Landing Events - 5116-04-03 - Pylasar appears after Hendoran Outpost disappears

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Pylasar speaks on Day 3 of the month Olaesta in the year 5116, just after the Hendoran Outpost mysteriously vanished, as witnessed by Irar, Landing Correspondent to the TownCrier

A small purple kobold scampers in.
The kobold looks around and holds up a sign, "Looking for my dad. Falvicar."
The kobold turns the sign around. "Just kidding."
A puff of purple smoke explodes around the kobold and when the violet cloud vanishes, Pylasar is in its place!

Pylasar exclaims, "Hey! Yousa there! That's mine!"

Pylasar jumps around and picks at his skin as if its fur.

Pylasar turns around.

Pylasar turns around.

Pylasar turns around.

Pylasar wanders off.

Pylasar wanders in.

Pylasar wanders off.

Pylasar suddenly fades into sight beside you.

Pylasar suddenly fades out of sight.

Pylasar suddenly fades into sight beside you.

Pylasar exclaims, "AH HA!"

Pylasar says, "Whew."

Pylasar shakes a rabid squirrel out of his mantle.

Pylasar asks, "Where were we?"

Pylasar says, "Oh yes...."

Pylasar frowns.

Pylasar says, "The outpost."

Pylasar says, "I got so many letters in such a short time."

Cryheart asks, " were in the Outpost?"

Pylasar says, "No, I mean, speaking of it."

Pylasar nods at Cryheart.

Pylasar says, "I learned of what happened. I am..."

Pylasar shakes his head.

Pylasar says, "Shocked."

Pylasar sits down.

Speaking to Pylasar, Metadi asks, "Do ye ken where the men are, or their fate?"

Pylasar says, "No, not yet. I intend to tonigh."

Pylasar sighs.

Pylasar asks, "How did this even happen?"

Pylasar asks, "I mean, I know...we think what, ithzir?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "... Stone."

Pylasar asks, "Stone?"

Pylasar says, "Ta'Mori? Hah."

Pylasar asks, "What do the Ithzir gain from Stone?"

Pylasar shrugs.

Pylasar says, "I cannot say I know much of them."

Pylasar says, "They sound like their parents had a slur."

Pylasar says, "Ithzir."

Pylasar says, "Ittthzhzhzir."

Pylasar flails his arms about.

Pylasar says, "Sorry...where was I...."

Pylasar says, "Did you hear a crying child? I thought I did...but alas, no."

Pylasar says, "I am not certain of the Gale Stone's powers..."

Pylasar says, "Or, there limits, if any."

Pylasar says, "The two best resources we had on the Star of Khar'ta...were Glethad and Zyndur. One was possessed by Stone, and the other mind melted."

Pylasar says, "Glethad has been gone for awhile most likely."

Pylasar asks, "Has there been any other disturbances yet, since the Outpost vanished?

Speaking lightly to Pylasar, Katiesa says, "Just the usual."

Pylasar nods.

Pylasar says, "I will begin some initial research at once."

Pylasar asks, " needed from me?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean exclaims, "Intelligence!"

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "Oh, I have a list."

Pylasar exclaims, "I have none to give!"

Pylasar snickers at Dergoatean.

Pylasar says, "OH! I did recieve some word from Thray."

Pylasar says, "Well, Thrayzar to you. I like to call him Thray now."

Rtune asks, "Cant yew jsut timejump to the point where yew know wut it is?"

Pylasar laughs at Rtune!

Pylasar says, "Time travel Rtune? That's absurd."

Speaking quietly to Cryheart, Raelee says, "The Hall will be looking into it as well. I will make sure of that."

Pylasar says, "We will allow the Hall to coordinate with us."

Pylasar nods at Raelee.

Pylasar asks, "I understand, you both asked for, a tent?"

Pylasar glances between Puptilian and Raelee.

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "Yes."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Do you think the hall has any tomes covering the ithzir or teheri languages?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Puptilian says, "I told her that I would refer to you on the matter. This is your realm of knowledge more so then any here."

Pylasar says, "I no longer speak for the Hall of Mages."

