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A character's mana points are determined by his or her mana stat(s) and Harness Power skill training.

Mana Stats

Each profession uses one or two statistics to determine its base mana points. The bonus of the stat, not the value of the stat itself, is used.

Mana Point Calculation

A character's maximum mana points are equal to the following:

  • Max MP = trunc((ManaStat#1+ManaStat#2)/4) + Harness Power Bonus

where the Harness Power Bonus is equal to 3*Ranks for ranks less than or equal to the character's level, and 1*Ranks for ranks beyond the character's level. If the character has only one mana stat, use it for both ManaStat#1 and ManaStat#2.

Example Calculation

Versa is a level 10 Elf Empath with a 100 in Influence and a 98 in Wisdom; this amounts to bonuses of +35 in Influence and +24 in Wisdom. Versa has 15 ranks of Harness Power. Versa's maximum mana points are:

trunc((35+24)/4) + 3*(10 ranks) + 1*(5 ranks) = 14 + 30 + 5 = 49 MP.


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