Lheren Hochstib

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Lheren is the bastard son of Baron Lerep Hochstib. As a boy, Lheren was almost drowned by his father, but his aunt Delphinuria insisted he instead be sent off to the Church of Koar, after giving up any claim to family power and the throne of Jantalar. Moving up within the Church, Lheren became an instructor at an academy in Nydds, teaching on religious and imperial law, and eventually becoming a Second Watcher of the Church of Koar, where he meted out justice in the name of the Church.

Lheren has expressed his lifelong desire to beak out from the dark shadow of his father's tainted legacy. He has been involved in many things over the last two years, from the Trial of Davard, to investigations into corruption among the Noble Council of Talador, and even led a mass commune of members of both Liabo and Lornon, seeking Koar's aid in the battle against Althedeus, to which the Arkati answered by revealing a new magic spell to their faithful clerics. He is a sensible and good man, who represents the merciful side of Koar.