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| a darkly stained bone stylus||align="center"|2000
| a darkly stained bone stylus||align="center"|2000
| a thin strip of white paper||align="center" rowspan="15" valign="top"|7500
| a thin strip of white paper||align="center" rowspan="15" valign="top"|5000
| a tiny strip of gold vellum
| a tiny strip of gold vellum

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Labels premiered at Ebon Gate 2012 in the shop Sing Me an Epitaph. The merchants Nyck and Nycolle can alter, deepen or unlock label boxes and labels. Labels can be attached to almost any item. Nyck and Nycolle also bring their wagon to Mist Harbor as a Premium benefit.

Basic Use

One only needs a writing implement (quill/stylus) in one hand and a label in the other hand.

Using a writing implement, WRITE {message}. You should not write label {message} or the first word on the label will be "label." If you are writing stats and use the + sign, use a semi-colon before the + if the + is the first character of the label (e.g., "WRITE ;+5 to aura bonus, +5 wisdom bonus, persists").

Remember to READ your label before doing anything else to make sure it says what you want. CLEAN label to remove what you've already written if you wish to start over.

PULL label to remove backing. At this point, you can still CLEAN label to remove what you've written and start over.

PUT my label on my (item) to attach the label to the item.

READ my (item) to see the label after it is attached.

If you still messed up you can write on a new label and cover up the old one using the same steps.

If your item already had a label on it, you will see:

>put my label on my runestaff
The orase runestaff appears to already have a label or writing of some sort.  If you'd like to cover it up with your parchment label please try to attach it again within 30 seconds!

Replacing an old label with a new one causes a permanent loss of the old label; you can not retrieve the old one.

Additional Features

Label enthusiasts can keep their labels in label boxes. Boxes initially come with space for ten labels and can be deepened in increments of 10 to hold 100. Boxes also exist that hold as many as 200, acquired through raffle or other special merchant means.

Besides being deepened, label boxes can be altered or unlocked. Unlocked boxes will also automatically unlock any label placed into them. Label boxes can be unlocked once.

An unlocked box provides the additional options to TILT, TOUCH, and KNOCK the box. It will also add to all labels pulled from it the option to EAT, SMELL/SNIFF, and TOUCH the labels.


One can remove a label from an item using solvent. This is also sold in the label shop.

>get mau
You remove a perfect vultite maul with black rolton fleece wound about its haft from in your leather cloak.
>rub my solv on my mau
The vultite maul appears to have a label or writing of some sort.  If you'd like to remove it with your thick solvent please try to rub it on again within 30 seconds!
>rub my solv on my mau
Using your fingertips, you liberally apply some solvent to your vultite maul and gently rub away the paper stuck to its surface.

The Label Maker

The Label Maker is a wagon currently located on Four Winds Isle allowing you to purchase labels, quill, and label storage boxes. You can find the wagon on Tigerlily Avenue (Lich #3640).

A wooden plank wagon with a bright white roof.

[The Label Maker]
The small space is surrounded by the wooden plank walls of the wagon and taken up by several surfaces that display wares for sale.  A solid oak counter resides near the entry door, while a set of oak shelves sits beside a curtain that leads further into the shop.  Hanging on the walls are some assorted signs with bold writing, and between them a tall cabinet rests against the wall near a pair of flickering torches.
Obvious exits: none

[The Label Maker, Back Room]
Surrounded by wooden plank walls, this small back room is nearly bare save for a circular wooden table and a plush purple armchair.  A worn pale cream carpet covers the wood plank flooring, and the matching walls are interrupted only by a hanging curtain that leads to the front room.
Obvious exits: none


You see Scrivener Nycolle.
She appears to be a Burghal Gnome.
She is diminutive and appears to be very young.  She has large pale blue eyes and ivory skin.  She has waist length, shiny brown hair worn in two pigtails.  She has a delicate face and rosy cheeks.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a fluffy feather quill in her right hand.
She is wearing a silver shield pendant, a silver-boned dark pink corset, a gear-clasped pale pink musette, a pair of patchwork pants, and a pair of silver silk slippers.

Nycolle works on label boxes for Premium subscribers on a bi-monthly basis. During these visits she works in room order and will unlock or deepen a label box (by 10) for everyone. She will also spin for five people to receive one of three special services:

  1. Alter a label box
  2. Alter the labels inside of a box (all of them get altered to the same thing)
  3. Refill a label box (box must have at least one label in it)

Those who are spun for will get their service during their turn in the line.


On the oak counter you see:
a darkly stained bone stylus 2000
a thin strip of white paper 5000
a tiny strip of gold vellum
a thin strip of faded parchment
a cream and gold tag
a silver and pale green label
a pale parchment label
a faded paper label
an antique strip of parchment
a crisp strip of paper
a rectangular strip of rice paper
a darkly stained vellum label
a pale grey strip of vellum
a shiny strip of silver parchment
an earth-toned strip of vellum
a small square paper tag
In the tall cabinet you see:
a jar of thick solvent 10k
a jar of saffron solvent
a jar of gold-flecked solvent
a jar of rose pink solvent
a jar of shiny silver solvent
a jar of sparkly gold solvent
a jar of opaque black solvent
a jar of blood red solvent
a jar of pale blue solvent
a jar of clear solvent
On the low oak shelf you see:
a slim faenor case 50k
a small burnished gold case
a tiny polished platinum case
a tarnished brass case
an elaborately etched silver case
On the middle oak shelf you see:
a slim pale leather portfolio 50k
a thick black parchment folio
a brass-edged dark leather portfolio
a faded gold parchment envelope
a crisp pale paper envelope
On the high oak shelf you see:
a lacquered tigerwood box 50k
a fine-grained pearwood box
a dented tin box
an intricately carved oak box
a small dark ebonwood box

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