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:''[[Deity_messaging#Major_Sanctuary_.28220.29|Main article: Deity messaging]]''
Whipping winds carry the hot, metallic taste of lightning to you as your surroundings blur...
[Eye of the Storm Sanctuary]
Protected within the eye of the storm, the waters of the grey chamber lap gently at your feet. Beyond the calm and quiet of the sanctuary is a raging hurricane of whipping winds and lightning streaked skies. Directly above, the sky is clear and the quiet sounds of a gull drift to your ears.
The blinding flash of lightning shatters the chamber in a cloud of wind and light, causing it to dissolve around you...
== Resources ==
== Resources ==

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Major Sanctuary (220)
Mnemonic [MJSANCT]
Duration 10 min + 30 sec per rank
Utility Magic  
Subtype Sanctuary 
Availability Self-cast & Group 
Major Spiritual Spells
Calm (201) Attack
Spirit Shield (202) Defensive
Manna (203) Utility
Unpresence (204) Utility
Light (205) Utility
Tend Lore (206) Utility
Purify Air (207) Defensive
Living Spell (208) Utility
Untrammel (209) Utility
Silence (210) Attack
Bravery (211) Offensive
Interference (212) Attack
Minor Sanctuary (213) Utility
Bind (214) Attack
Heroism (215) Offensive
Frenzy (216) Attack
Mass Interference (217) Attack
Spirit Servant (218) Utility
Spell Shield (219) Defensive
Major Sanctuary (220) Utility
Transference (225) Utility
Spiritual Abolition (230) Attack
Spirit Slayer (240) Offensive

Major Sanctuary will transport the caster and their group into a special place of safety in which to rest and rescue. If the caster has a patron Arkati or Spirit, this being's spiritual servants will provide them with a unique place of refuge. Otherwise, lesser spirits local to the realm construct the sanctuary. The caster can specify which natural sanctuary to transport to by using a runestone.

Trinkets were released that would confer a customized sanctuary location upon use, such as those available as games prizes at Ebon Gate 2017. At this time, if a character has a customized sanctuary, they will not be able to use a runestone to override the custom sanctuary.

Successful creation of a Major Sanctuary is determined by level, Major Spiritual spell ranks, Wisdom bonus and Spiritual Mana Control (SMC). There is a 5% failure chance that can't be trained away. The room created by the sanctuary is considered "on-node" for the purposes of experience absorption.

The area in which the spell is cast also has an effect on the success. Areas that will dispel a Major Sanctuary include Temple Wyneb, Old Ta'Faendryl, Griffin's Keen, The Scatter, and the Ruined Temple.

Mana Control Benefit

Training in Spiritual Mana Control increases the caster's success rate in creating a major sanctuary. SMC is said to be the most important factor for success, and that without it, the other factors have very little effect.


When casting this spell, the messaging will be different depending upon the caster's CONVERT-chosen deity, except with the rare exception Well of Life (308) where it instead detects the target's deity. Expand the chart below to see all known possibilities. Any missing information can be added at the deity messaging page.

Arkati/Spirit Messaging
Pantheon of Liabo
Whipping winds carry the hot, metallic taste of lightning to you as your surroundings blur...
[Eye of the Storm Sanctuary]
Protected within the eye of the storm, the waters of the grey chamber lap gently at your feet. Beyond the calm and quiet of the sanctuary is a raging hurricane of whipping winds and lightning streaked skies. Directly above, the sky is clear and the quiet sounds of a gull drift to your ears.
The blinding flash of lightning shatters the chamber in a cloud of wind and light, causing it to dissolve around you...
Bright colors swirl and dance around you, obscuring your vision...
[Sanctuary of Laughter]
Vibrant swathes of fabric fall from a peaked ceiling to pool on mutli-hued floors of overlapping woven silk rugs. The fabric ripples with the heavily incense-scented wind, while candlelight beyond the fabric walls casts the silhouette of jugglers, acrobats, and dancers. Laughter fills the air and lifts the spirits.
(missing end messaging)
A sudden rush of heat blasts your face, causing your eyes to water. Your vision blurs...
