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* Member of the [[Wehnimer's Landing]] militia
* Contact for the [[Scions of Shaundara]]
* Contact for the [[Scions of Shaundara]]
* [[Wehnimer's Landing]] correspondent for [[The TownCrier]]
* Wehnimer's Landing correspondent for [[The TownCrier]]
* Event Planner of [[Twilight Hall]]
* Event Planner of [[Twilight Hall]]
* Mentor in the [[Order of Lorekeepers]]
* Mentor in the [[Order of Lorekeepers]]

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Leafiara Autumnwind, or Leafi to her friends, born on Tilamaires the 6th, Jastatos 5092, is a half-sylvan cleric of Tilamaire and citizen of Wehnimer's Landing. Though typically cheerful, she can become ferocious if her friends or her home are at risk and will use anything at her disposal--warding magic, bolt spells, edged weapons, her own hands and feet, spying with the help of friends, skills learned at the Order of Voln, or simply distributing information as a TownCrier reporter--to protect her loved ones.

Despite her youth, she possesses incredible abilities both on the battlefield and as an artisan. In her spare time she's a master cobbler, master painter, master with darts, master of forging brawling weapons, edged weapons, and pole arms, has developed the greatest talent with various instruments that one can without being a bard, became a Guild Master of the Cleric Guild as nominated by Guild Masters Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l and Mikalmas, and bakes top quality manna bread after being inspired by Cruxophim.

Leafiara Autumnwind
Race Half-elf
Culture Half-sylvan
Profession Cleric
Religion Follower of Tilamaire, Admirer of Cholen
In-a-Word Energetic
Disposition Adventurous, cheerful, lively
Demeanor Friendly
Flaw Struggling with vengeful tendencies
Greatest Strength Fearlessness
Greatest Weakness Impatience, recklessness
Habits Ringing bells, shooting friends with her water cannon, throwing snowballs
Hobbies Cobbling, composing, singing, snuggling, tickling
Soft Spots Chocolate, sweets
Loyalties Conscience
Best Friend Severine Veneuve
Loved One Saranja, Lyrna, Ghianna, Saraphenia, Eyona
[[Category: Half-elf player characters]] [[Category: Half-sylvan player characters]]


You see Event Planner Leafiara Autumnwind the Scion of Shaundara.

She appears to be a Half-Sylvan.

She is moderately tall and has a well-toned frame. She appears to be youthful. She has sparkling green eyes and soft, pristine fair skin. She has shoulder length, tousled cherry red hair pulled into a loose ponytail, leaving a pure white circlet with a leaf-framed polished bleakstone centerpiece pushed high across the crown. She has a well-defined, heart-shaped face and slightly pointed ears. She has alternating malachite and azure gloss brushed onto her smooth rounded fingernails.

Shimmer Trinket Sets

Just Desserts

She is wearing an asymmetrical cherry red cape painted with vanilla and chocolate sprinkles, some shiny red zelnorn chain mail emblazoned with a large white leaf, a cherry-tinged vanilla cream sundress draped from a chocolate silk collar, an etched militia badge, a pure white silk instrument case with a bold red leaf-shaped latch, a pure white silk gem pouch embroidered with a bold red musical note, and a pair of cherry-tinged vanilla sandals beaded with cookie-shaped pearls.

Leafi's most common attire, showing off her love of sweets and music and the whimsical character she is!

I Believe I Can Fly

Click to the right to see!

She is wearing a pair of white feathered wings, a white-edged red silk cape fastened with an emerald music note pin, a leaf-spangled imflass scabbard slung over her shoulder, a sleeveless white silk shirt with a red leaf-printed collar, an etched militia badge, a white diamond manacle lined with thick red silk, a side-slit knee-length red silk skirt adorned with a dozen white bells, a silk-lined imflass thigh-sheath, and a pair of pristine white silk sandals laced with leaf-patterned silk ribbon.

Leafi's previous usual attire before I finished the alters for the cape and sundress in Just Desserts. I might get rid of the wings in this shimmer trinket description at some point since they're kinda placeholders until I get real wings of the mechanical sort one day. I need to alter another shirt to match this one, since the one here is an armor concealer--I'd probably still use this outfit very often if I could display her armor with it.

