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==After "Witchful Thinking"==
==After "Witchful Thinking"==
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'''12/1/19 - [[::Landing_Events_-_5119-12-01_-_Time%27s_Gate|Time's Gate]]'''
{| class="wikitable" style="background-color:#eee;" cellpadding="25" cellspacing="25"
| <span style="font-size:120>As part of his deal with Chrysamber, Pylasar must investigate [[Kezmon Isle]], which mysteriously disappeared in 4873... along with her former love interest. Though Pylasar and Chrysamber agree that he has one minute to return, he gives away his hat, saying he'll be back for it one day--and adventurers bear witness as visions of his travel to the isle suddenly go black. No time to consider what might have happened to him in the past, however, as another vision from the Future Stormyrain comes in. A chained Balley serving Grishom Stone locates Future Stormy and Stone praises her for her contributions ending Raznel right before stabbing her in the heart. With her dying breaths, she releases a song that uncovers four shadowy figures accompanying Stone: Cruxophim, Raelee, Rekarth, and Xorus.

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Between GM Kenstrom's major storylines for Wehnimer's Landing comes the buildup to and fallout from those stories. Below are chronicles of these interim events in recent years from 2017 on.

NPCs Present in the Landing

  • Alendrial DeArchon - Town Councilwoman appointed by Cruxophim, wife of the wealthy merchant Stephos, and former leader of the Rooks, then known as "The Mother."
  • Beldrin - Town Councilman appointed by Puptilian. A gambling hall owner with connections to the Rooks.
  • Breshon Caulfield - Current commander of the Hendoran outpost. Son of the Baron of Bourth.
  • Casiphia - A relatively new militia member who was a companion of Thadston, and was once romantically involved with Disean.
  • Larsya Caulfield - A mischievous, pirate-loving little girl. Daughter of the Baron of Bourth.
  • Malluch Burdos - Jastevian seer. Currently insane after an attack while imprisoned for crimes as a Rone vigilante influenced by the Alchemist Praxopius.
  • Mother - The current leader of the Rooks, who says that the violent ways of past leaders Rysus and Drangell are over. Might or might not have any relation to Alendrial, the previous "Mother."
  • Renpaw - The lifetime-appointed judge in Wehnimer's Landing.
  • Rone? - A masked vigilante with magical gauntlets, named after town founder Rone Wehnimer.
  • Stephos DeArchon - Wealthy merchant with a shady history and connections throughout Idolone.

NPCs of Unknown Whereabouts

  • Ayred - Also known as the ivory mage, a specialist in creating portals. Often works with the DeArchons.
  • Cayde - A trader dealing in bleakstone, a new material discovered at the Bleaklands. Seen around the Landing only once.
  • Chrysamber Epoch - A Chronomage. No association with the Landing, but aided against Raznel and departed after her death.
  • Disean - Thadston's son and a former member of the Blameless. Previously under the control of Raznel, Thadston had him sent off with the Eloth Dai.
  • Falzcrow - Half-krolvin son of Kragnack, who aided in his downfall and then moved on to River's Rest.
  • Grishom Stone - A man seeking to surpass the power of the Arkati, last seen entering the Deadfall. Largely regarded as one of the lands' greatest threats.
  • Lheren Hochstib - Prelate in the Church of Koar, who aided against Chaston Griffin and executed Davard. Rarely around the Landing since church matters keep him elsewhere.
  • Octaven - Grand Magister of the Hall of Mages. A mysterious figure who has both attacked and offered aid in the past.
  • Pylasar - Landing Councilman, former Grand Magister at the Hall of Mages, and time traveler. Tried to investigate Kezmon Isle as a debt to Chrysamber, but might be as lost as the isle itself.
  • Quinshon - A Tehir nicknamed the Dissembler, formerly from the Hall of Mages, and the blood father of Naimorai--though he later aided against her, striking a deal with Pylasar before departing.
  • Teuriz - A Tehiri shaman who's aided against Raznel and Quinshon, though also claims that one day he'll work with the latter against Grishom Stone. He wanders, coming and going.
  • Thadston Andrews - Landing militia interim marshal appointed by Lylia, former knight, former commander of the Hendoran outpost. Trapped himself in the Bleaklands to seal a portal that would have let the Landing get overrun; whether he lives is unknown.
  • Thrayzar - Former Landing militia marshal, cursed by Raznel into the body of an orc. She completed the curse to transform his mind many years later and it's unknown if he's dead or wanders the wilderness as an orc.

