Landing Events - 5118-06-13 - Grishom Hears Breshon's Terms

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Lumnea 13-14, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Grishom Stone hears out Mayor Lylia relaying Breshon's terms in regards to curing Larsya. He says that Breshon would not be beholden to him and that Larsya would be restored of mind, body, and spirit as she was before the disease and he won't interfere with her life nor future afterward. He gives Breshon the month he asked for to make a decision.
  • However, he says he cannot explain the details as they'd be beyond Breshon's comprehension. When Magister Raelee later presses about it, Grishom says he'll do his best to elaborate the process as it's under way.
  • Grishom notes that Balley had been seeking him with her abilities as a seer and says he'll show her what she needs when she's ready if she'll accept.
  • Irar asks Grishom if he seeks to do anything to his congregation in the Landing and Grishom says he doesn't care for his church, saying they stopped to drink at lake instead of journeying to the ocean.


Grishom Greetings

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep.

A flash of blood red lightning arcs across the heavens.

In the distance, among the dark of night and the curtain of raining blood, the faint glow of a red star can be seen.

A swirl of shadows streaked with ribbons of blood appear near a bone pillar along the Wooded Hills.


[Lower Dragonsclaw, Wooded Hills]

Clumps of modwirs obscure your vision up the hill, but also act as a windbreak. The strong pine scent of the trees fills the area, making your eyes water. Strange chitterings and cracklings make you very aware that you're not alone here. You also see a tenebrous eight-pointed cruciform of blood suspended mid-air and a black-whorled ashen bone pillar.

The red star in the sky begins to glow brighter, and soon it descends near the Wooded Hills. As it comes in closer, the form of a man garbed in a sanguine robe can be seen floating next to it, the star appearing now like a red glass orb, bathing the man in an eerie crismon light as he floats down to the ground.

Grishom flashes a wide grin.

You lightly say, "Ah, there we are."

Balley softly says, "Hi Grishom."

Xorus says, "Good evening, Grishom."

Evia says, "Well if it isn't ole blood-bread and circuses himeself."

You casually greet, "Evenin' again."

Grishom grins at Evia.

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "Evening."

Grishom smiles at you.

Grishom says, "Good evening."

Grishom nods at Cruxophim.

Grishom nods at Evia.

Speaking to Grishom, Zosopage says, "Nice ride you had there."

Speaking amicably to Grishom, Cruxophim greets, "Fair evening, Stone."

Lylia says, "Good evening to you."

Grishom glances at Shinann.

Evia tugs her baby blue blanket up higher around her face, and bundles up tightly into its thick folds. She looks cold.

Stormyrain takes a drink from her cinnamon coffee.

Grishom smiles at Stormyrain.

Shinann glances around the area.

Stormyrain inclines her head.

Speaking to Grishom, Hlendril asks, "Is this your doing?"

Speaking to Grishom, Evician asks, "Good evening, so I hear you're going to heal Breshon's sister, and no sacrifice... I take it the test of using me to restore Cruxophim worked huh?"

Speaking to her baby blue blanket, Evia says, "Hope that poor lil baby never wants you back."

Grishom nods at Cruxophim.

Grishom grins at Evia.

Grishom grins at Evician.

Evician winks at Grishom.

Speaking to Grishom, Hlendril says, "Hey there..."

Grishom glances at Hlendril.

Hlendril stares at Grishom.

Grishom says, "No, it is not wrong."

Grishom nods at Balley.

Grishom says, "It is only natural for you."

Grishom nods at Balley.

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "I do apologize for my prior rudeness. Should have begun a dialogue before screaming with an axe in hand."

Speaking amusedly to Irar, Cruxophim admits, "You're learning."

Irar smiles at Grishom as his eyes flash brightly.

Speaking to Balley, Stormyrain reminds, "Control."

Balley softly says, "I am trying."

Cryheart says, "He hae nae dinnae worry ye hae to."

Cryheart nods at Irar.

An Offer Beyond Comprehension

Grishom asks, "You have brought my offer then, to Lord Caulfield?"

