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This is a collection of rare and legendary claidhmores.

+5 Claidhmores

  • a blackened mithril claidhmore – show: Skillfully crafted of blackened grey mithril, the claidhmore shows clear signs of expert dwarven craftsmanship. Polished silver quillions tipped with an intricate knot design slant downward, away from the leather-wrapped grip. Etched along the length of the blade is the word, "Lawbreaker." - from Solstice Dreams
  • a burnished blue mithril claidhmore – show: Skillfully crafted of deep blue mithril polished to a high gloss, the claidhmore shows clear signs of expert dwarven craftsmanship. A large cabochon white sunstone has been set into the pommel, while smaller knobs of uncut chalcedony cap the straight invar quillions. Etched along the length of the blade is the word, "Peacekeeper." - from Solstice Dreams
  • a smoky laen claidhmore

+6 Claidhmores

  • a black laen claidhmore - has extra weighting (10 points)

+10 Claidhmores

  • a battle-marred ora Faendryl warclaidh - show: Masterfully forged from a singular piece of solid black ora, this impressive warclaidh is marked with silver Faendryl glyphs along the entire blade. Set upon the crossguard is the great seal of House Faendryl with intricate designs and scrollwork engraved around it. Expertly etched upon the pommel is a majestic ebony dragon with fierce black diamond eyes.
  • a fiery scarlet claidhmore - found on a creature
  • a gold-inlaid dusky red ora claidhmore – show: The sinuous form of a rampant golden wyvern is laid into the dark red ora of the claidhmore's massive blade near the guard, though its tail coils and twists over halfway to the tip. The angled quillions of the huge sword are vaned and scalloped like the spread leathern wings of a great wyrm. On the opposite side of the blade, a line of elegant, slanted script is picked out in flattened gold wire. Has "Battle bravely, Wyrm of Vaalor" written on it in elven. from Solstice Dreams
  • a golvern-edged black ora claidhmore - show: Running down the length of the blade is a razor-sharp golvern edge that has been hammered and folded repeatedly to create fiery ripples that shimmer when hit by light, betraying the deadliness of the blade with their beauty. The burnished quillions are forged from tempered golvern, seperating the blade from a hilt of carved ebony dragons that twine about each other in what could be a lovers embrace or a fight for life. Engraved in delicate script along the flat of the blade is the word, "Releaser." - Sancted
  • an inky black claidhmore with scorched vruul hide wound about its hilt

+12 Claidhmores

  • an ithloss claidhmore (7lbs)

+15 Claidhmores

  • a gold-hilted black glaes claidhmore - Single mana self-cast zealot.
  • a translucent rainbow glaes claidhmore – show: With a keenly edged blade of colorfully translucent rainbow glaes, the claidhmore shows clear signs of expert dwarven craftsmanship. Nuggets of deep red jasper, shaped like drops of blood, are used to cap the leather-wrapped pommel and speckled invar quillions. As the pommel is tilted, causing a cascade of colors in the light, you notice the length of the blade bears a single etched word, "Elfsmiter." - from Solstice Dreams
  • a xenium-hilted serrated laen claidhmore - Sold off the shelf during the ICE Age.

+20 Claidhmores

  • a slightly luminous iorake claidhmore - originally made as a custom order for Krakii by the ICE Halfling smith merchant, Effefavelopa. Traded away some time between 1997 and 2002. Holy.
  • a faintly luminous iorake claidhmore - originally made as a custom order for Bede by the ICE Halfling smith merchant, Effefavelopa. Holy.
  • a pure white eonake claidhmore - Forged from precious eonake, the massive blade of the dwarven-crafted weapon is in pristine condition and polished to a brilliant shine. The golvern hilt is wrapped in supple leather which has been buffed to a matte finish. Set into the center of the pommel is a brilliant blue shimmarglin sapphire inlaid with a small golden anvil. - Sancted
  • a sigil-etched dark vultite claidhmore - 4x old-style claidhmore (two handed sword base). Originally "a ruby-hilted blue shaalk claidhmore" and was converted to "a ruby-hilted blue vultite claidhmore" during a GM interaction with Michaelous, who was the owner at the time. This is an exceptionally special claidhmore, as it has a full 50 points of critical weighting (10 more than a normal claidhmore, and the maximum under the current WPS mechanics). It is currently altered into "a sigil-etched dark vultite claidhmore" and is owned by Madmountan. It has a Ghezresh themed show: "An enormous blade masterfully hammered from a single slab of dark silvery-indigo vultite has dried blood darkening the recess of each sigil carefully etched along the length of the blade. Intertwined around the crossguard is the unmistakable shape of the chelioboros, a massive eel consuming its own tail. The oversized grip of the blade, spacious enough for even two giantman hands, is tightly wrapped with dried seaweed for better handling."
  • a mithril-set greyed ora claidhmore - The blade of the claidhmore has been engraved with a series of rose vines that twine their way from tip to crossguard. Complete with leaves and thorns, the vines are bereft of blossoms as they reach the guard, where clever metalwork brings the etchings to life as mithril vines coiled along both limbs. At the center of the cross is a single rose with crimson petals in a nest of verdant leaves. Below, a hilt of black oak is capped by a mithril wolf's head, its emerald eyes the same hue as the vines above. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the claidhmore. - Grimbane (+10 weighting), T1 ensorcelled
  • a jade-inset incandescent claidhmore - Special ordered from ICE merchant, made of iorake, so Holy.

+22 Claidhmores

  • a serrated krodera claidhmore topped with a ruby cut into the form of a dragon's head

+25 Claidhmores

  • a serrated krodera claidhmore with a leather-wrapped veil iron hilt (7lbs)
  • a weathered golvern-edged mithril claidhmore (6lbs) +9THW, UDB, Blink, Void flares. A tiny golden eyelid, which is open, is inlaid into the weapon, while a faint blue flicker dances around it. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph. There appears to be something written on it. In the Common language, it reads: Gerald

+30 Claidhmores

  • an iorake claidhmore - Sanctified (not exact description)
  • an imperial holy claidhmore - Sanctified