Lake of Fear

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The Lake of Fear was the boundary between the regions surrounding Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor. A free ferry ran across the lake every half hour or so, funded by King Tyrnian of Ta'Vaalor.

Embarkation points for the ferry were the South Dock (adjacent to Fearling Pass and thus Ta'Vaalor) and the North Dock (at the southeast end of the Sylvarraend Road and thus adjacent to Ta'Illistim). Each dock bore a sign, written in the elven language, which would bear the time until the next scheduled departure.

The ferry captain was known to accept bribes (rumored to have been 5000 silvers or 2500 for Ta'Vaalor citizens) in the form of silvers, gems, or City-States promissory notes to make the rowers row faster. This did not decrease the time that the boat was docked, but did decrease the time the boat spent on the water to about 5 minutes.

On the ferry, a number of refreshments were available for purchase:

Item Price
a goblet of pure spring water 30
a glass of chilled lemonade 60
some sweet white Illistim wine 120
some light red Vaalorian wine 150
a large salted wheat cracker 100

The foredeck of the ferry was racially restricted to elves, dwarves, and aelotoi.