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|class= wizard
|class= wizard
|profession= cobbler
|profession= cobbler
|religion= polytheistic
|affiliations= [[Faendryl Enclave]], [[White Haven]], [[Guardians of Sunfist]], [[Wizard Guild]], The Witching Hour
|affiliations= [[Faendryl Enclave]], [[White Haven]], [[Guardians of Sunfist]], [[Wizard Guild]], The Witching Hour

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Race [[Dark Elf]]
Culture [[Faendryl]]
Class wizard
Profession cobbler
Religion polytheistic
Affiliation(s) Faendryl Enclave, White Haven, Guardians of Sunfist, Wizard Guild, The Witching Hour
Demeanor cheerful, happy, insane
Greatest Weakness food
Hobbies cobbling, snuffling loudly from hiding, licking people's faces, art, knitting, writing
Likes kittens, penguins, snow, tea, books, narwhals
[[Category: Dark Elf player characters]] [[Category: Faendryl player characters]]


You see Laelithonel Asterfrost the Guardian of Icemule Trace.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is of a slight height and has a petite and slender build. She appears to be very young. She has silver-haloed celadon green eyes and smooth cocoa-hued skin.
She has long, lush selenite-hued hair pulled loosely up into a series of top-knots surrounding a silk ribbon-tied headband flaunting a shimmering pale-pointed diamond narwhal horn.
She has a pair of rose-tinted glasses perched upon her button nose and slightly upswept pointed ears. She has a chin that is subtly pointed, complementing the soft curves of her face.
A scarified lotus blossom, its petals pale and slightly raised, blooms along the nape of her neck.
She has a sigil-incised rose gold sliver in her left eyebrow, some miniature pink-frosted cupcake earrings set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, a lustrous faceted crystal sliver in her lip, an openwork polychromatic design on her arm, a long cut down the center of her right palm, and a plump unicorn tattoo on her waist.
She is wearing a nacreous sea silk bookbag, a supple ivory narwhal hide cloak, a vaalin-strung starry crystal orb, a short pale purple lace corset cross-wrapped in silver ribbons, a spacious narwhal hide case, a moonlight-hued silk waterfall skirt flounced over fluffy pink tulle, and some purple lace knee-boots buttoned with tiny glitter-filled stars.


an openwork polychromatic design
Polychromatic whorls within a torrent of golden stars embrace the entirety of the arm in an openwork pattern. Amidst the colorful convolution is a teeny narwhal, its spiraled tusk piercing a shooting star. The tail ends of a vibrant luna moth's wings take a graceful turn to graze the inner forearm where pink arabesque roses swirl themselves into an upturned crescent moon at the wrist. The silvery points of the celestial body cradle a lilac heart inked with the words, "Fight Like A Girl."

Known Friends and Associates

Unknown as this troublemaker sticks to the shadows of invisibility. - as observed by a known friend.

In order from left to right this is not a list of people who at any given time are subject to invisible smooches and/or tackling. Please read carefully as many names are not listed below. They are all beloved and they all know who they are. If you do not know if you are a known friend or associate of Laeli please notify Laeli and she will remedy this lack of information. Wear a helmet.

Familiars and Other Beasties

a frost-hued pudgy snowcat kitten - "Mouse"
a silver-eyed enormous ebon wolf - "Beastie"
a pudgy white dwarf hamster - "Mallow"
a sleek black marbled white rat - "Lord Thurfel-Whiskers III"
a tiny bat-winged squid with a pair of glossy serrated fins - "Squish"
an unblinking, pale blue eye suspended in a fluid-filled sphere - "Poltz"
a tufted moonshade black kitten
The fur covering her lean body is so impenetrably dark, that her icily green-sparked blue eyes startlingly pop from the tiny, furry void she appears to be. Long silvery whiskers frame her little black nose and some purple paeline goggles rest atop her head, tufted ears poking through crocheted holes. She wears a vaalin-threaded collar dangling a petite rose gold clockwork heart that reads, "Rose Quartz".

The Chubby Narwhal

"There once was a wizard named Laeli,
who made shinies and shoes almost daily.
Each item she'd lick;
to the table they'd stick,
in her shop called a Narwhal most whale-y."


Trinkets 'N Things & The Chubby Narwhal

a stately pale oak boutique with a border of iceblossom bushes (IMT - RM# 2379) *
Shopping with the SHOP verb IG: SHOP DIRECTORY ICEMULE
-Note: the number of the shop for SHOP BROWSE ICEMULE <#> changes when new shops are added to the town.


a narwhal-cut calling card

Laelithonel Asterfrost Master Cobbler
~ This card will self-destruct when dropped. ~

Imprinted on the sole, you see a nacre-inlaid leaping narwhal, the crafter's personal hallmark.

