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Lapidary boxes made their debut at Ebon Gate 2017 in the shop, Carved in Stone. Similar to gem cutters, these boxes can change the article description of gems placed inside them, but do not have the same harsh alteration restrictions as gem cutter patterns.

Boxes can be unlocked to add three additional patterns for a total of five. This service was performed by Nimaya, who also changed the look of the box and customized all five patterns at the same time. Availability of this service outside of Ebon Gate is unknown. A jackpot prize was found in the Ebon Gate 2017 games prize hopper with ten patterns.


You analyze the celadon canister and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
This is a lapidary box that can change the look of your gems!  Designs are limited to 15 characters (including a/an) and will only change the article description of your gem.  (IE: "a tiny,deep blue,sapphire" can become "a speckled,deep blue,sapphire" or "a sword-incised,deep blue,sapphire".)

If the inserted gem is an "uncut" gem, this box will replace the "uncut" adjective with the style cut of the setting.

The canister will only hold gems, and it will only hold one gem at a time.
This item is not eligible for lightening or deepening.
Current verbs: CLOSE, OPEN, PUSH, TURN

Try as you might, you cannot get a good sense of whether or not the canister's pockets could get any deeper, but you can tell that the canister is as light as it can get.


LOOK MY BOX to see what pattern it is set to.

TURN MY BOX to toggle through the box's pattern options.

OPEN MY BOX, PUT {GEM} IN MY BOX, CLOSE MY BOX, and PUSH MY BOX to complete the cutting (one hand must be empty). This will cause 20 seconds of roundtime, and the cut gem will be released from the box and into the user's empty hand.

Gems can be put through lapidary boxes multiple times if the user changes their mind. As of February 2018, lapidary boxes will properly handle uncut gems to remove the "uncut" adjective.

Stacking descriptions with uncut gems

Lapidary boxes usually modify the article (first 15) of the gem they cut, but with "uncut" gems they will modify the adjective (middle 15) instead. Gem cutters always modify the article (first 15), but will remove "uncut" if it is present.

With uncut gems, you can combine two lapidary box patterns -- or a lapidary box pattern and a gem cutter pattern -- to put two descriptions on a single gem. To do this:

  1. Use a lapidary box set to the correct pattern for the adjective (middle 15) first. This must be a lapidary box; it cannot be a gem cutter.
  2. Put the resulting gem in a lapidary box or gem cutter with the correct pattern for the article (first 15).

For example, using a lapidary box set to "iridescent" on "an,uncut,diamond" yields "an,iridescent,diamond". Using a gem cutter with a star-shaped pattern on the resulting gem yields a "a star-shaped,iridescent,diamond"


One does not have to use a hyphenated description for the patterns in a lapidary box; however, as the analyze states, the design including a/an is limited to 15 characters. Textures like "smooth", shapes like "triangular" or "disk of", added color like "blue-tinged", and added characteristics like "gold-flecked" and "druzy" are all acceptable options.