Kuligar Gardane

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Kuligar Gardane
Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Gender male
Race Human
Status dead
Hometown Talador
Relationship(s) Saralyn (lover)
Alias/Title Baron

Kuligar Gardane was the would-be Baron of the newly-independent Talador. In 5114, he was killed in a riding accident after being thrown from his horse.


You see Lordship Kuligar Gardane the Potentate of Talador.
He appears to be a Human.
He is average height and appears to be past his prime.  He has almond-shaped willow green eyes and fair skin.  He has chin-length, silken tawny brown hair.  He has a rotund face, a plump nose and a wide forehead.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a mug of chilled silver ale in his right hand.
He is wearing a heavy black fur-lined greatcloak, a silver-laced black leather belt, a fur-trimmed brown leather doublet, a wide platinum engagement band set with a smooth ruby stone, a hammered signet ring stamped with the crest of Talador, an onyx-inlaid ceremonial scabbard, a pair of silver-striped black doeskin trousers, and some elegant brown knee-high boots.


During his coronation in Talador in 5115, Baron Kuligar was seemingly assassinated by Madelyne Cross. In reality, Kuligar had died many months prior in a riding accident. The accident was witnessed by Wehnimer's Landing town councilman Deylan. Apparently a shapeshifter, Deylan used the Baron's death as an opportunity for espionage. It was Deylan who ultimately died at the hands of the urnon golem, Madelyne Cross.