Evician says, "Indeed."

Evician nods at Grishom.

Lylia nods at Grishom.

Grishom asks, "What answer has been brought to me?"

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "I have, and he has a reply for you."

Deep in thought, Lylia laces her fingers before her.

Grishom peers quizzically at Cryheart.

Cryheart grins at Grishom.

Grishom smiles at Stormyrain.

Lylia simply says, "He seeks a month, not a week."

Stormyrain smiles at Grishom.

Grishom smirks.

Speaking amusedly to Grishom, Cruxophim remarks, "You know how these people are."

Lylia explains, "Given how time is surely less pressing on you than it once was, and Larsya's time is...well."

(Lylia shrugs eloquently.)

Lylia says, "He also had some other thoughts..."

Speaking affably to Grishom, Cruxophim muses, "You do seem like you have a lot of time."

Stormyrain examines her fingernails.

Grishom smiles at Stormyrain.

High Lady Lauranathalasa just came sashaying in gracefully.

Lauranathalasa asks, "We having a party?"

Speaking lightly to Lauranathalasa, you say, "Somethin' like that."

Speaking politely to Lauranathalasa, Cruxophim greets, "Laura, meet Stone."

Grishom nods at Lauranathalasa.

Lauranathalasa bows to Grishom.

Lauranathalasa just opened a rumpled fleece pouch.

Lauranathalasa removes a frosted lemon cookie from in her fleece pouch.

Cryheart whispers something to Hlendril.

Lauranathalasa offers Grishom a frosted lemon cookie.

Grishom asks, "What are then....his other thoughts?"

Lauranathalasa says, "Have a cookie."

Grishom declines Lauranathalasa's offer.

Yhtrin murmurs, "The demands of nobility."

Lylia says, "He wishes to know that he is not beholden to you. No 'strings,' I believe, is the Common parlance."

Lylia adds, "He wishes to know the full details of this process."

Grishom says, "Of course. I never implied there would be."

Grishom asks, "Details?"

Grishom smirks.

Iekid asks, "So this the guy everyone so concerned about?"

Speaking diplomatically to Grishom, Cruxophim muses, "It is... an intriguing concept, some modicum of curiosity -- and caution, in some cases -- is likely to be expected."

Speaking softly to Iekid, Beldannon says, "Concerned? nah."

Speaking to Grishom, Hlendril asks, "What details?"

Iekid says, "Don't look like much to me."

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "I suspect the good man would desire to know what diabolical plan you have in mind."

Speaking to Beldannon, you admit, "I mean, some people are."

Grishom says, "He is welcome to observe the ritual, as you all are."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Evia says, "We have an abundance of modicums."

Grishom says, "The details would be beyond his comprehension, for the young noble."

Speaking softly to you, Beldannon says, "Okay fine some are."

Speaking affably to Evia, Cruxophim suggests, "Myriad modicums, even."

The voice of Jiarine asks, "I do believe this man has played you for a fool multiple times. Why are you even bothering with him?"

Cryheart says, "Detail of what happens to the girl...and what you expect of it later."

The voice of Jiarine says, "Humans... slow learners. Nah."

Cryheart says, "Simple enough."

Evician says, "Well from my experience, it was shadow binding, and umm a lot of blood, light and cracking of skin."

Lylia says, "One does not ask healers how they heal. You know this, I know this...but of course, the man is very protective of his sister. Given the nature of the father, it is no wonder."

Speaking to Grishom, Iekid says, "Most people that come with no hidden agendas dont have it rain blood as they appear."

Speaking slowly to Grishom, Raelee asks, "And what of those who are capable of understanding?"

Speaking to Evician, Cruxophim explains, "The procedure was documented, at least mentally."

Grishom says, "I welcome them, were any present."

Grishom nods at Raelee.

Speaking softly to Iekid, Beldannon says, "Our former mayor probably enjoys that so depends on the audience."

Grishom smiles at Raelee.

Speaking wryly to Iekid, Cruxophim counters, "I sometimes do. Are you suggesting that I have hidden agendas?"

