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Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Faendryl Enclave is hosting Faendryl Symposium 2019. Join them for a weekend celebration of the history, culture, and art of the Faendryl. Check the Gemstone IV Calendar for more information and a link to the full schedule.
The July premium contest has been announced, Fireplace Fanatics. Type PREMIUM 5 in game to see full details on this month's contest.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

GM Ixix makes some changes to the boss and pack creatures you've been fighting, adding the ability to assess them for hints to their boons, a long-term experience reward for defeating pack, miniboss, and boss creatures, and some other minor updates.
Metalsmith Smiffy will be making an appearance on Tuesday, July 9th at 8:30pm Eastern to add or remove spikes from your armor and armor accessories.

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The GemStone Universe

Welcome to the GemStone Universe! The home of Elanthia, Elanith and, of course, Wehnimer's Landing. Here is a brief list of categories to get you started on your adventures.

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For first-time players: New Players' Guide

A beginner's guide to playing a... Warrior | Rogue | Paladin | Sorcerer | Ranger | Bard | Wizard | Empath | Cleric | Monk

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Featured Article

Elanthian Justice


Curious about what happens when you break the laws in one of Elanthia's cities? Need to find out what to do if you've been arrested? Check out the page for the justice system and learn how to check if you've been naughty or nice.


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Please read the Style Guide if you wish to contribute. Formatting and templates for many types of pages and sections are described on the Style Guide and on other Help pages.

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