Lucretia's Fashions

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Lucretia's Fashions is the boutique shop in Zul Logoth. It is in the Chalcedony tunnel on the south east side of town.

[Lucretia's Fashions]
A pair of dwarven-proportioned mannequins, one covered in leather and one in suede, frame each side of the doorway, staring across a narrow aisle at each other. Beyond one mannequin, hooks have been carved from the living stone of the wall, but remain empty while the opposite side has been formed into a large rack. The back wall of this cozy shop has been taken up by a motif of a golden suede anvil on a wide brown leather backing. You also see a leather-covered door and a small sign.


Welcome to Lucretia's Fashions!

Lucretia offers her catalog to browse.
Lucretia exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a thick mithril-clasped belt              6. a pair of grey steel-toed boots
  2. a white-striped red cotton kerchief       7. some laced brown leather trousers
  3. a silver-edged black leather greatcloak   8. a long brown split leather skirt
  4. a heavy grey rolton wool mantle           9. a bleached white cotton blouse
  5. a pair of thick black canvas boots        10. a bleached white cotton shirt