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The Lich is third-party software that expands on both The Wizard and StormFront, allowing players to script using the Ruby Programming Language, a high-level programming language with almost limitless capability. The program comes bundled with several scripts, such as scripts that calculate a character's redux, move from any location to another within a database, walk through an area until a creature is found, and spell up a character using all available spells. Also, there is a repository that allows for the quick, easy downloading of user-made scripts through The Lich, itself. Scripts can range from being very simple to quite advanced; for example, there is a script, titled xpSF, that modifies the experience window in StormFront to display additional information about the character's experience level that updates itself everytime experience is gained.

The Lich is written to be compatible with other third-party software, such as PsiNet and Black Lightning.