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A loresong is a story associated with an item that can only be observed by a bard loresinging to it. It is not a very common property on items, though many items that came from the Hunt for History have stories, and therefore loresongs, attached to them.

A bard can sense whether an item has a loresong using the SENSE verb.

You sense the threads of history resonating within a wrought iron gate.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

>sense carousel
You sense a moment of history resonating within the very composition of the painted tin carousel.  The carousel may be able to reveal more to you with some lyrical coaxing.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

Bards can also unlock a loresong, either temporarily or permanently, to allow the owner to recall the song.

Custom Loresong

Custom loresongs are sometimes offered at festivals and pay events as a delayed service prize.

  • The custom loresong may not work with all scripts. A scripted item that already has a unique or non-standard loresong cannot have a custom loresong added. The GameMaster running the service should be able to tell you if your item is acceptable.
  • The loresong may have between one and eight verses the bard can see. This includes the "As you sing to..." lead in and the "...your vision fades." ending.
  • For every verse, the loresong must also have a line or so that everyone watching the bard might experience, see, or hear that references the loresong.
  • Each of the above can only be 1024 characters long including spaces. Each sentences has to have two spaces between them.
  • There should may be custom messaging for both the bard and the audience when the bard reaches the end of the loresong and there are no additional verses.
  • Names of players can only be used in the loresong if that player approves.

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