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A character's '''mana points''' are determined by his or her mana statistic(s) and [[Harness Power]] skill training. Mana points are the basic unit of cost for magic-based abilities, and therefore characters with a higher mana point capacity are capable of larger quantities of, and/or more advanced, magic.
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== Mana Regeneration ==
Any character whose current mana points are below capacity will receive new mana points upon each '[[pulse]]', which occurs roughly every 2 minutes. A variety of factors, most notably location, affect the quantity of mana received, but it is calculated based upon a percentage of the character's capacity. (Depending on the circumstances, normally between 10%-25%, though amounts slightly outside that range are possible.)
For more information, see [[Mana point regeneration]].
== Mana Point Calculation ==
Each [[profession]] uses one or two [[statistic]]s to determine its base mana points. The bonus of the statistic, not the value of the statistic itself, is used.
* The [[Cleric]], [[Paladin]], and [[Ranger]] use [[Wisdom]] as their mana stat.
* A [[Wizard]] uses [[Aura]] as his or her mana stat.
* The [[Rogue]], [[Sorcerer]], and [[Warrior]] use both [[Wisdom]] and [[Aura]] as their mana stats.
* An [[Empath]] uses [[Wisdom]] and [[Influence]] as his or her mana stats.
* A [[Bard]] uses [[Aura]] and [[Influence]] as his or her mana stats.
* A [[Monk]] uses [[Logic]] and [[Wisdom]] as her or her mana stats.
Bonuses from mana statistics are based on the character's stats at [[Level]] 0 (shown with the command '[[INFO|INFO START]]') and do not take subsequent [[statistic growth rate|growth]] into account.
=== Maximum Mana ===
A character's maximum mana points are equal to the following:
<div {{prettydiv|margin-right=400px}}><center><tt>'''Max MP = [[trunc]][(StatBonus1 + StatBonus2) &divide; 4] + Harness Power Bonus'''</tt></center></div>
where the Harness Power Bonus is equal to 3 &times; Ranks for ranks less than or equal to the character's level, and 1 &times; Ranks for ranks beyond the character's level. If the character has only one mana stat, use it for both StatBonus1 and StatBonus2.
'''Example Calculation'''
Versa is a level 10 Elf Empath, with Level 0 stats of 100 in Influence and a 98 in Wisdom; this amounts to bonuses of +35 in Influence and +24 in Wisdom. Versa has 15 ranks of Harness Power. Versa's maximum mana points are:
:trunc[(35+24) &divide; 4] + 3 &times; (10 ranks) + 1 &times; (5 ranks) = 14 + 30 + 5 = '''49 MP'''
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