Cherished Companions


She is wearing an obsidian star choker, a gold-edged fox-shaped locket, an applewood heart-shaped locket, a vaalin-traced red gold locket, a jade ivy-patterned locket, a white-edged red silk cape fastened with an emerald music note pin, a back-tied vanilla cream sundress accented by cookie-shaped moonstones, an intricate ruby bangle adorned with tiny golden notes, a leaf-clasped star-of-Tamzyrr diamond ankle-cuff, and a pair of backless white silk slippers with lacquered red leaf ankle adornments.

This one consists of four Variable Expression picture lockets attuned to Severine, Saranja, Lyrna, and Chaoswynd respectively (and at some point I need to update since she now has a fifth for Eyona), three accessories gifted to Leafi by friends--the choker from Khylynnia, bangle from Archsenex, and ankle-cuff from Jastalyn--a sundress that the merchant Tabica basically designed for her going off a theme, and slippers that the merchant Airisu custom made for her (based on, at the time, her look mostly resembling "I Believe I Can Fly" up above). The cape is there just because I hate stowing things in a cape that's not visible from a shimmer trinket description.

I could add more items if I wanted, like a leaf-clasped star ruby hand-flower from Jastalyn, a leaf-clasped blue amber tentacle hand-flower from Sareyna, a pair of elegant veniom manacles from Khylynnia, any of a few woven pieces from Chaoswynd, a soft ivory fur cat mask with bushy black whiskers from Areigha, all kinds of Twilight Hall souvenirs, a platinum and emerald ivy leaf (perfume holder) from House Sylvanfair, countless leaf-themed accessories from a large number of friends...

...but I wanted to keep it to one item per person, only people I know are still actively playing, and without making the theme even more out there than it already is. Visualizing this in my head right now, the obvious focus seems like her slew of lockets.



She is wearing a thin gold tiara shaped as gently curling autumn leaves, an off-shoulder autumn-hued dress with a knee-length skirt of vibrant silk leaves, a vaalin-swept illthorn leaf pin, some fingerless autumn-hued gloves inset with sylvan sigils in white ora, a sheer autumn-hued scarf spangled with white musical notes, and a pair of slim autumn-hued sandals inset with sylvan sigils in white ora.

Leafi's formal outfit. Other than the tiara, which I've never altered--it came that way from a playershop--and probably should at some point, I've intentionally left the colors of these clothes vague so people can project whatever autumn means to them. Well, as long as it contrasts with white, anyway!

When she switches to this side of the trinket, she takes off the circlet from her look description up above.

Champion of the Fallen


She is wearing a dark purple hibiscus tucked behind one ear, a lustrous ruby and diamond necklace, a flowing gown of gold brocade covered with crimson sunbursts, an etched militia badge, a winding pale seashell anklet, and a pair of courtly golden silk sandals.

Leafi's storyline outfit for Witchful Thinking, also incorporating elements of previous stories. Essentially, every piece of this outfit honors someone--Rysus, Pylasar's daughter Gracie, Cyph Kestrel, Drandea, Mynalari Andoheles, Reannah Kestrel, or Landing militia members.

  • In Leafi's look description above, though you can't outwardly see it, the bleakstone in her circlet is etched with a rook as a tribute to Rysus, whose pathway to death began with Raznel's curse.
  • The purple hibiscus was created by a mental projection of Pylasar's memory of his daughter Gracie, killed by Raznel.
  • On the day of his death, Cyph gifted Leafi the necklace which had once been gifted to him by his grandmother Drandea. He was Raznel's brother, during her early life as "Naimorai" before she became quite as twisted as she would later--and although she wasn't responsible for his death (that we know of), he used some of his dying breaths to urge warnings that his sister was going to poison someone. That someone turned out to be Drandea, who had been on track to discovering Naimorai's secret evils and presenting evidence to Landing authorities.
  • The gown was another creation of a mental projection from Princess Mynalari, who Raznel abducted and turned into a paragon. Upon her death, she left the gown behind and Leafi collected it, thinking that either it was a trap and she should take it upon herself or she'd simply wear it as tribute. Mynalari had also left behind "a pair of golden silk sandals," which Leafi didn't take but reproduced as a cobbler; I added the word "courtly" since it seemed a perfect fit.
  • The badge honors the many militia members killed by Raznel. Arguably one could say it's something Leafi would wear anyway, but time will tell--I have no idea if she'll be sticking with the militia after the story is over or if the Raznel mission is a one and done for her.
  • The anklet was made for her by Reannah Kestrel and is the most complicated situation. Raznel had nothing to do with her death (again, that we know), but while Reannah was dying of a magical disease, she asked Leafi if she'd take care of her children Cyph and Naimorai if the attempts at curing her failed. At the time Naimorai's evils were suspected but not proven, so Leafi promised that protecting people was her duty as long as they weren't harming anyone. A couple of months later Reannah swore that her daughter was good and not defined by her sins--just three weeks before Naimorai poisoned her grandmother. Leafi thus sees Naimorai/Raznel as having betrayed and deceived her mother, so she wears the anklet in honor of Reannah and a promise of protection that was never meant to be.


