Kroderine Soul

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Kroderine Soul is a combat maneuver for squares that grants benefits for forsaking magic released on October 29, 2020.

Kroderine Soul
Mnemonic [kroderinesoul]
Type Active Buff
Requirements Forsake all magic.
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Monks
Rank Square
1 Free  
5 -


Your soul is forged from anti-magic kroderine.


When learned, this skill may not be unlearned without using a FIXSKILL. Physical damage reduction is increased and will now apply to all sources of damage (including magical damage). Any hostile spell effects will have their duration capped at 20 seconds. Beneficial magic from most sources will fail entirely and you are unable to self-cast any beneficial magic. If you learn a spell from any source these benefits are immediately lost.

Finally, you gain access to two additional abilities:

  • Absorb Magic: Absorb the next harmful spell cast at you and revitalize yourself.
    30 second cool down, 0 stamina cost
  • Dispel Magic: Dispel all negative magic affecting you.
    2 minute cool down, 20 stamina cost

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