Pylasar nods at Puptilian.

Pylasar asks, "I can try to help get some kind of, pavilion or something setup, for Michael, Mikey? Nichol? What is that soldier's name? Mikecall?"

Puptilian says, "Michol."

Pylasar says, "What a weird name."

Pylasar says, "Peter, now that's a strong name."

Pylasar says, "I knew a Peter once."

Speaking pointedly to Pylasar, Raelee says, "It is not for him."

Pylasar says, "No, it's for a lot of people."

Pylasar nods at Raelee.

Pylasar says, "I will setup some kind of, temporary headquarters, if you will. So we may meet there regularly if needed as we research."

Speaking seriously to Pylasar, Raelee says, "Thank you."

Pylasar nods.

Pylasar nods at Aurach.

Pylasar says, "He has recommendation we establish, a task force of sorts if you will."

Pylasar says, "Recommended..."

Pylasar says, "There are a lot of..."

Pylasar says, "Angles if you will, working here."

Pylasar runs over to a building.

Pylasar says, "The Hall of Mages over here..."

Pylasar runs over to the edge of an alley.

Pylasar says, "Some other imperials over here..."

Pylasar winks at Aydan.

Pylasar winks at Dirra.

Pylasar runs over to another corner.

Pylasar asks, "Some Dark Ronanites...that's why we all you now, right?"

Pylasar winks at Katiesa.

Pylasar winks at Regwen.

Pylasar runs over to another building.

Pylasar says, "The Mayor..."

Pylasar runs over to another building.

Pylasar says, "Militia..."

Pylasar runs over to another building and spreads his legs, twisting, trying to stand in two differnent places at once.

Pylasar says, "And even me."

Pylasar says, "He recommended a task force, uniting as many as we could."

Pylasar says, "Well, essentially to work together as a helpful driving force to coordinate all research and efforts in this endeavor."

Pylasar says, "Let's see..."

Aydan admits, "I have very little to contribute to this."

Aydan says, "When it's time to fight something, we can revisit the matter."

Pylasar says, "Yes yes, smash smash ugh."

Pylasar nods at Aydan.

Pylasar pulls out a scroll and unties the ribbon. The scroll unfolds, curling down to almost touch his toes.

Pylasar says, "Oh my...that is too long! That will never work."

Pylasar sneezes, a purple flame leaping from one nostril to ignite the scroll, burning almost two thirds of it.

Pylasar says, "Oh there, that's better."

Pylasar squints, reading.

Pylasar exclaims, "OH!"

Pylasar says, "I was reading it upside down."

Pylasar turns over the scroll.

Pylasar says, "Hmm, weird. Oh, well,yes."

Pylasar says, "Maybe that's why he picked them."

Pylasar says, "Suggestions, maybe? You needn't say yes."

Pylasar exclaims, "15 people sounds like a lot!"

Pylasar says, "Hapenlok, Dergoatean, Aurach, Maylan, Raelee, Ashnak, Shinann, Katiesa, Shannivar, Kayse, Wolfloner, Balantine. Evia, Eshielle, Metadi."

Shinann asks, "For what?"

Pylasar exclaims, "TO SACRIFICE YOUR SOULS!"

Pylasar snickers.

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok asks, "What else is new? every month there's something else trying to rip away at it? why should you be any different?"

Pylasar says, "No, the orc suggested we form some kind of...list to help make sure there's a concentrated effort, uniting all interested parties."

Pylasar says, "I believe he felt this list of names, would help keep folks together and in communication."

Pylasar says, "I see some Hall...some militia...some imperials...a Wolfloner..."

Pylasar says, "I believe that was the idea."

Pylasar nods at Shannivar.

Pylasar says, "Perhaps that is why he chose certain names. All walks of life."

Pylasar says, "Well, truly, if we put all of our hopes in this group of people, we're doomed."

Pylasar says, "I think he recommended leaning on these individuals to help folks be united, and communicated with."

Pylasar asks, "Certaintly, we do not wish to lose valuable time with 6 people working on the same project, you see?"

Pylasar says, "I have heard back from Lord Brieson. His father's health has gotten even worse, he will come as soon as he feels he can."