[The Forge Sanctuary]
Large brown blocks form the high walls of the stall, while the ground is fashioned of packed dirt. Burning strongly in a walled pit is a sweat inducing heat with a bright orange glow. The faint clang of a hammer striking an anvil rises and falls upon the air.
The flames rise suddenly as a wayward breeze stirs the fire's ashes. Sweat trickles into your eyes and obscures your vision of the world around you...
Crisp and richly scented, a cool wind encircles you while a swirl of crimson, golden, and brown leaves obscures your vision...
[Sanctuary of Autumn's Embrace]
Oak and maple rise around a field of half-harvested golden wheat, their limbs festooned with the vibrant hues of autumn leaves. Bundles of grain create circular seats throughout the field and form a loose ring around a large doe crafted of straw and decorated with bunches of hydrangea. The quiet chirp of birds creates a soft, lazy song on the rich, earth scented air.
Dozens of autumn leaves fall from their sturdy boughs and obscure your vision of the world around you...
Somber grey mist clings to your hands and face as it obscures your vision of the world around you...
[The Artist's Sanctuary]
Multi-hued specks of paint create abstract patterns upon the grey marble floor, which leads into the smooth curve of glass walls. The ceiling is shrouded in grey mist, and images beyond the translucent walls move in a panoramic view depicting your life from birth to now. Light shifts and swirls around you, but the ever aging view of life trickles past.
Descending from the ceiling, the somber grey mist encompasses you and obscures your vision just as the future begins to unfold on the sanctuary's walls. Slowly, your world dissolves...
The sound of battle cries and war horns reaches your ears, and your vision is blurred with the images of battles being fought in countless places. You feel the world around you shift...
[Sanctuary of the Hero's Hearth]
Thick and brown, a rich bear rug offers soft comfort before a fireplace set with a roaring flame. Arranged around the crimson walled room are a multitude of weapons, armor, and shields; the silver metal they are crafted of reflects the light of the fire. Resting upon the mantle is a single gauntlet fashioned of metallic scales and formed into a clenched fist.
The distant cry of horns calls to you as the world around you dissolves into a blur of crimson and silver light...
Warm and richly scented, the air around you shifts and your vision is filled with an emerald light...
[Heart of the World Sanctuary]
Emerald veins brighten the dark stone walls and trace a spindly path to the roof, which is riddled with stalactites. A soft sound echoes through the vast cavern as condensation drips from the ceiling to join with the mineral pools that speckle the landscape. Rising and falling as if from a mighty breath, the air sighs through the chamber and you are filled with the presence of antiquity.
A single drop falls from a nearby stalactite, your vision captivated by its descent. As it enters the mineral pool at your feet your vision explodes and the world around you dissolves...
A shiver of wind touches your breath and you feel your eyelashes grow thick with a coating of snow. You lift your eyes to the sky and white blurs your vision...
[Winter's Sanctuary]
Pines and evergreens form a loose circle around the snow-swept glade, their branches heavy with frost and icicles. Onyx marble benches with legs carved in the bas-relief image of funeral processions provide a sharp contrast to the white landscape. A chill wind speckled with snowflakes swirls past. A smattering of iceblossoms at the heart of the sanctuary lends the air a light, sweet fragrance.
Rising suddenly, the chill air sends a flurry of snow towards you and your vision swims with white flakes...
Bright light rises around you and your world blurs...
[Solace of Knowledge Sanctuary]
Clinging to ivory columns, wisteria and grape vines twine to obscure the peaked marble roof, their sweet fragrance filling the air. Bright light, its source unseen yet constant, fills the quiet space around a small, square pool filled with lilies and koi. Concentric bands of white, black, blue, red, and green overlap each other and enclose solitary meditation mats while pale drapes flutter lightly in a soft breeze.
Each pulsing in a color of its own, the concentric bands inlaid into the floor grow brighter and brighter until your vision is filled with them and the world around you is blurred...
Scented with the heady aroma of roses mixed with sweet wildflowers, the wind stirs around you and the world blurs...
