor Friendly
Greatest Strength Eager to Learn
Greatest Weakness that next Bounty
Habits Research and Development
Hobbies Cleaving Bandits
Likes Icemule
Dislikes Undead
Loyalties Stucco Well Family, Soliere, Students
Spouse Rioja

Kotin is a giantman martial artist - philosopher who developed Rage Plate Do. He calls Icemule is home, but drifted in from elsewhere during a terrible blizzard.


He is very tall. He appears to be in the spring of life.
He has brooding amber eyes and freckled skin.
He has raggedly cut, unruly deep red hair with lighter streaks.
He has a gaunt face, a broad nose and a grizzled beard.

He is holding a viridian leather field notebook wrapped in troll skin in his left hand.
He is wearing a vibrant red imflass helm, a crystal amulet, a floor-length granite silk velvet robe patterned with broad silver-white leaves, a white leaf-shaped pin with red lettering that reads, "Vote Leafi: She Delivers!", an ivory dagger symbol set with chalcedony and blue quartz, a scratched villswood greatshield, a cloudy grey pack, a suit of mithril field plate, some silvery white mithril greaves, a flawless gold ring, a black silk sash, a roan suede survival kit, a glittering golden leather sack, and some linked mithglin chausses plated with zorchar.
He has a glossy red wooden arrow fletched with black feathers stuck in his head!