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Common Room Performances by Lady Libane and Lord Aintryg ~recorded through the eyes of Lady Luky (7/98):

[House Brigatta, Common Room] The main room of the house is large but cozy. A pair of leather settees with matching footstools sit before a massive rough-hewn stone fireplace. Along one wall, tall bookcases stand alternately with weapons racks, each holding a goodly assortment of their proper objects. Thickly woven tapestries cover the windows, enhancing the room's feelings of privacy and intimacy. You also see a polished rosewood door, an important sign, a decorated walnut table with some stuff on it, a silver dessert cart with some stuff on it and a small oak counter with some stuff on it. Also in the room: Lady Libane, Lord Bandanas who is seated, Lord Aintryg Obvious exits: south, east.

You see Lady Libane Saraide the Half-Elf Ranger. She appears to be in her 50's, has shoulder length, curly red hair, grey eyes, and tanned skin. She has a screaming banshee tattoo on her thigh. She has minor cuts and bruises on her chest. She is holding a bent coin in her left hand. She is wearing a Brigatta unicorn pin, an emerald green shield, an imflass Andelas symbol, a leaf-shaped green sapphire cloakpin, a crown of snow white blossoms, a sinuous midnight black greatcloak, some starstone earrings, a red glaes spider charm, a diamond and vultite ring, a fuzzy white tail, a carved maoral snowflake locket, some double leather, a dainty golden charm bracelet, and some scarlet knee-high boots.

Libane asks, "shall I sing a little song for you?"

> Libane sits down.

You nod to Libane.

>You sit down.

(Libane digs into her greatcloak, looking for the scroll.)

(Libane clears her rangerly throat.)

Libane sings: "So alone I long to rush up and lock him in an enternal embrace Never offer him the freedom To suffer alone To suffer loneliness."

You say, "Such a pretty voice."

> Bandanas nods.

> Libane sings: "I yearn to be dizzied By his swirling emotions My thoughts lingerly grace his jawline Caress his cheeks Follow the sweet curves of his ears."

Libane sings: "I Feel a tension A pulling Drawn to his heart, buried deep within layers of his past."

Libane sings: "Do I spectate now? Or pull away those molted skins He never shed For I know a beauty lies within."

> Libane stands up.

> Libane curtsies.

> Libane sits down.

Bandanas applauds.

> You grin.

> You applaud.

> Bandanas sniffs.

> You see Lord Aintryg Selestarien the Half-Elf. He appears to be in his 80's, has shoulder length, wavy red hair, multihued eyes, and very dark skin. He has a tattooed symbol of Onar on his forearm, and a tattooed symbol of Andelas on his ankle. He is in good shape. He is wearing a fitted dark elven chain hauberk, a sparkling dragonfire ruby earring, a diamond studded choker, a shadowy dark elven cloak dusted with black sapphires and clasped with a intricately carved silver rose, a friendship ring, some black onyx-studded gloves, a smoke-grey troll skin back sheath, a black leather weapons harness, a jet black rose, a whimsical sea nymph charm, a mithril pin fashioned into an infinity knot, a dice pouch, a blackened laje lockpick case, a gold-stringed thraak skin sack, some thickened vultite leg greaves, some knee-high black leather boots, a pair of dark spider-silk leggings, a rune-etched black leather rucksack, some thickened vultite arm greaves, a gold ring, a skull-shaped Onar pin, a dark elven warmask, and a crystal amulet.

[Note from Luky: Credit for Lord Aintryg's performance goes to Morgann, kudos to Aintryg for carrying on the tradition of such a wonderful song.]

Aintryg says, "This is a little something for you lovers...yes, you people out there staring at each other with glazed over eyes and silly grins."

Aintryg winks.

(Aintryg reaches into his long shadowy cloak and brings forth a gleaming rosewood flute and, after checking it once, raises it to his lips.)

> (Aintryg closes his eyes as you hear a slow sweet melody, coming faintly at first as though carried in on the wind ... slowly the tune gathers in strength as it catches your breath with it's soft beauty and grace.)

(Aintryg continues to play for a short time before he lowers the flute and opens his eyes as he turns to face you, a tender expression on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.)

> Aintryg sings: "As bright as the sun, yet hotter it seems Lifting you up on heavenly wings Burning like fire deep in the heart All it takes is one little spark To blossom like a rose in the spring."

(Aintryg raises the flute to his lips and continues the tune, his every move a graceful flowing dance, he begins moving among you.)

(Aintryg eases back up to the front and lowers the flute once more, its echoes still floating on the air as though with a life of their own.)

Aintryg sings: "The moon shines down, to the lovers delight Inspiring all with her silvery light Passions run high like feverish dreams The blood pounds its rhythm in pulsing veins Romance is alive in the night."

> (Aintryg brings the flute back up, easing into the melody with the faint echoes of the last notes still ringing in your head.)

(Aintryg moves along in front of you his motions seeming almost ethereal at times, as the tune he plays reaches into your very being to quicken your pulse making you feel a little light headed.)

(Aintryg lowers the flute once again as he moves his focus to the men, and seems to be singing this verse to them in particular.)

> Aintryg sings: "The light in her eyes, and the touch of her skin Her scent you would gladly drown yourself in The sound of her laugh that makes your heart leap The soft caress of her hair against your cheek Oh how it makes your head spin."

(Aintryg looks out at the ladies now, somehow focusing his voice to them as he sings.)

Aintryg sings: "The muscles that ripple, when you watch him move The fire in his eyes that's there just for you The firm hands that hold you when no one's around With his breath on your neck the only sound And the kiss you hope he'll never remove."

> (Aintryg takes up the flute once again and eases back into the soft melodic tune, all the while moving in time to the song with unnatural ease.)

(Aintryg spins softly as he turns back to you and lowers the flute to sing.)

Aintryg sings: "Sing praises to the gods that be Lying together there on the beach And look to the stars forever above May they always smile down on your love As the waves roll over the sea."

> (Aintryg moves among you once more, drifting along circling the couples and lingering slightly with the ladies, but somehow never quite touching anyone.)

> Aintryg sings: "You dance the dance that lovers do Far into the night just the two of you And watch as the dawn touches the sky In a soft embrace together you lie Your souls content as you do."

> (Aintryg weaves and drifts among you, as he raises the flute and continues the song, its gentle rhythm making your skin tingle in ethereal delight.)

(Aintryg ends up in front of you as he lowers the gleaming flute once again, the final notes hanging in your head like a dream, and bows to you with an enigmatic smile.)

> Bandanas says, "egads"

>You grin.

You say, "Whew."

>You fan yourself.

>You applaud.

> Libane beams happily at Aintryg!

> Bandanas says, "aintryg, my good sire, that was quite some song"

> Libane applauds.

> Bandanas shakes his head.

> Bandanas says, "whew"

> Aintryg says, "it was my honor to keep it alive."

>You wipe the sweat from your brow.

> Libane just poured a fine white wine on you!

Libane giggles.

> You laugh out loud!

> Libane says, "there, all better"