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Rent Verb Idea

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Message #: 640
Author: KRAKII
Date: 8/13/2004 4:30:06 PM
Subject: So Ildran gave me a verb idea: "rent"

Mechanically, this would be along the lines of "exchange", where the syntax would be:

rent <item> to <person | position> for <duration> at <cost> [renewable]
  • <item> could be an actual item, or it could be a property deed (Premium Home, or Player-Run Shop). In the case of a deed, full access is conferred on the target character.
  • <person | position> could be either an individual character, or an Officer of either a Player-Run Organization or CHE House; in the case of a position, the exact title must be used (i.e. "scrivener", for Twilight Hall).
  • <duration> would be in the format ##d##h##m##s, where the D H M S characters are mandatory; if you want 0 days, you put in 0d.
  • <cost> is expressed as a one-time fee, just like "exchange".
  • [renewable] is an optional flag; if present, <cost> can be paid any time during <duration> to add <duration> to the existing rental.

I would suggest adding a capability to the Bank teller accept rental renewal fees on your behalf--for a modest premium--so that you need not be in-game in order to collect.

An additional verb would also need to be added:

foreclose <item> from <person> <now | duration>

to force the return of the rented item.

  • <now | duration> would be a mandatory flag indicating whether you want the bruisers in the Bank Collections Department to go out and retrieve <item> from <person> (assuming that you actually have a rental out to that person) immediately--for a modest premium--or whether you want to allow <person> to keep <item> until the previously established rental <duration> expired.

In either case--whenever they get it back--the Brute Squad puts the item in "a <yourcharactername> box" [read: a Constabulary box] in a secure room added to the Bank.

Additional requirements:

  • The rented item would be flagged as though it were silvers belonging to a newbie: you cannot "give/exchange/sell" (or, of course, "rent"!), you cannot "drop/put".
  • The rented item would be immune to player-character maneuvers (such as "disarm").
  • If <item> is a container, anything inside the container acquires the identical attributes (such as <duration> and <nosell>). This would allow the use of such things as Girvahk's imflass greatswords [each of which has a matching case] or the short sword pair "Rhyme" and "Reason" [which also have a matching case].

Probably a recursive coding nightmare, but what the hell! I can ask, right? This would let people like Ardwen "rent vaalorn sword to krakii for 90d0h0m0s at 3000000 renewable", and let me use Sorrow (for the low, low price of a million per month) rather than keeping things stuffed in lockers or sitting on store counters.

Double Strike Weapons

Re: 2for1 attack weapons 
on 1/24/2005 12:15:52 PM 

There are at least four (4) different kinds of weapons that do this, and there are two (2) different types of one of those. :)

1) Coraesine weapons have this capability; they work just like an elemental flare, except the "flare" is an additional swing. In addition to the ones already mentioned, there are to my knowledge two different short swords (one is +30, one is lower), and at least three flails (+10, +15, and +30); the last time I inquired, I believe "a blackened coraesine greatsword" had been taken to the grave on a retired character.

1b) There are both "pure" and "impure" coraesine weapons. The ones described above are "impure", and usable by any character. These are the ones that you might find for sale. "Pure" coraesine weapons are attuned to a single character and therefor will never be sold (although it is conceivable that the character owning it might be sold); they have additional powers on top of the double-strike.

2) "Death" weapons, when swung at their attuned creature. (Like "a golem deathmace", or "a rat deathdagger", or "a troll deathblade" [falchion based]; those are some of the keyed ones that I've seen.)

3) "a massive stone <hammer, mattock>" have this double-strike as one of their flares; note that the "hammer" exists in both 1HCrush and 2Hand versions. Other flares on these weapons are petrification (effectively the same as the Bind spell, but different messaging), and they can be "tap"ped to produce a Quake-like effect.

4) "a fel-hafted heavy granite stormhammer" & "a glaes-hafted heavy granite stormhammer". Again, they have the double-strike flares; these can also produce a Call Wind-like effect.

1, 2, 3, & 4 all came out in the 1998 Auction. 1b came out at an event in April last year, 2004.

Update as of 5 January 2006, from an email received from Kanyda:

PS: I stumbled across Krakiipedia the other day, you have an entry that mentions the kind of weapons that do "double strike flares" in which the stormhammers are listed. A common misconception because they are so similar to the stone mattocks that do double flare. I've owned both of these weapons though and the stormhammer doesn't double flare. I tried to edit it but it requires a login.

So, it looks like the stormhammers do not double flare after all.