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This article is about the concept of magical energy. For the verb, see MANA (verb).

Mana is the raw magical energy found in each of the spheres of magic. It is by tapping into this energy that characters can power their spells, whether they tap into the magic through prayer to a god, focusing their inner will and psyche, or arcane words and gestures that harness the powers of the elements.

Mana Points

Each character has a reserve of mana points, representing how much magic they can cast safely. Casting a spell requires the expenditure of a certain amount of mana points, generally equal to the level of the spell being cast. For example, a level 1 spell would cost the caster 1 MP. Casting without having enough mana will cause the caster to suffer nervous system injuries.

A character's maximum mana point capacity includes their Base Mana plus additional mana from their Harness Power training.

Base Mana

Profession Mana Statistic(s) Sphere(s) of Power
Bard Aura, Influence Elemental, Mental
Cleric Wisdom Elemental, Spiritual
Empath Wisdom, Influence Spiritual, Mental
Monk Logic, Wisdom Spiritual, Mental
Paladin Wisdom Spiritual
Ranger Wisdom Spiritual
Rogue Aura, Wisdom Elemental, Spiritual
Sorcerer Aura, Wisdom Elemental, Spiritual
Warrior Aura, Wisdom Elemental, Spiritual
Wizard Aura Elemental

Each profession uses one or two statistics to determine its base mana points. The statistic bonuses (including racial modifiers), not the raw values, is used. Bonuses used in the mana formula are based on the character's statistics at Level 0 (shown with the command INFO START) and do not take subsequent growth into account.

For professions with only one mana stat,

BaseMana = ⌊StatBonus / 2⌋

For professions with two mana stats,

BaseMana = ⌊(StatBonus1 + StatBonus2) / 4⌋

Harness Power Bonus

Training in Harness Power gives extra mana equal to (Harness Power Ranks (capped at level) + Harness Power Skill Bonus).

For example, a level 10 character with 14 ranks in Harness Power would have a bonus of 10 + 66 = 76 mana.


Mana recovery is calculated using a percentage (25% on a node and 15% when off) of your maxium mana, plus the bonus regeneration earned through Mana Control in your sphere of power.

For professions with a single sphere of power, +1 bonus mana regen is earned every 10 ranks:

BonusRegen = ⌊ ( ManaControlRanks / 10 ) ⌋

For professions with two spheres of power, +1 bonus mana regen is earned every 10 ranks in the higher of the two MC skills, and an additional +1 for every 20 ranks in the lower MC skill:

BonusRegen = ( ⌊ ( ManaControlRankshigher / 10 ) ⌋ ) + ( ⌊ ( ( ManaControlRankslower / 10 ) / 2 ) ⌋ )

Training in Mana Control for unrelated spheres of power (e.g. a wizard training in Spiritual Mana Control) provides no additional mana regeneration.


A level 100 Empath with 505 mana and 101 ranks each of EMC, SMC, and MMC.

Node Value:

504 * 25% = 126.25 => 126
504 * 15% = 75.75 => 75

Bonus Regen:

(SMC / 10) + ((MMC / 10)/2)
101/10 + 101/20 = 10 + 5 => 15
*EMC provides no bonus


On-node  = 126 + 15 => 141
Off-node =  75 + 15 => 90

Regeneration Modifiers

  • The spell Manna creates bread that, when eaten, gives a refresh-effect every minute until the character enters combat. This refresh-effect includes a small mana regeneration dependent on the caster's training in the Major Spiritual circle. Manna can also increase maximum mana depending on Spiritual Lore, Blessings, which indirectly increases regeneration.
  • The spell Heroism (215) gives a refresh-effect of 1 MP per minute.
  • The spell Mana Focus (418) can change a room's nature from non-node to node for the purposes of mana regeneration. In addition, the caster (only) can receive +10 mana per pulse with training in Elemental Lore: Water, with the count of boosted pulses determined by number of ranks in the Lore.
  • The Bard song Song of Power (1018) affects the mana regeneration rate of the room in which the singer is stationed.
  • Sigil of Concentration provides +3 MP per pulse for 10 minutes.
  • minor mana regen potions give +3 MP per pulse; all of the potions last for 20 minutes.
  • lesser mana regen potions give +8 MP per pulse (level 20+).
  • greater mana regen potions give +13 MP per pulse (level 40+).
  • Clerics and Empaths can MEDITATE in order to gain Spirit Points, Mana Points, Health Points, and Stamina at a faster rate. Clerics can also apply the meditative effect to other professions using a chrism gem. For characters with exceptionally poor Discipline and Wisdom, it is possible for meditation to decrease mana regeneration rate.