Cobbling Services

- Prices May Vary
- All footwear: very small amount (0-4 lbs), couple (2) of items. Zesty.
- Pre-Cobbled Footwear in Boutique
- [southern most block of Incantation Alley.]

Noted Treasures

a vaalin-strung starry crystal orb
Minutely etched with a frenzy of stars, the spherical crystal is base cradled by an upturned crescent moon. Center cut against the surface is a larger star fixed inwardly with a smaller globe. Four tiny cabochon blazestars have been set as counterpoints on either rotational side of the orb; their respective colors revealing the alignment of their elements. You notice a blizzard churning within the small crystal globe of the orb.
a spacious narwhal hide case
Inset with a mottled pink and white riftstone, a silver moon clasp secures the large case. Small compartments line the interior, designed to hold a variety of cobbling accoutrements.
a pink silk-covered folio
Bound in pale pink silk, the folio is well taken care of. Adorning the cover is a layer of sparkly moonstone dust and doodles of scrawled narwhals and toucans, encircling the words "All The Secret Things - Do Not Read".
a ribbon-strung blue amber icicle
Crafted from a single large hunk of blue amber, the gemstone has been worked into a large blue icicle. Abraded across the top and painted white to resemble clinging snow, the icicle has been strong from a simple blue ribbon, along which has been set a few simple silver jingle bells. Frozen in the center of the blue amber rests a single firefly, trapped forever in a single pose, the light reflecting off the gemstone giving the illusion of the firefly sparking to light on and off.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
"If you catch a firefly and keep it in a jar,
You may find that you have lost a tiny star.
If you let it go then, back into the night,
You may see it once again, star bright."
some miniature pink-frosted cupcake earrings
These delectable-looking cakes have been crafted with painstaking attention to detail, from the delicately pleated yellow wrapper to the generously heaped pile of pink frosting. Tiny amethyst sprinkles glisten atop the glossy enameled desserts, each securely fastened in a sturdy silver-pronged setting.
a nacreous sea silk bookbag
The iridescence of the sea silk is interrupted only by delicately embroidered snow blossoms, their textured petals barely discernible against the milky luster of the fine, lightweight fabric. Plush rose gold samite lines the interior, complementing the pearly lilac cupcake charms dangling from the spiraled horn of a large ivory narwhal clasp.
a supple ivory narwhal hide cloak (has a bulbous hood bearing a tiny ivory horn)
Skillfully tailored from a pristine length of narwhal hide, the supple ivory leather of this cloak provides the wearer's body a stalwart barrier against the elements, while an ample pile of spotted snowcat fur swathes the collar in a luxuriously silky mantle that would buffer even the coldest of winds. Inside, soft blue silk has been padded with down feathers and reinforced with hexagonal patterned stitching. A bright green luna moth against a purple heart is embroidered over an inside pocket.

Precious Collection of Runestaves

"You can never have too many sticks." - Someone, somewhere, probably.

a beribboned crescent-topped staff
Skeins of rhimar wire are inlaid into the smooth, wooden staff, their overlapping designs forming a complicated pattern of overlapping crescent that seem to tumble down the length. Hollowed out, the upper reaches form a curved chamber with which to hold the rainbow-whorled blown glass sphere, while the grip is festooned with all manner of brightly hued ribbons and bits of twine that dangle colorful glass beads.
a twisted lor runestaff
Gleaming narwhal horn meanders its way in a helical pattern along the seams of the two silvery lor saplings that have grown around one another in a permanent embrace. Culminating towards the top of the runestaff, the ivory horn spirals to a sharp point. Various crescent moon and star charms dangle from the vaalin chain wrapped around the shaft; their silver gleam catching ambient light beneath a slight tarnish.
a scintillating crystal-capped staff
Crafted of a spiraling length of orase, the length of the staff has been intricately inlaid with ice blue crystal shards, worked into fractal-like patterns. Spiraling along the length of the staff, the patterns end at the top, culminating in a single crystal shaped into a crescent moon enclosing a large snowflake, the hue changing from blue-purple to green-white depending on the light. The staff is surrounded by a scintillating blue light.
a long hoarbeam staff fitted with a jagged drakar shard
a slender lor runestaff shod with a sharply pointed narwhal horn
a narwhal horn-inlaid orase runestaff capped with a glowing crystal orb
a spindle-carved orase staff dangling twin lynx tails
a pale pink lor runestaff with a crescent-cut black moonstone set in its shaft
a deep black glowbark runestaff with a lotus-etched opaline moonstone set in its shaft
a spiraling tapered faewood runestaff