[Care of the Mother Sanctuary]
Sunlight streams through stained glass panes of a bright red heart with a white rose blooming from its center, creating a mirror image upon the polished white marble floor. Cushioned pallets, downy soft and fluffy for comfort, are spaced sporadically about the sanctuary. The delicate trill of a reed flute twines with a harp in a playful duet somewhere nearby. Tiny fonts of rose quartz burble quietly beneath the painted window, their cool waters comforting and inviting.
A deep sense of peace fills you as the world around you blurs...
Hot, yet comforting, a warm summer wind swirls around you and blurs your vision with a glittering light...
[Summer Solace Sanctuary]
Soft, rich green grass spreads from horizon to horizon beneath a pale blue sky, while a golden sun burns brightly in the heavens. Sparrows flit through the meadow at play, their melodic warble soothing as it fills the air.
Tiny filaments of golden light sparkle around you, obscuring your vision. As the remnants of a summer breeze brush your cheeks, the world around you dissolves...
Saturated with the soothing scent of jasmine, a lazy breeze caresses your face, blurring your vision and the surroundings...
[Star Spangled Sanctuary]
Thousands of silvery pinpoints of light are scattered across the sanctuary's sky, which is colored so deep a blue that it is nearly black. Chilled marble, polished to a reflective sheen, reflects the night sky and is covered with downy soft sleeping pallets. The sound of a soft lullaby, its words unintelligible but its tune somehow familiar, drifts to your ears on the lazy wind.
Above you the heavens swirl and stir, their distant brightness growing as the stars fall from the sky and speed towards you, causing your vision, and the sanctuary, to blur...
Winds swirl and whip around you, obscuring your vision and causing the world to blur...
[Aerial Stable Sanctuary]
Gold-veined azure marble forms sturdy columns that support a white marble roof, which is peaked and decorated with golden equestrian symbols. Neatly divided stables range from either side of you and windows gaze out upon puffy white clouds and a crystal clear sky. The distant sound of neighing rises and falls on hay-scented air.
Rising from a distant column, a golden pegasus comes to life and swiftly races onward. The white feathers of its wings flutter before your eyes and blur your vision...
Pantheon of Lornon
You hear a low purr as the scene before you turns to amorphous shapes of warm color, then it all blurs...
[Feline Sanctuary]
Hot and well lit, the tree-bound platform stands high above the forest floor. Sunlight slants across the rough planks and a cool breeze rustles the nearby leaves. The sound of a prowling jaguar rises from the floor below, but is quickly quelled by an answering purr.
The world around you narrows, and a feeling of lassitude fills you...
Silver light sparkles on the air, which suddenly turns cold and draws with it an unyielding wind. The light fills your vision...
[Queen's Throne Room Sanctuary]
Tall and imposing, an ornate throne rises at the distant end of the room upon a dais fashioned of sanguine-veined ebon marble. Moonlight streams in through floor-to-ceiling windows covered in silk sheers that flutter in a cool breeze, offering a glimpse of snow covered peaks beyond. A pair of golden candelabras spread their filigreed arms toward the distant ceiling and provides soft illumination for all under their glow.
A sudden chill wind sets the sanguine silks covering the windows aflutter, their gauzy layers obscuring your vision...
The scene before you is turned aside as if it were merely drawn upon a cracked page in an old tome. The world around you shifts...
[Library Sanctuary]
Cramped shelves rise on all sides, their dusty expanses riddled with books of all sizes and shapes. Carefully shielded lanterns offer dim illumination for a space crowded with antique scrolls, tomes, and leather rolls. Dusty tables covered with maps, odd trinkets, and yellowed diagrams leave little floor space. A topaz eye with a deep ebon slit is painted into the ceiling, which houses hundreds of cobwebs.
The shelves around you buckle, causing dozens of scrolls to fall upon you as the world around you shifts...
Your senses become flooded by a rush of perfumed smoke, and you are washed in a wave of jade-hued steam as the world around you blurs...
[Bathhouse Sanctuary]
Plumes of roiling steam rise from the square pool occupying the center of this open air room. Walls purposefully half-finished rise like jagged teeth against the sky, unjoined and without a ceiling to offer both a view of the sky and of the surrounding wood around the bath. Brass spouts trickle water, and small burners allow the cloying scent of tuberose incense to perfume the air. In patches of jewel pigments, murals adorn the walls of the bath, the figures oddly distorted beneath the rippling water.