Cryheart says, "Many of us are protective of the girl."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Yhtrin asks, "Are you suggesting you don't?"

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "These, then, are his conditions. Otherwise, his answer is no -- but of course, there is 'no' and then there is 'no.'"

Lylia smiles.

Speaking to Grishom, Qwentara says, "Perhaps details is being too specific... but a general idea of what you intend would not go amiss."

Speaking coolly to Yhtrin, Cruxophim assures, "Of course."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Iekid says, "Well ya did give up ya mayor office without a second run."

Ushakaron says, "I don't mind the nice rain either."

Grishom says, "There is no guided tour in the power I wield. It is, what it is. He is asking for something I cannot provide to him. He will see it along with everyone else."

Speaking dubiously to Iekid, Cruxophim retorts, "Give up? I just supported a more than suitable candidate, it will still be there when I run again. I'm sure Madame Mayor Lylia will see to that."

Raelee says, "Observation is only one fragment of the learning process."

Lylia says, "He seeks, in his words, 'a detailed explanation.' That could mean a number of things."

Cruxophim drolly deadpans, "I ask myself that quite often."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Iekid says, "Unless I run next year."

Lylia says, "Observation. A letter outlining the process. Assistants..."

Evia says, "As in any specious ritual, of course, complications may arise...little unforseens. Monkey wrenches in the works."

Evician monotonously says, "Oh here we go."

Grishom says, "His sister will be restored. Of mind and body."

Speaking affably to Iekid, Cruxophim agrees, "You should. But that's not what we are here to discuss, there's a man causing blood to pour from the sky and offering intriguing medical advances, and you want to discuss politics."

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "I realize this is onerous. No one behaves with such suspicion when asking for Jastev to intercede with a vision. No one expects forms and paperwork."

Cryheart asks, "And spirit?"

Grishom says, "She will be afforded a long life."

Cryheart asks, "That was hers afore?"

Grishom says, "And spirit."

Grishom says, "I am not a Kestrel."

Grishom smirks at Cryheart.

Iekid says, "I was talking about the blood."

Cryheart asks, "And she will hae complete control of her life?"

Madmountan says, "Thank the gods."

Grishom nods at Cryheart.

Speaking pointedly to Grishom, Cruxophim notes, "You're not impaled, that's a good start."

Cryheart asks, "Without any interference from ye?"

Cryheart glances at Grishom.

Speaking to Grishom, Qwentara asks, "So what do you gain from this?"

Tyrstald huskily says, "There's the question."

Evician sarcastically says, "Oh I know...epoxchin.....duh."

Kipara asks, "I think he's plenty powerful. What could he possibly gain?"

Grishom says, "Without interference, yes."

Speaking to Grishom, Yhtrin says, "The real question is Why. They want to know your motives."

Grishom says, "I care little for what the girl does with her life from that point forward."

Beldannon softly says, "Motives schmotives."

Speaking patiently to Grishom, Cruxophim explains, "A good number believe that you have something to gain from this. A natural presumption, of course, I suggested perhaps you were merely doing it to practice benevolence, but that idea was largely shot down."

The voice of Jiarine says, "He wants you beholden to him so he can twist the knife in deeper at some unknown time."

Qwentara says, "People rarely ever act without a reason."

Danthius deeply says, "There has to be something..."

Speaking wryly to Qwentara, Cruxophim teases, "You must be new here."

Grishom says, "He will have the month that he requests."

Lylia says, "Wonderful."

Goldstr says, "Verra good."

Speaking to Grishom, Zosopage says, "Thats very accomodating of you."

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "I do so hope that your other plans do leave the girl unaffected in later days."

You remark, "A good thing, and hopefully not too late for Larsya herself of course."

Grishom glances at Stormyrain.

Stormyrain takes a drink from her cinnamon coffee.

Stormyrain settles her gaze on Grishom, watching him intently.

Lylia says, "Her condition seems stable enough that another month, more or less, would not afflict her unduly. She is not the one who suffers most with this. That would be Breshon himself."

