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Monday, April 12, 2021

This weekend, the Rings of Lumnis return! The Isle of Ornath will be accessible to adventurers beginning Friday, April 16th at 9PM Eastern and will run through the end of April.
The Rigid Leather and Soft Leather armor groups have been renamed to Scale and Leather, respectively.
Locksmiths utilizing the locksmithing pool can now choose to work only for a minimum tip of their specification. ASK <NPC> FOR JOB MINIMUM 1000 would require a minimum tip of 1,000 silvers.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Zul Logoth residents and visitors are invited to not one, but two, OOC meetings this week to discuss the town's present and future! Head to the stairs in the Crystalline Cavern on Thursday April 8th at 930pm EST and Saturday, April 10th at 3pm EST to participate.
Swimming roundtimes have been updated in a few hunting areas with multiple rooms to swim through to give a bonus for dedicated training in the swimming skill. See GM Oscuro's forum post for full details!

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Rings of Lumnis

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The Isle of Ornath will be accessible to adventurers beginning Friday, April 16th at 9PM Eastern. The Needle of Pentas is situated on the Isle of Ornath, and where scholars and adventures converge for the trials of the Rings of Lumnis. Each of the five Rings of Lumnis offers unique challenges to solve! The five rings are Planar, Spiritual, Elemental, Chaos, and Order, and rewards from each will be tracked on a powerful relic, a quintuple orb brooch, received upon entry to The Needle. As trials are completed, the relic will grow more powerful.


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