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Lockers are storage units in which adventurers can store items safely when they do not want to carry them on their person.

Item Limits

Status Items
Prime Account 50
Premium subscription +30
House Member +30
House Arcane Member +20

Locker capacities may be increased through the Simucoin Store.

When OPENed, the locker will give messaging reflecting how many items it is holding and what the capacity is. One can INSPECT the locker to get updated information.

>open locker

As you open the locker, you hear the faint creak of a pulley turning behind the wall.  Descending from above, a weapon rack, armor stand, and clothing wardrobe come to rest at your feet.  Two panels slide open on the floor, and a magical item bin and a deep chest rise up from their hidden depths.

Your locker is currently holding 19 items out of a maximum of 80.

You place the traveller's cloak in the locker, and it quickly disappears.

>inspect locker
Your locker is currently holding 20 items out of a maximum of 80.

Locker Locations

City Public Lockers House Lockers Movers
Wehnimer's Landing Moot Hall (TSE) Individual Houses or Ebonstone Manor Paspartu Moving Co.
Solhaven Warehouse (1w, 2sw of NM) Warehouse (upstairs)
Icemule Trace Clovertooth Hall Silvermule Gaming Hall (3s, 1w of TC) Paspartu Moving Co.
River's Rest Timor's Storage Timor's Storage Timor's Storage
Mist Harbor Hale Hall (downstairs) Hale Hall (upstairs) Island Shipping
Zul Logoth Rockslinger's (Movers) Rockslinger's
Kharam Dzu Borthuum Company Store Adventurer's Rest
Cysaegir Rhyaesdid Hall
Ta'Illistim Ta'Illistim Keep Lost Home Sylvarrglin Moving Company
Ta'Vaalor Wyvern Keep Dancing Dahcre (Aethenireas Wey)

The Cysaegir lockers are the same as the Ta'Illistim lockers, it's just accessible there too.

Moving Lockers

Lockers can be moved from one town to another but at a cost in both silvers and time. This service can be accessed by visiting each town's local moving company office.

Cost and Transport Times

Subscription Type Delivery Method Cost Transport Time
Basic Standard 1,000 2 hrs.
Basic Express 10,000 30 min.
Premium/Platinum Standard 1,000 2 hrs.
Premium/Platinum Express 2,500 30 min.
Premium/Platinum Immediate 5,000 1 min.
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>ask clerk about shipping
The young clerk smiles sunnily at you, "Moving, are we?  How nice!" she says.  The young clerk consults somes files, running a delicate finger down each page as she reads.

The young clerk says to you, "Would you like us to ship your locker for you?"

The young clerk smiles at you, waiting patiently for your answer.
The young clerk smiles and says, "If you'd like your locker moved, just ASK me.  I know all ABOUT shipping."
You say, "Yes."
The young clerk smiles brightly.  "Very good, <Player>!  We offer shipping services to and from Wehnimer's Landing, Teras Isle, Icemule Trace, Solhaven, River's Rest, Ta'Illistim, Zul Logoth and Ta'Vaalor and Four Winds Isle.  From which town would you like your locker shipped?"

The young clerk waits attentively for your answer.
>"Wehnimer's Landing
You say, "Wehnimer's Landing."
The young clerk smiles.  "Ah, you're planning on staying a while.  Now, <Player>, we're going to ship that locker from Wehnimer's Landing, but what locker did you want to exchange it with?  Just SAY the name of the town!"
The young clerk smiles and says, "If you'd like your locker moved, just ASK me.  I know all ABOUT shipping."
>"Four Winds Isle
You say, "Four Winds Isle."
The young clerk smiles.  "Ah, hrmn, alrighty.  Now, <Player>, we're going to ship that locker to Mist Harbor.  Did you want the standard rate, express rate, or immediate rate?  Go ahead and just SAY STANDARD, EXPRESS, or IMMEDIATE."
You say, "IMMEDIATE."
The young clerk nods and jots something down.  "Okay, it's done!  Immediate rate locker shipping from Wehnimer's Landing to Mist Harbor."
You hand the young clerk 5,000 silvers.

Locker Manifest

Premium members automatically gain access to locker manifests through the LOCKER verb (see below) or through a physical locker manifest which can be obtained in the Mist Harbor bank, east from the teller.

Access to LOCKER MANIFEST can be purchased by non-Premium players in the SimuCoins Store for 25 SCs.

LOCKER (verb)

The LOCKER verb can be used to access manifests and runners. Standard subscribers may gain access the manifest function through the Simucoin Store for 25 simucoins. Premium and Standard subscribers may also purchase access to the Locker Runner system for 300 simucoins for either 30 days of unlimited access or 60 uses over an unlimited time. The Locker Runner function will only work in places where the Justice system applies (most outdoor places in towns).


  LOCKER INFO               - View information on the status of your locker(s).
  LOCKER MANIFEST [TOWN]    - View the contents of your locker.
  LOCKER GET [MANIFESTID#]  - Retrieve an item from your locker while in town.  To specify the item, use the item id number from LOCKER MANIFEST.
  LOCKER SEND [ITEM]        - Send a held item to your locker while in town.


I downgraded from premium! What happens to my lockers?

If you downgrade from Premium, all of your lockers are going to consolidate into one and you won't be able to leave until you remove enough items to be able to close your locker. Either plan ahead and get rid of things before you downgrade, or bring enough containers to haul things away afterward.

I put an armor-filled backpack in and now my halfling/gnome can't pull it out!

LOL, stupid small races. This is related to the "You can only pick up a certain percentage of your weight" issue. Find some CON enhancives or ASSIST.

My locker isn't here! Where is it?

It's wherever you started the game, or wherever you last moved it to. You can use LOCKER INFO or go to the local Mover's and ask them about moving your locker. Either option will tell you where your locker is.

No, really, it says my locker isn't here but I'm in the House Annex.

Oh, that. Yeah, people post about that on the forums and a redname tells them its a known issue. It comes up if you try to move your locker to a locker that hasn't been accessed in a while. Try to ask if someone can visit the annex lockers and then try to move your locker again.

I can't figure out how to get into my locker in my House Annex.

A lot of the House Annexes have puzzles to get into the lockers. Ask on your House amulet channel or look on your house website. Or just start pulling and turning everything in the room.

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