Pylasar says, "I let him know, do not rush."

Pylasar says, "A missing Hendoran outpost is not worth the final moments with a parent."

Pylasar says, "Don't tell Thadston I said that."

Pylasar winks.

Pylasar says, "We cannot be bogged down by too many rules and too many kings and queens, and we cannot be bogged down by too many cooks."

Pylasar asks, "Does that make sense?"

Pylasar says, "I would hope the people named, would strive to help keep everyone involved. Everyone, and everyone communicating."

Pylasar says, "If the Hendorans are gone, to another plane, or another location, iI have no doubt it is hostile."

Pylasar says, "Each day is a chance they will not survive."

Pylasar says, "I will look to setup a tent very soon. I heard Michol will be arriving perhaps still this night back to town."

Aydan says, "I can at least do that much."

Pylasar says, "Precisely, see."

Pylasar nods at Aydan.

Pylasar says, "Azure informs Shannivar...Shannivar informs everyone else..."

Pylasar says, "The Dark World of Faendryl inform Aurach....he informs everyone else..."

Pylasar says, "Raelee informs herself, who then informs everyone else..."

Pylasar giggles to himself.

Pylasar says, "Gryphons inform Balantine...he informs everyone else..."

Pylasar says, "Do not look at the list of names as, anything more then people who I fully expect to help communicate and coordinate. Period."

Pylasar says, "I'll work on some research tonight. Ithzir...the stone...even the Reach."

Pylasar asks, "Why in the Seven Blue Moons would they steal the outpost?"

Pylasar says, "You need to do more than your best, you angry little teapot."

Pylasar nods at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Pylasar, Puptilian says, "If you could pass a word to Vynessa and see if she can find any information about the stone I would be grateful."

Pylasar nods at Puptilian.

Pylasar exclaims, "I will!"

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "... regardless, I do have one specification I would request for the tent."

Pylasar peers quizzically at Raelee.

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "If one is to stand in the immediate center of the tent - we will need a hole or a flap in the upper panels that will allow direct line of sight to the Reach."

Pylasar says, "Thrayzar has been undergoing new scouting missions. We do not want to be surprised by a Chaston visit."

Pylasar says, "So, build a tent, cut a hole in it. Got it."

Pylasar nods at Raelee.

Pylasar asks, "If they sought blood marble though...why not move the talador mines?"

Pylasar giggles.

Speaking to Pylasar, Regwen asks, "Have ye heard anything of the Prelates where abouts by chance?"

Pylasar says, "Last I heard, PrettyLate Chaston is in Messynir."

Pylasar says, "Mestanir are our allies."

Pylasar says, "What remains."

Pylasar asks, "Oh sorry, did someone ask, if Michol is second in command?"

Eshielle says, "Evia did, yes."

Pylasar blushes a pink shade at Evia.

Pylasar says, "Yes, he is."

Evia asks, "And the whereabouts of Casi?"

Pylasar says, "I have not seen Casiphia since the "trial"."

Pylasar exclaims, "Well, I am off to go pitch a tent!"

Pylasar asks, "What? Something I said?"

Pylasar asks, "Did you hear about that circus fire?"

Pylasar peers quizzically at Metadi.

Pylasar says, "It was in-tents."

Pylasar snickers.

Pylasar says, "This town, some nights."

Pylasar winks at Rtune.

Pylasar says, "Keep an eye out for strange behavior."

Pylasar says, "I worry the storm may be just the beginning."

Speaking dryly to Pylasar, Kayse asks, "Do you count?"

Pylasar giggles at Kayse.

Pylasar says, "Yes I can count. 1, 3, 4...."

Pylasar says, "Strange as in..."

Pylasar says, "More storms, lights, missing buildings."

Pylasar exclaims, "Unless the storm sucks up the Ta'Mori. No need to return to sender!"

Maylan says, "That's what we always seem to do."

Pylasar says, "Which is why we need a tent."

Pylasar nods at Maylan.

Pylasar pulls his bottom lip over his body, stretching it out like an incarnadine blanket and then swallows, vanishing!