Laurentiu faction

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The Laurentiu faction was a Faendryl political group headed by Qhwinn Laurentiu Faendryl. Its purpose was to depose the line of Patriarchs which had begun with Geniselle Anaya Faendryl, Patriarch XIII of House Faendryl. This goal was based on a grudge which stemmed from the fact that when Geniselle Anaya had taken the throne, the Laurentiu faction had had its own plans to take the throne, but they were beaten to it. It was not until eight Patriarchs later that they decided to make their move.

During the reign of Phorien Endric Faendryl, Patriarch XXI of House Faendryl, the Laurentiu faction began its plans. For a long time, Qhwinn studied in his laboratory, working to create new spells of destruction which they would use to take the throne. After he finished his work, the entire faction disappeared for one week, and then appeared at dawn in front of the Basilica. Qhwinn ordered that Phorien hand over his position to the faction, an offer which Phorien immediately refused. He then ordered the Basilican Guard to arrest the faction.

On Qhwinn's command, the faction began incanting their spells in unison. The entire group gestured simultaneously, and the Basilica collapsed on itself, killing Phorien and the Basilican guard, while at the same time trapping and injuring the Basilican sorcerers in their underground chambers. Qhwinn then called for the citizens of Ta'Faendryl to unify around him.

The Faendryl did unify, but in a different way than he expected. They surrounded and bound the Laurentiu faction until the authorities could arrive. They were then put in null magic bindings hidden deep in a dungeon until a new Patriarch could be appointed to punish them. Nikasha Pavanti Faendryl, Phorien's sister, became the new Matriarch, and she quickly took control of the situation. She ordered Qhwinn's laboratory searched for notes. Because Qhwinn had not only discovered new magic, but a new process of sorcerers working in tandem, his research was highly important. This magic was studied and then taught to all, so that benefit could be gained from this tragedy.

She then ordered that the remains of the Basilica be brought and scattered about the execution square. Then, she had the entire faction publicly beheaded, their blood spilling over the rubble, coating it. This blood would be used to repave the square, as a harsh reminder to the Faendryl people never to do such a thing again. Enchanted magically to remain fresh in appearance, the blood of the Laurentiu faction still coats this square.