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Latest News

Sunday, October 14th, 2018

GHOUL returns to Caligos Isle beginning October 14th in Platinum and October 17th in Prime. Type FESTIVAL 7 in game to see the complete schedule.
A long-awaited Nalfein divination tool, the Black Rose Deck, made its debut as one of the game prizes at Ebon Gate!
Have you met Ambie and her sweet fishies yet? If you find her on Caligos Isle this month, she'll trade you some seashells for your very own feisty, finny friend.

Sunday, October 7th, 2018

Ebon Gate continues! The schedule is posted, shops are opened, cliff divers are competing in the Diving Competition and players are earning seashells at the games! Live games continue until October 8th in Platinum and begin in Prime on October 13th.
The Gift of Eonak Login Reward has been updated to now help rogues when creating locks and lockpicks via Lock Mastery.
If you bought some new jewelry this week at A Piercing Scream on Caligos Isle, a new wiki article was created to explain the ins and outs of piercing. This article is a work in progress, so please feel free to contribute!

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Welcome to the GemStone Universe! The home of Elanthia, Elanith and, of course, Wehnimer's Landing. Here is a brief list of categories to get you started on your adventures.

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Carnival of Freaks


The Carnival of Freaks are coming! Starting Friday, September 21st!



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Growing Pains

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