Behind the sweet fragrance of tuberose, a scent more putrid lingers, tickling at your nose. As if emerging from a cloud of scalding steam, the air burns cold on your cheeks as your vision blurs to obscure the world around you...
Your ears are filled with a soft hiss as the world around you shifts...
[Underground Sanctuary]
Sharp stalactites hang from a ceiling riddled with shards of raw emerald, which reflects light throughout the cavern and casts everything in a greenish glow. Shattered and broken, an enormous serpentine mask of copper crawls with lines of verdigris as it sits in pieces on the edge of a small pool. The sound of slithering rises and falls at odd intervals and is randomly punctuated with a soft hiss.
Yellowed eyes suddenly flash within the broken mask and your vision suddenly blurs...
The vision of your world is ripped harshly from your eyes and you are plunged into sudden darkness...
[Crater of Destruction Sanctuary]
Ragged at the edges, the crater rises on all sides like an enormous wound blasted into the soft belly of the earth beneath you. A hot, scorching wind riddled with grit, sand, and gravel procedes lightning, which streaks across the gloomy sky to briefly illuminate the desolate landscape.
Lightning flashes before your eyes, turning your vision to an off-white that blurs...
Your senses become flooded with the sweet scent of roses, and you feel a sharp prickling against your palms as the world around you blurs...
[Sanctuary of Thorns]
Thick and lavish, the scent of roses permeates the air; the sweet breath of countless crimson blossoms adorn the bushes enclosing this small square garden. In each corner, an ivory pillar stands - from one, a pair of chained manacles dangle, from another, a pair of whips hang lifeless from gilded hooks. A thorn vine-carved chaise lounge sits in one of the unused corners, while a simple pedestal stands before the remaining pillar supporting a concave bowl of water littered with rose petals.
Splashes of crimson paint your vision, and a breathy murmur lingers in your ears as your vision blurs, obscuring the world around you...
You hear a strange, haunting laughter echo around you as your vision blurs...
[Nightmare's Sanctuary]
Dark shadows dance across the walls of the sanguine room in a macabre parade of twisted limbs and haunting sounds. Ebon drapes flutter in an unfelt wind across the spindled limbs of a four-poster bed that rests beside an open window; its shutters sporadically bang against the glass panes. A figure, swaddled in darkness, lies in the gloomy confines of the bed and thrashes at odd intervals.
Shadows separate from the wall and surge towards you moments before your vision and the world around you blurs...
Your senses are overwhelmed with the sound of war chants and the cry of pit fighters as the world around you blurs...
[Gladiator's Cell Sanctuary]
Stone benches lay in a scattered arrangement upon a dusty floor, and the acrid scent of blood, sweat, and leather fills your nostrils. The sounds of men fighting, lions roaring, and the distant cry of the crowd filter down a narrow corridor set to one side. Painted high above on the red clay ceiling is the image of a black scimitar.
Moving down the corridor, the sound of the waiting crowd floods your senses and the brightness of the light after the dimness of the sanctuary momentarily blinds you...
Pantheon of Neutrality
The world around you is swallowed in silence and a cascade of feathers obscures your vision...
[Sanctuary of Final Embrace]
Moss green marble walls rise from black-veined white floor tiles only to disappear in the shrouded darkness of the ceiling. Solace fills you in the deep silence of the sanctuary, while a slight breeze carries the odd feather past you. A faint luminescent light glows from somewhere nearby, its source unseen.
Pale light floods your vision as all around you turns to black and the world dissolves...
Rolling chaotic winds filled with insane laughter swirl around you and your surroundings blur for a moment...
[Shifting Sanctuary]
Shifting sands move against the silvery, transparent walls of the chamber upon a chaotic wind riddled with laughter. Whispered questions, nonsensical and indefinable, echo around you and punctuate the objects that rise and fall in the landscape beyond the chamber. Painted tiles, seen and then unseen, decorate the floor and display a plethora of frozen faces locked in as many emotions.
Silver light filters down through the chamber and laughter rises to drown you in its chaotic embrace as the world around you slowly fades away...