Please see each individual subpage for more detail! Subpages marked with a * are official Landing storylines while those without are the more laid-back pace of occasional events between big stories.

Background (prior to moving to the Landing)

Eyes of the Dawn* (mid-late 5116)

Keeping Up with the Kestrels* (all 5117)

Rise of Rone* (early 5118)

A Period of Tenuous Peace (mid-5118)

The Rone Resurgence* (mid-late 5118)

Autumnwind of Change (late 5118 to early 5119)

Witchful Thinking (mid-late 5119; coming when the story concludes)


Logs, Talks, and Interviews

Leafiara's Tales (Character Vignettes)

Non-Canonical Vignettes

[OOC note: These are vignettes I wrote (or, more often, started writing) that never happened and aren't in Leafi's canon, for reasons explained in the pages themselves. Even though they didn't happen, I'm sharing anyway just because... well, I wrote them, so I might as well, right?]




  • Alcohol
  • Bureaucracy
  • Cowardice
  • High heels
  • Prejudice
  • Slavers
  • Stuffy armor
  • Stuffy clothing
  • Ta'Vaalor


  • Acceptance despite being half-sylvan
  • Being a great resurrection-specializing cleric
  • Excitement in everyday life
  • Recognition of heroic deeds
  • Staying young at heart--and in body


  • Boredom
  • Giving in to vengeful feelings
  • Hurting loved ones
  • Inability to save a life
  • Learning of some great power that could tempt or corrupt her
  • Maturing
  • Mind control
  • Normalcy
  • Pain
  • Rejection
  • Stoics

Other Quirks

  • Can be as greedy with money as she is generous with time and energy
  • Can't wear long sleeves, pants, or fully enclosed shoes (like boots) for long without feeling uncomfortable and out of harmony with nature
  • Does not swear even mildly
  • Extremely naive on the topic of romance
  • Has a somewhat limited vocabulary, despite her more eloquent mother's best efforts to teach her
  • Romanticizes the heroism of knights as they're presented in plays, but pragmatically thinks spies are more important for protecting the innocent
  • Too impatient and full of energy to study magic and magical items in a traditional academic way, but is blessed by Tilamaire with an ability to hear and adapt to the inner musical harmony of magic around her, essentially allowing her to develop her talent and magical strength in a passive and subconscious way; her always-ongoing learning has led her to great magical power for her young age, giving off the impression of a prodigy
  • Was also an auditory learner in the first place and can remember tones, cadences, and inflections well; between that and Tilamaire's blessing, she can easily remember and transcribe conversations for The TownCrier after the fact
  • Willing and eager to throw herself into nearly any dangerous plan that poses risk of her being seriously hurt, but straight-laced about refusing to do anything that will definitely hurt even slightly, like getting a piercing or tattoo


Mechanical Tidbits

Project Weapons

See here to read about a blink weapon, T3 sprite weapon, T3 Iasha, Ironwright, and more!

Artisan skills

In the skill of forging - crafting, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of forging - one handed edged, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of forging - pole arms, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of forging - brawling weapons, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of cobbling, you are a master with 500 ranks.


Your current skill level in woodwind instruments is Apprentice.
Your current skill level in necked stringed instruments is Apprentice.
Your current skill level in stringed instruments is Apprentice.
Your current skill level in percussion instruments is Apprentice.
Your current skill level in horn-type instruments is Apprentice.

Guild skills

You are Guild Master of the Cleric Guild.
You are a Master of General Alchemy.
You are a Master of Alchemic Potions.
You are a Master of Alchemic Trinkets.