Deceased NPCs

  • Abygail - Mayor Walkar's sister.
  • Carenos - Mularosian who tortured Cyph Kestrel, then pursued vengeance against him after Cyph murdered his daughters in retaliation.
  • Chaston Griffin - Prelate of the Church of Koar, who led the Blameless on a crusade in 5116 while manipulated by Raznel.
  • Cyph Kestrel - Naimorai's brother, a fire elementalist who often lost control of his power.
  • Davard - Taladorian knight who warred against the Landing and forged an alliance with Raznel.
  • Dennet Kestrel - Grand Magister who illegitimately took over the Hendoran outpost for months.
  • Drandea - Dennet's mother-in-law, a frisky old woman with an attitude.
  • Drangell - Former Rook leader, an unstable man cursed by Raznel into the body of a troll.
  • Kragnack - Krolvin Czag Dubra, who raided the Landing.
  • Praxopius - Also known as "The Alchemist," who created the Rone vigilantes and automated pylons.
  • Raznel - The blood magic witch, formerly known as Naimorai Kestrel before an incident trapped her centuries in the past.
  • Reannah Kestrel - Dennet's wife, afflicted with an uncurable magical disease.
  • Rysus - Former Rook leader, a crafty anti-Imperial.
  • Saraphene - Thadston's ex-wife, with whom he had Disean.
  • Stiletto the goblin - One of Thrayzar's pupils.
  • Walkar Wellington - Former Landing mayor and hero, who fought on behalf of the town but also had a period of warring against it after being overtaken by cursed armor.


[Note: These are highly abbreviated summaries of events largely intended as refreshers or teasers. For more details and logs, please click each one. Editing standards and formatting will vary from one interim story period to the next, and occasionally even within the same interim story period depending on when the log was reformatted from its original forum post to the wiki.]

After "Keeping Up with the Kestrels"

This period covers December 19, 2017 to December 28, 2017.

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12/28/17 - Octaven and the Promising Future

The son of Baron Caulfield will come in the new year to take command over the outpost, but in the meantime, Grand Magister Octaven contacts the Landing to extend gratitude for thwarting Dennet Kestrel. She says the conflict between them and the Hall of Mages need not continue, as they'll allow Rodnay to remain within the region and offer financial reparations for damages caused by either of the two Grand Magisters.

After "Rise of Rone"

This period covers April 7, 2018 to August 3, 2018.

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4/13/18 - Breshon and Larsya: Understanding the Situation

Breshon collects theories and recollections of how his sister Larsya Caulfield was aged, as well as why Raznel would have left behind alchemy recipes offering the cure to the very same black blood curse she created.

4/17/18 - Sketch and the Missing Thrayzar

After arriving on a ship from Estoria, a one-eyed man named Sketch brings a bloodstained neckerchief to Stormyrain. Her loresong reveals Thrayzar, seemingly in pursuit of someone using the scent of a doll in his hand, but eventually being abducted by what look to be White Sparrows--who claim they have need of him.

4/23/18 - The Return of Thadston... and Casiphia

Thadston and Casiphia return to town from pursuing Thadston's son Disean, having confronted him but unable to subdue nor end him as he was under the witch Raznel's control. Thadston reports that the witch has gone to the Bleaklands and he's here to prepare to pursue her--and his preparations include some new kroderine gauntlets given to him by Osment, who had shared theories with him and Casiphia before declining and going mad.

4/24/18 - A Sketchy Mystery

Sketch, who had passed along news of Thrayzar's capture, is found dead of poison in the Upper Trollfang, but a loresong reveals that he buried a sack before dying. Adventurers dig it up and find a white gear-covered prism similar to Malluch's, along with a sketch of an imperial ship with dozens of mana pylons and a "plinite charge."

4/25/18 - A Stone Sacrifice

Evician is taken by a pillar of shadows, then later reappears as a corpse, saying that Grishom Stone used him to restore Cruxphim's abiity to use magic. He describes it as a blood tithe and says that he kept his oath to take the pain of other aelotoi, but also that he feels betrayed.

5/1/18 - The Jailed Jastevian's Request

Malluch seeks an audience with Captains Stormyrain and Shinann, as well as Leafiara, who also request the presence of Cryheart and Chaoswynd--and Mayor Lylia sends Kipara too. Malluch says he recalls some form of "conditioning" done to him with injections by a figure known only as "the Alchemist" and asks for the return of his Jastevian symbol, given to him by Lana. The information about the Alchemist is not divulged publicly.

5/4/18 - The Silver-Haired Woman and Naimorai

Balley--and Balley alone--sees a grey-robed, silver-haired figure speaking to her in sylvan and revealing a vision of Naimorai trapped in the past and encountering Peter, likely the same who would become Pylasar later, and seeking his help as she looks toward a tower with a red glow thought to be emitted by the Talon of Toullaire.

5/5/18 - A Symbolic Inspection

Xorus, Magister Raelee, Captain Stormyrain, and Cruxophim inspect Lana's symbol of Jastev and find nothing particularly special about it aside from a loresong revealing some of Malluch's conditioning. Nonetheless, Mayor Lylia denies Malluch's request for it and offers an alternate instead.

5/19/18 - A Shipment of Stones

Malluch says a dangerous ship is at the dock and needs to be destroyed; adventurers investigate and find crates filled with clones of Grishom Stone, which attack everyone gathered and march on the town as well. Town defenders slay them and the ship explodes, but the mysteries of what they were and how Malluch knew about them from prison remain.

5/26/18 - Citizen Thadston and the Interim Marshal Candidates

In light of Thrayzar being missing, the Town Council announces four candidates for interim marshal of the militia: Casiphia, Khylon, Kilron, and brand new Landing citizen Thadston.

