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There are a wide variety of woods found in Elanthia - some mundane, some not. Wood-types like hemlock, pine, etc., are classified as mundane in this instance (see link below for more information on common trees.) Many types of wood are well-suited as ranged weapons, shields, runestaves, or quarterstaves - however, the non-magical woods on the list below are the only ones of that type that can be used as bows.

Wood Bonus Characteristic Rarity Special Ranged Arrows Shields Staves
Mundane 0 Varied colors X X
Ash 0 Varied colors X X X
Elm 0 Varied colors, pores visible amid grain X X X
Fel 0 Near-black, fine-grained hardwood X X X
Haon 0 Purplish-smoky grey bark, pale blue-grey heartwood X X X
Hazelwood 0 Varied colors X X X
Ironwood 0 Very dense wood, also suitable for weapons Infrequent X X
Klysmar 0 Dark silvery green wood with darker grain from Ta'Loenthra For instruments; only Loenthra elven merchants can use
Ko'nag 0 Very pale wood with rough grain Extremely rare ? ? ? X
Lasimor 0 Fine grained with narrow striations in varying shades, ranging from grey to yellow to reddish brown from Ta'Vaalor Rare Only specific elven merchants may use this ? ? ? ?
Maoral 0 Strikingly grained reddish wood X X X
Maple 0 Varied colors X X X
Mistwood 0 Pale blond hue, decorative usage
Modwir 0 Scaly grey bark with irregular grooves, suitable for weapons. Pale silvery heartwood. Common X
Oak 0 Varied colors X X X
Surita 0 Storm cloud grey, white, and ebon Changes d100 to d110 or d125 X
Widowwood 0 Blue-black wood with reddish sheen Extremely rare ? ? ? ?
Wrotwood 0 Red wood with flaky black bark from Feywrot Mire
Zydris 0 Silvered purple wood with silvery gold bark transplanted from Bre'Naere
Yew 2 Varied colors Uncommon Sighted X X X
Rowan 5 Uncommon X X X X
Carmiln 6 Uncommon X X X X
Deringo 8 Uncommon X X X X
Kakore 10 Dense, deep reddish-brown wood Uncommon X X X
Hoarbeam 12 Silver-grey wood with irregular grain Infrequent X X X
Mesille 15 Dense, golden brown wood Infrequent X X X X
Mossbark 15 Light-hued wood, similar to pine Uncommon X X X X
Ipantor 17 Very rare Sighted X
Witchwood 17 Twisted and ridged tree, dark grey-grown bark Very rare X
Villswood 18 Saw-blade grain Infrequent X X X X
Faewood 20 Smooth brown to grey bark Infrequent Imaera favored X X X
Orase 20 Dense wood with highly defined grain Uncommon X X
Ruic 20 Reddish-gold wood Uncommon X
Fireleaf 22 Ridged, grey-green bark Very rare X X
Glowbark 22 Bears phosphorescent organisms in bark Very rare X X X
Wyrwood 24 Very rare X
Illthorn 25 Scaled and ridged grey bark Extremely rare X X
Lor 25 Very rare X
Sephwir 25 Silver-hued wood Extremely rare Sighted X
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