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Magical armoires allow you to to quickly dress and undress your character. The armoire allows you to select specific inventory items, which will then be instantly worn or removed (and stored within) when the armoire is activated.

They are transferable and cost 25,000 bounty points for a non-lightened version, and 75,000 bounty points for a fully lightened version, which weighs a fraction of a pound. It takes 5 lightening sessions to fully lighten the cheaper armoire down to that weight.



You carefully examine the dark wooden armoire and determine that the weight is about 5 pounds.


You may set the armoire to automatically dress/undress you. To do this, you must first set it to store specific items. You do this by POINTing the armoire AT the item. Doing it a second time, will remove the item's reserved spot. You may then SEARCH the armoire to see which items you have saved a spot for. To dress/undress, simply OPEN the armoire. You may also CLEAN the armoire to reset all previously saved items. If any of the saved items have their description (short or long) altered, you must resave it to the armoire. Once an item is set, another player may not use it until it has been CLEANed.


You carefully inspect your veniom-bound armoire.

You estimate that a small veniom-bound armoire can store a fairly large amount with enough space for any number of items.

You determine that you could not wear the armoire.


The armoires cannot remove hidden items, armor concealers, or some heavily scripted items such as Voln armor.


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