Speaking to Grishom, Goldstr asks, "It do be her blood aye?"

You reason, "That's what I thought before, but as the Magister pointed out a few nights ago, any number of things can go wrong with the elderly."

Speaking pragmatically to Grishom, Cruxophim inquires, "Is there any element of this procedure that you will be keeping, or is a one-and-done sort of thing?"

Speaking carefully to you, Raelee says, "I did say that."

Grishom grins at Irar.

Grishom grins at Cruxophim.

Grishom says, "It is my hope, the young lord will see the benefit of my offer."

Grishom says, "There is little power gained in death, but so much more gained in creation and restoration."

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "I shall see to it that I present your reply to him exactly."

Evician says, "Like it or not, he probably used some of the same methods he will use on Larsya to restore Cruxophim."

Lylia asks, "What shall I tell him of your terms regarding the details of this process by which she will be made whole?"

Speaking calmly to Evician, Cruxophim guesses, "I would presume, the process seems to have been quite effective."

Lylia says, "I must be absolutely specific about such matters. You understand, I am certain."

Grishom says, "The details are such that his sister will be restored, of mind, body and soul. Her full life returned to her, to do as she pleases."

Grishom says, "I have no need for her ever again, and will not interfere in her life or future. That path is her own."

Stormyrain asks, "Will she be exactly as she was prior to the disease?"

Grishom nods at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Grishom, Stormyrain asks, "All parts of her?"

Grishom nods at Stormyrain.

Stormyrain raises her eyebrow, the dark bloodjewel half-ring set within only enhancing her skeptical expression.

Speaking to Grishom, Evia asks, "May I ask how is it that you are fully confident in this procedure?"

Speaking to Evia, you admit, "A good question."

Grishom nods at Evia.

Grishom says, "Indeed."

The Seeking Seer Balley

Speaking softly to Grishom, Balley asks, "Have you done this before to others?"

Grishom grins at Balley.

Tyrstald huskily says, "He's done it before....the blood in them clouds didn't come from nowehere."

Grishom turns to face Balley.

Grishom says, "You have sought me."

Balley fidgets.

Balley softly says, "I have."

Kipara says, "Maybe it's bandit blood."

Speaking to Balley, you venture, "Needing some healing yourself or something?"

Grishom says, "With your beyond sight. You have searched for me."

Speaking patiently to Evia, Cruxophim opines, "I have seen and extensively studied his works. I am confident of their efficacy, I cannot remark on the intent behind them, as that is not mine to know."

Balley softly says, "I am confused."

Grishom says, "When you are truly ready, I will show you what you need."

Grishom nods at Balley.

Speaking to Balley, Zosopage says, "Your visions."

Grishom says, "If you will accept it."

Balley softly says, "Um."

Balley frets.

The voice of Jiarine idly says, "Said the lion to the lamb."

Stormyrain says, "Indeed."

Balley softly says, "Um."

Balley softly asks, "Ok?"

Balley frets.

Cruxophim calmly states, "Sight is often costly. Nothing in this world is free, and no action without consequence... good or bad, or often both."

Balley cowers.

Evician exclaims, "And you all were worried about me!!! TOO FUNNY!"

Speaking lightly to Balley, you guess, "If he'll give Breshon a month I'd imagine you don't have to decide anything immediately anyway."

Speaking to Evician, Yhtrin says, "Calm down."

Grishom and the Deacon

Grishom says, "Remind the young Baron's son, I have come this time in peace."

Evician says, "Don't tell me to calm down."

Madmountan says, "This time."

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "I shall."

Evician says, "Good evening to you Grishom Stone. I'll be on my way..."

Grishom says, "Decisions are important, and every decision carries consequences."

Irar says, "Heathen."

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "I would be remiss if I did not explain his terms in full."

Cryheart says, "So, that is a threat."

Grishom says, "A threat? No, I do not think so."

Lylia says, "Just as I would be if I did not carry your answers back whole to him."

