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L'Naere was an Arkati known primarily for her involvement with the Aelotoi.

L'Naere was most well known for removing the ancestors of the Aelotoi race from Elanthia and placing them on the planet Bre'Naere. Upon their return to Elanthia, the aelotoi did not know the name or location of the First World from which they had been moved by L'Naere. After a meeting with Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim, the Mirror's uncle Meachreasim Illistim wrote a public document confirming the aelotoi originally hailed from Elanthia. Their removal was done, as legend claims, to protect the humans from the meddling of Drakes - and, also, from the Ur-Daemon War, which was about to unfold.

Among the Arkati, L'Naere was considered a traitor and a renegade. She was also rumored to have been responsible for the creation of two of the lesser races; which races and how this was done is unknown. It was believed that L'Naere was put to death by the Drakes, for refusing to go to one of the two moons, Lornon and Liabo.

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