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Lirion bows (also known as Wavedancer-style bows) are a type of weapon originally designed by GM Khaladon for the Wavedancer. Varieties include longbows, composite bows, and crossbows.

All Lirion bows spontaneously generate their own ammunition (for crossbows, this happens during COCK with normal roundtime for the action). Depending on the specific item, the generated arrows/bolts may have random damage weighting, elemental flares, or no special properties. They are also all permablessed except for the bows with poison flares.

Droit draws back on his ruic long bow and a straight ruic arrow appears.
Droit fires a straight ruic arrow at a Grimswarm giant soldier!
AS: +544 vs DS: +217 with AvD: +20 + d100 roll: +79 = +426
... and hits for 72 points of damage!
Loud *crack* as the giant soldier's sternum breaks!

The exact enchantment of the arrows/bolts can vary randomly per shot between +1 and +30. Lirion bows have at least +20 base enchantment, so the final (bow + arrow) bonus can vary between +21 and +50. Enchanting a Lirion bow beyond the base will lead to less variation: for example, a +30 bow will have a final bonus between +31 and +50. The maximum is still capped at +50 as with all other ranged weapons.

Verb Traps

They have some fluff scripts:

PULL You raise your bow and draw back on the bowstring, pulling until your fingers are even with your ear, to test the strength of the draw. After satisfying yourself that the draw is correct you slowly release the tension on the bowstring, lowering your bow.
PLUCK You give your bow string a good pluck, testing it for proper tension.
The string makes a high pitched *twang* as you release it.
PUSH Carefully planting your foot firmly on the ground, you brace the lower limb of your bow against it securely. With the ease of long practice you slip the top loop of the bowstring from the nock, twist it several times, and slide the knot's loop back into position.
RUB You polish your ruic elven long bow with your hand, trying to remove all the imperfections.
TOSS You toss your bow a few inches in the air, catching it adroitly and settling your hand comfortably around the grip.
POINT You carefully sight down your ruic elven long bow and along the shaft.
TAP You scrutinize the limbs of your bow, occasionally running your thumb along the bow's surface.