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "You would ease his mind greatly, I think, if you would be willing to welcome others to observe more closely."

Speaking to Grishom, Zosopage says, "As long as no harm comes to Balley....."

Evia says, "Who's a heathen."

Speaking to Grishom, Irar asks, "Do you have any intention of threatening the Koarites in the Landing? My congregation?"

Grishom asks, "I have offered all to observe, have I not?"

Grishom asks, "How much closer do you expect?"

Lylia laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Speaking softly to Grishom, Beldannon says, "Some people need to be explained to over and over and over."

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "Aside from what you've done to my acolyte, that is."

Speaking flirtatiously to Grishom, Cruxophim requests, "Very close?"

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee asks, "If I may?"

Lylia says, "One can observe from across a room and see little, or one can observe by handing you the tools of your trade."

Grishom says, "What I have done? Perhaps it is more of what you have not done."

Grishom nods at Irar.

Speaking to Raelee, Lylia says, "By all means, Magister."

Danthius deeply says, "The closest..."

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "Perhaps so, but my question remains the same."

Speaking offhandedly to Irar, you ask, "You mean the thing Evician agreed to and then complained about feeling betrayed about afterward, while still saying it was his idea and that he was proud to do it?"

Irar shushes you!

Grishom says, "I do not care for you or your church."

Grishom nods at Irar.

Speaking dully to Irar, Cruxophim assures, "He's quite fine. We've been over this, I am beginning to question your intense interest in dead horses."

Irar nods at Grishom.

Raelee states, "Even the most knowledgeable and skilled magicians cannot, typically, recreate or understand another's complex processes merely by watching once. The visual only conveys a small portion of the information."

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "Then I will, as Cruxophim says, stop abusing dead horses."

Speaking reasonably to Raelee, Cruxophim praises, "Well said, Magister."

Grishom says, "I will do my best to elaborate the process as is underway."

Grishom says, "You cling to limitations."

Grishom nods at Irar.

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "No more. I only now look to the Dawn."

Irar smiles at Grishom.

Speaking patiently to Grishom, Cruxophim jests, "He's a work in progress."

Grishom says, "You have stopped to drink at the lake, refusing to journey to the ocean."

Grishom nods at Irar.

Irar nods at Grishom.

Speaking surreptitiously to Irar, Cruxophim reminds, "Chaston looked to the Dawn."

Speaking to Irar, Lylia says, "Remember what happened to Chaston Griffin. I cleaned the last of him off my boots a fortnight ago."

Grishom says, "There is more beyond what you believe."

Grishom nods at Irar.

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "We'll see."

Speaking gently to Lylia, Cruxophim teases, "Such a waste. I only got an arm."

Speaking to Grishom, Kipara says, "The ocean is salt water though."

Grishom waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Speaking to Grishom, Kipara says, "Kidney failure and all that."

You musingly say, "Metaphor is rarely perfect."

Speaking pragmatically to Kipara, Cruxophim remarks, "Salt can be transmutated readily enough, if you know how."

Grishom whispers something to Cryheart.

Speaking politely to Grishom, Cruxophim requests, "Please stop flirting with Shiny?"

Cryheart whispers something to Grishom.

Grishom smirks.

Cryheart nods at Grishom.

Speaking gently to Kipara, Cruxophim concedes, "An excellent deconstruction, however."

Parting and Pondering

Grishom says, "It is my hope a month's time will help the young Baron's son see the benefit of taking my offer."

Cryheart says, "You hae to give these folks some credit, as they base their lack of trust on ye past behavior."

Grishom says, "Let it be shown that I tried."

Speaking plainly to Cryheart, Cruxophim suggests, "Perhaps he's trying to amend that behavior."

Cryheart says, "Time will tell..Grishom Stone."

Grishom says, "Good evening...."

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "How unconscionably rude of me. I should thank you. You have left doors open. It is more than many would."

Speaking amusedly to Grishom, Cruxophim inquires, "Now that you've found a path to ascension, are you turning over a new Leafi?"

Speaking to Grishom, Irar says, "Good evening."

