Lock Pick Enhancement (403)

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Lock Pick Enhancement (403)
Mnemonic [PKENHANCE]
Base Duration 30 sec +1 sec per level
Added Duration 30 sec +1 sec per level
Span Stackable
Utility Magic - Skill Enhancement  
Subtype Enhancement 
Skill Enhancement Picking Locks 
Availability All 
Minor Elemental Spells
Elemental Defense I (401) Defensive
Presence (402) Utility
Lock Pick Enhancement (403) Utility
Disarm Enhancement (404) Utility
Elemental Detection (405) Utility
Elemental Defense II (406) Defensive
Unlock (407) Utility
Disarm (408) Utility
Elemental Blast (409) Attack
Elemental Wave (410) Attack
Elemental Blade (411) Offensive
Weapon Deflection (412) Attack
Elemental Saturation (413) Attack
Elemental Defense III (414) Defensive
Elemental Strike (415) Attack
Piercing Gaze (416) Utility
Elemental Dispel (417) Attack
Mana Focus (418) Utility
Mass Elemental Defense (419) Defensive
Magic Item Creation (420) Utility
Elemental Targeting (425) Offensive
Elemental Barrier (430) Defensive
Major Elemental Wave (435) Attack

The spell Lock Pick Enhancement (also called Picking Enhancement) allows the caster to give the target a bonus on both their magical and non-magical picking attempts.

In manual lock picking (picking with a lockpick) there are a number of factors which influence the bonus. This includes the caster's level, the caster's ranks in both Minor Elemental spells and Pick Locks skills, along with the target's dexterity bonus.

When the target is performing magical lock picking, the bonus is related only to the target's aura bonus along with the target's Minor Elemental spell ranks.

If the spell is being cast from a scroll and the caster does not have personal knowledge of the spell (3 ranks in minor elemental spells), the spell loses 10 to 50% of its effectiveness if self-cast. If the caster is casting the spell onto another, the bonus is reduced by another 50%.

Lore Benefit

Training in Elemental Lore, Water will remove 1 point per summation level of potential damage to a lockpick on a failed picking attempt based on a seed 10 summation. The potential damage to a lockpick can completely removed, but any previous damage will not be fixed by Water Lore. The bonus will apply when cast on others.


Initial cast

A scintillating light surrounds your hands.

Wearing off

The scintillating light fades from your hands.

Alchemy Recipe

A scintillating pale blue potion
  1. Add water
  2. Add blue trafel mushroom
  3. Boil
  4. Add powdered blue lapis lazuli
  5. Simmer
  6. Add 3 doses of ayanad crystal
  7. Chant Lock Pick Enhancement (403)