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Sunday, February 17, 2019

The mayoral race in Wehnimer's Landing has begun! See GM Kenstrom's forum announcement for all the details on throwing your hat in the ring.
Apprentice Villicent will be unlocking portrait lockets in The Ivory Mask wagon in Mist Harbor on Sunday, February 24th at 7pm Eastern.
The AI Crystal has seen a minor addition! It has been updated to now recognize and message when sighting is present on a bow.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Duskruin returns this Friday, February 15th at 9 pm Eastern, and adventurers can explore the secrets of the Unearthed Temple. Type QUEST TRANSPORT DUSKRUIN to get there.
We have a new Discord channel dedicated to all things GS wiki! Join us on the GemstoneIV Discord server and look for the wiki-talk channel.
Premium subscribers! Did you know you can use a Sadie scroll to add a long+show alteration to an item? If your item has an existing long description or a show, and you want to add the other, it will cost 300 premium points. If you request both be added using a single Sadie scroll, it will be 600 premium points.

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Welcome to the GemStone Universe! The home of Elanthia, Elanith and, of course, Wehnimer's Landing. Here is a brief list of categories to get you started on your adventures.

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For first-time players: New Players' Guide

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Duskruin: The Unearthed Temple


A discovery has been made beneath Duskruin Arena! Duskruin returns Friday, February 15th. Adventurers can join us to uncover the secrets of the Unearthed Temple, beginning at 9pm Eastern. Bloodriven Village can be reached via QUEST TRANSPORT DUSKRUIN.


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Growing Pains

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