Cruxophim nonchalantly remarks, "Pukk's not here, someone has to fill in."

Speaking coyly to Cruxophim, you say, "Next thing we know he'll be offering to cure Rysus or something. I hear that Leafi's a real Rook lover."

Speaking softly to Cruxophim, Balley asks, "Leafi? He is turning Leafi?"

Balley pulls you closer.

Cryheart says, "And may ye hold to your new conviction."

Grishom raises his hand, and the blood red orb floats to his grasp. He steps back, into the swirling wall of shadows behind him, and both he and orb melt away into the darkness.

Speaking mildly to Balley, Cruxophim jests, "One can only hope."

You comment, "He does know a good exit."

You tickle Balley and are rewarded with her laughter.

Tyrstald huskily says, "Indeed."

Speaking warmly to Balley, you ask, "What is it, friend?"

You reach over and gently rest your hand on Balley's arm.

Goldstr says, "Mus be her blood he needs in some way."

Balley softly says, "I thought he was going to turn you."

Stormyrain says, "There are several theories about that."

Irar says, "Indeed he does."

You raise an eyebrow in Balley's direction.

You turn around.

Cryheart says, "If he does turn over a new leaf, then kudos to him...but otherwise, he will be despised more."

You turn around.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Kipara says, "Maybe he ascended to a salt water ingesting immortal jelly fish."

Zosopage says, "He will not say nor would I expect him to."

Kipara says, "I suppose I'll try anything once."

Irar says, "A step into the ocean."

Cryheart says, "Folks, he did whisper that he indeed does come in peace."

Speaking to Zosopage, Goldstr says, "Set yer lass straight der."

Cryheart says, "So those interested what he did whisper to me."

You neutrally say, "Well, at least he accepted the terms."

Irar asks, "Yes?"

Cryheart says, "I whispered back, that I will be watching."

Qwentara asks, "Isn't that a bit... unorthodox for him?"

You add, "Part of them, anyway."

Cryheart says, "Indeed."

Cryheart says, "That is uncharacteristic of him."

Zenthar says, "Dress in sheep's clothing so the sheep will let you closer..."

Lylia says, "He has said this all along. He has been as good as his word in every way. Precisely as good as his word."

Cryheart says, "We will be watching."

Shinann says, "I am sure he has never told a lie before."

Zosopage says, "He has never lied that I recall. Just did not divulge what he did not want us to know."

Speaking to Shinann, Lylia says, "I doubt he is lying. He has little need to at this point."

Cryheart says, "If any harm comes to Larsya, then I shall part his hair with me greataxe."

Zenthar says, "Which is everything."

Shinann says, "He is just leaving things out."

Cryheart says, "Of course."

Cryheart says, "But we should give him a chance."

Evia says, "Creation, restoration.."

Cryheart says, "With caution."

You reason, "No doubt he has something or other to gain, but I'm just not sure I've heard any theory about what it could be that concerns me too much."

Qwentara says, "I honestly don't think he means her harm... but I do think there's something hidden that he will gain."

Lylia says, "Liars lie to protect themselves or to deceive with intent to harm. He has no need to protect himself at this point, being quite powerful. And deception...well, he has little need of that either."

You say, "Like Goat said... he already has more power than any of us could do anything about."

You clarify, "Currently, without whatever he gains from this."

Stormyrain says, "He's lied before. Not just with words, but with vision and in other ways. I don't think he lies about the baroness, because I don't think he cares enough about her person to expend the energy beyond taking what he needs."

Irar says, "I do not believe he is lying."

Shinann says, "He has a motive. We just are not sure what it is yet."

Irar says, "Simply not telling us the whole of the truth."

Lylia suggests, "We could discuss this in an office over tea instead of in the wood under a blood rain."

Speaking absently to Qwentara, Cruxophim opines, "I think it's less a matter of what he will gain, but whether or not it matters if we prevent him from doing that at absolutely no gain for ourselves, when he could simply accomplish the same means another way."

Cryheart says, "Ok. Headed back to town folks."