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A character's mana points are determined by his or her mana statistic(s) and Harness Power skill training. Mana points are the basic unit of cost for magic-based abilities, and therefore characters with a higher mana point capacity are capable of larger quantities of, and/or more advanced, magic.

Mana Regeneration

Any character whose current mana points are below capacity will receive new mana points upon each 'pulse', which occurs roughly every 2 minutes. A variety of factors, most notably location, affect the quantity of mana received, but it is calculated based upon a percentage of the character's capacity. (Depending on the circumstances, normally between 10%-25%, though amounts slightly outside that range are possible.)

For more information, see Mana point regeneration.

Mana Point Calculation

Each profession uses one or two statistics to determine its base mana points. The bonus of the statistic, not the value of the statistic itself, is used.

Bonuses from mana statistics are based on the character's stats at Level 0 (shown with the command 'INFO START') and do not take subsequent growth into account.

Maximum Mana

A character's maximum mana points are equal to the following:

Max MP = trunc[(StatBonus1 + StatBonus2) ÷ 4] + Harness Power Bonus

where the Harness Power Bonus is equal to 3 × Ranks for ranks less than or equal to the character's level, and 1 × Ranks for ranks beyond the character's level. If the character has only one mana stat, use it for both StatBonus1 and StatBonus2.

Example Calculation

Versa is a level 10 Elf Empath, with Level 0 stats of 100 in Influence and a 98 in Wisdom; this amounts to bonuses of +35 in Influence and +24 in Wisdom. Versa has 15 ranks of Harness Power. Versa's maximum mana points are:

trunc[(35+24) ÷ 4] + 3 × (10 ranks) + 1 × (5 ranks) = 14 + 30 + 5 = 49 MP