After "The Rone Resurgence"

This period covers October 15, 2018 to June 28, 2019.

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10/29/18 - Delivery for Thrayzar

Captains Stormyrain and Shinann receive Praxopius' potion to undo the Rone treatment of Thrayzar. Xorus inspects it and the militia administers the potion; Thrayzar recovers, but experiences some temporal issues from overuse of the gauntlets.

11/27/18 - Fall of Glethad

Museum curator Glethad falls from the sky, not having been seen since the time the Ithzir took the Hendoran outpost onto their plane. He says there's much to record and asks for tomes to do it; Interim Marshal Thadston, having also been taken to the Ithzir plane previously, takes him into militia custody.

11/30/18 - Marshal Proceedings

Thadston reports on intentions to improve Shanty Town and says that the mayor and captains are stuck with him since Marshal Thrayzar's still unstable. He has a hunch that the Empire's taken notice of Grishom Stone's strike on the Wyrdeep Forest, but for now he intends to plan for a strike against the witch Raznel.

1/9/19 - Rook Rebirth

Bodies with slit throats are found at the boatyard. Archales' loresong reveals a woman with a soulstone ring and a featureless mask declaring the Brotherhood of Rooks to be reborn, demanding loyalty and killing those who refuse. She calls herself... "Mother."

1/18/19 - Motherhood and Brotherhood

Mother passes out food in Shanty Town and says the days of Rysus and Drangell are over, using children as pawns, and that the Rooks will heal the heart of the people and protect the town. She invites all militia personnel to a meeting, along with Mayor Lylia and Leafiara, saying that the Brotherhood and militia seek the same cause.

1/21/19 - Art Dis-Sway

Loose wagons and stray bandits run wild on the streets, some appearing to be knocked out by an invisible force, until one is thrown out the Moot Hall window and hung from a rope by his leg--while a figure in a white mask and white body armor looks on. The dangling man says it had cold gauntlets...

2/1/19 - Reprise, not Reprisal

Mother says she's been rooting out the remnants of Drangell's and Rysus' Rooks--including Councilman Beldrin, whose coming resignation she's orchestrated. The Rooks have heard of Imperial eyes turning attention toward the presence of Grishom Stone, and Mother hopes to bring information to the militia and meet with them again.

4/6/19 - An-time-ony, An-time-pathy

The time traveler Pylasar, as usual, loses track of what time he's currently in. He has some interesting comments for Falvicar, recognizing his father's eyes in him, and Balley, who he refers to as "the sacrificer," but isn't lucid enough to clarify further. He goes fishing with everyone, summoning purple scorpion sculpins to attack Roblar along the way, and then swims away after realizing someone can find "the hidden ones."

4/17/19 - Oldest Trick in the Plaguebook

The future Stormyrain reaches out and, through her past self and Balley, reveals visions of a destroyed Landing. Stormy, Balley, Larsya, Disean, and the maggot abomination from the Bleaklands appear to be survivors, though the future Balley is kept in enruned chains, Larsya is underground, and Disean wields a sword squirming with maggots.

4/18/19 - Black-maggot-mail

Raznel returns in the guise of Naimorai, then takes on the appearance of Silvean Rashere as she threatens Lylia Rashere to keep herself and the Landing out of the witch's business--then imbeds a ruby and silver scarab into her arm.

4/19/19 - Thadston's Preparations

Marshal Thadston seeks meetings with Magister Raelee and the militia, saying the town needs to prepare to hunt for Raznel in Lumnea. He shares speculations on the nature of Raznel's transformations, updates on Thrayzar, and welcomes in new militia recruits Neopuron, Leafiara, Lyrna, and Claede.

5/25/19 and 5/27/19 - Thrayz of Hope

Raznel moves through town as Saraphene, Thadston's dead wife, then is later spotted withdrawing from the office of a stunned Mayor Lylia. Two nights later, Thrayzar explains some of the urgency of pursuing Raznel--and some of the history when he and Drangell attacked her as the Ivory Thorns.

6/15/19 - Dear Aby

Larsya plays with the crowd and relays that she read one of her older brother Breshon's letters--and it was about Abygail Walkar, who was supposed to come to the Landing earlier in the year but never returned. Nor has anyone seen her!

After "Witchful Thinking"

12/1/19 - Time's Gate

As part of his deal with Chrysamber, Pylasar must investigate Kezmon Isle, which mysteriously disappeared in 4873... along with her former love interest. Though Pylasar and Chrysamber agree that he has one minute to return, he gives away his hat, saying he'll be back for it one day--and adventurers bear witness as visions of his travel to the isle suddenly go black. No time to consider what might have happened to him in the past, however, as another vision from the Future Stormyrain comes in. A chained Balley serving Grishom Stone locates Future Stormy and Stone praises her for her contributions ending Raznel right before stabbing her in the heart. With her dying breaths, she releases a song that uncovers four shadowy figures accompanying Stone: Cruxophim, Raelee, Rekarth, and Xorus.