Lesser Spirits
Your senses become flooded with the scent of fresh, clean water and the heady fragrance of lilies as the world around you blurs...
[Garden Sanctuary]
Surrounded on all sides by crystal clear spring water, the garden sanctuary is verdant and filled with life. Butterflies dance beneath a perpetual sun and alit upon dark violet butterfly weeds, which sway gently in a breeze scented with lilies and the distant sea. Stone benches are arranged around pockets of fiery violets, flaeshorn blooms, and pink petunias, while enormous white water lilies rest upon equally large green pads in the soothing waters.
Green light floods your vision, obscuring the sanctuary and causing it to dissolve around you...
The taste of blood fills your mouth as your vision blurs in a wash of red, causing the world around you to disappear...
[Sanctuary of Blood]
Dark and cloudless, the night sky spreads before you, punctuated by the soft glow of torches set at even intervals down several steep steps that disappear into a distant, dark jungle. Carved sigils ring a basin at the center of the sanctuary, its lip edged in razor-sharp obsidian that glistens with a thick, red liquid. A two-headed snake slithers around a severed hand painted crimson with its own blood at the edge of the sanctuary's platform.
Hissing suddenly, the twin heads of the serpent suddenly strike out towards you and your vision blurs with crimson light...
Skeins of silver light swirl around, wrapping you in a cool cocoon that obscures the world around you...
[Spiderweb Sanctuary]
Cradled in a soft hammock, the sanctuary's floor is fashioned of dozens upon dozens of silver skeins of spider webbing. Eight trees, blurred by distance, ring the web and provide anchor points to the tightly woven aerial floor, which sways gently in a light breeze. A crimson sky remains unchanged and the distant ground is lost in ebon shadows.
Crimson light obscures your vision as the sanctuary around you dissolves away...
Issuing the last syllables of the spell, your vision blurs with a silvery grey light, and the world around you shifts...
[Under The Sea]
Basalt rocks, slick and ragged, rise from a sand-ravaged ground littered with tangled clusters of lifeless kelp and seagrass. Beyond the surrounding bubble of air is a murky ocean filled with imposing shadows from large aquatic beasts that pass just out of sight. The acrid scent of the sea assaults your senses, and you sense that at any moment, the bubble could pop, and water could come rushing in.
Indigo light floods your vision, and you feel the waters come rushing towards you, the weight of their presence intimidating and imposing. Just as you sense that this breath may be your last, the world around you dissolves...
The Huntress
The blast of a horn rises on the air and your vision is suddenly obscured by rapid movement that you can't pinpoint...
[Sanctuary of the Hunt]
Tall and imposing, aspen and modwir trees form a thick ring around a clearing covered in knee-high grass. Positioned before a babbling brook is a black willow tree glossy with strange signs of petrification. Carved into the now nearly crystalline bark are various scenes of the wild hunt, together forming a circle about an eight-pointed star.
Three short blasts of a horn make the trees around you vibrate and their leaves fall upon you in a cascade of color that obscures your vision...
The air swirls around you, causing your feet to lose contact with the ground and your vision swims in a world of soft white...
[Aviary Sanctuary]
Polished golden wire creates an open-weave latticework ceiling supported by white pillars. Golden ivy swirls around each support, and at various intervals stretches across to create small swings and perches for the hundreds of bright birds. Canaries, sparrows, finches, and doves mingle with toucans and cockatoos in the high reaches of the sanctuary, while the cool marble floor supports wandering peacocks and whippoorwills.
All at once every bird in the sanctuary takes wing and your vision is flooded with their bright colors and loud caws...
The rich, earthy scent of herbs fills your senses as your vision blurs...
[Healer's Sanctuary]
Wind ruffles the sides of the off-white canvas walls, which fall in gentle pleats from the peaked roof to the short and tall blades of the grass. Potted healing plants are arranged in every available space of the tent from shelves to corners to the area where the walls meet the ground. A series of empty cots are arranged in alternating patterns with wooden stools near the central support pole, and several brass lanterns shed golden light upon the area.
Cool breezes tug the walls of the tent free from their supports and they sway before your eyes in a blur of white...
A cloud of black rose petals rises from the ground and swirls across your vision...
[Widow's Walk Sanctuary]
Surrounding the flat widow's walk deck is a wrought iron balustrade, beyond which lie bright orange terracotta shingles. Hundreds of deep purple glass votives house tiny candles that burn fitfully in the light zephyr that gently tugs at you. Clouds blanket the sky, their fluffy faces painted rosy and amethyst by the perpetual twilight.
Black rose petals rise from the ground to swirl about you, their heady fragrance momentarily stuns you, and your vision blurs...
Your senses become flooded with the distinct sound of an owl's cry, and the faint, fleeting scent of trillium as the world around you blurs...
[Glade Sanctuary]
Tall marble columns inlaid with lapis daggers enclose a well-used sparring ring, its center bare of the grass that emerges green only near the edge. Against the ivory hue of the pillars, trillium blossoms blend to near invisibility, distinguished only by dark verdant foliage and a scent that haunts the air like a waking dream. Set back from the grounds, statues look in from each of the cardinal points, characterized by remarkable craftsmanship; in front of each is a small pool of crystalline water.
Azure sparks of light flood your vision, obscuring the sanctuary and causing it to dissolve around you...
Cool azure light bathes you as your surroundings blur for a moment...
[Aquatic Sanctuary]
Tranquil and serene, the chamber echoes with faint aquatic sounds. Water laps unobtrusively at your feet, its presence warm and comforting. The chamber's curved walls and ceiling are translucent and beyond them the presence of sea creatures, both large and small, can be noted drifting by.
Golden flecks of light pervade the azure depths of the sanctuary and with an audible pop, the world around you slowly fades..
A deep shadow descends upon you and your breath is briefly muffled as your your vision blurs with darkness...
[Obsidian Shadow Sanctuary]
Obsidian walls rise from smooth black marble floors into a doomed ceiling shrouded in darkness. Set within a tiered structure, dozens of bone white tallows are arranged in the semblance of a cracked skull. Each short wick burns slow, causing them to splutter sporadically with any nearby movement; the candles' illumination is not enough to dispel the shadows beyond their ring of light. A velvet silence fills the air.
Suddenly the candles at the heart of the room go out and you are plunged into a deep darkness that obscures your vision of the world around you...
Lively music fills the air and is accompanied by merry laughter. Your vision suddenly blurs...
[Inspiration's Sanctuary]
Bright blue walls are covered with pictures of inspiring landscapes, stunning flowers, vibrant festivals, and beautiful faces; each is tacked in place by golden musical note-shaped stickpins. Resting beside the oak door is a worn traveler's cloak, threadbare and patched, a rustic carryall, and a weather-friendly instrument. A writing table with musical sheets, inkpots, and quills stored upon it is set beneath a sunlit window. Music fills the air with its sweet lively cadence.
Blue light swirls before your eyes and the tempo of the song changes to an old, whistled traveling tune. As the tune begins to fade, the world around you blurs...
Your vision swims with the glittering glow of candlelight...
[Chapel Sanctuary]
Smooth marble walls shimmer with the golden flicker of candlelight from dozens of white pillar candles set in golden candelabras throughout the small chapel. Three steps rise to a small altar covered with a yellow rose embroidered cloth. Laying upon the altar cloth is a small bowl, a slender handfasting cord, and a bouquet of yellow roses ringed with edelweiss.
A murmured promise touches your ears seconds before the candlelight flickers out and your vision blurs...
The sound of a man softly praying fills your ears and your vision blurs...
[Vigil Sanctuary]
Austere and barren, the sanctuary is ringed in white walls devoid of any wall hangings or fixtures except for a single window cut in the shape of a shield. A lone prayer-mat, beaded with onyx and white birch, rests at the center of the small room, while one white pillar candle burns quietly near the narrow door.
The candle flickers out and your vision is blanketed in velvety blackness...
A swirling grey mist enshrouds you as your surroundings blur for a moment...
A grey, swirling mist surrounds you, its tendrils creeping around your feet and twisting into a thick, translucent mass that vaguely forms a curved wall around the chamber. A feeling of calmness and protection passes over you as you sense that nothing harmful may pass the swirling walls.
A grey mist erupts around you and your visions of sanctuary slowly fade...