Marble House

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Marble House is the alchemist shop in Mist Harbor. It is located on Tigerlily Avenue in a gleaming grey marble house.

[Marble House, Arcane Sales]
The shop opens up into a vast space. Numerous trinkets and potions can be seen scattered throughout the many holding containers lining the silk-draped walls. You also see an elegant wooden sign.


  1. a pale red sea glass rod              19. a spindly polished fel brush
  2. an etched driftwood rod               20. a small crystal flask
  3. a slender fruitwood wand              21. a chipped glass vial
  4. an electric blue iron wand            22. an opalescent glass jar
  5. a bolt-etched polished silver wand    23. a leather book
  6. a flared twisted wand                 25. a sisfu potion
  7. a flame-etched burnished gold wand    26. a sarmoc potion
  8. a splintered oak wand                 27. a duqnuru potion
  9. a metallic etched wand                28. a rohnuru potion
  10. an aquamarine teardrop-etched wand   29. a dirtokh potion
  11. a blue icicle-shaped wand            30. a mirtokh potion
  12. an acid-etched thin crystal wand     31. a grot t'kel potion
  13. an opaque glass amulet               32. a carved round malachite inkpot
  14. a carved banana tree amulet          33. some fine crystalline chalk
  15. a mist-etched crystal amulet         34. a long piece of translucent chalk
  16. a golden nautilus shell pendant      35. a smooth porcelain pestle
  17. a crystal toucan pendant             36. an ivory porcelain mortar
  18. a white birch cup                    38. an aish'vrak potion

  Backroom Catalog
  24. a mist-filled aster opal runestone      40. an etched yellow heliodor runestone
  37. a quartz-cut alexandrite runestone      41. a wedge-shaped crystalline stone
  39. a suede-bound star diopside runestone   42. an elliptical petrified stone

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
an etched crystal wand 5280 not worn <2 Major Acid (1710)
a slender blue wand 5280 not worn <2 Minor Cold
a coiled aquamarine wand 5280 not worn <2 Minor Water (903)
a stout metal wand 6336 not worn <2 Major Cold (907)
a burnished gold wand 5280 not worn <2 Minor Fire (906)
a splintered oak wand 5715 not worn <2 Stun Relief (108)
a twisted wand 3300 not worn <2 Mana Disruption (702)
a polished silver wand 1980 not worn <2 Minor Shock (901)
a hollow iron wand 1980 not worn <2 Minor Shock (901)
a crystal amulet 1980 neck <2 ESP net
a crystal vruul pendant 13200 neck <2
an alexandrite cat pendant 13200 neck <2 Imbeddable
a carved haon pixie amulet 13200 neck <2 Imbeddable
an etched crystal rod 5280 not worn <2 Imbeddable
a slim alexandrite wand 2640 not worn <2 Imbeddable
a spiraled glass rod 3960 not worn <2 Imbeddable
a grot t'kel potion 2640 not worn <2
a mirtokh potion 46200 not worn 2
a dirtokh potion 13200 not worn 2
a rohnuru potion 4620 not worn 2
a duqnuru potion 7260 not worn 2
a sarmoc potion 6600 not worn 2
a sisfu potion 23100 not worn 2
an ivory porcelain mortar 15840 not worn VSA 2 used to grind objects
a smooth porcelain pestle 9240 not worn <2 used to grind objects
a chipped glass vial 16500 not worn <2 used to hold salt water
a small crystal flask 1320 not worn <2 used to hold salt water
a long piece of translucent chalk 1320 not worn <2 Planar Shift (740)
a tiny piece of translucent chalk 66000 not worn <2 Planar Shift (740)
a leather book 2640 not worn <2 Planar Shift (740)
an opaque glass amulet 59400 neck <2 Invisibility (916)

The Grey House also sells three different kinds of customizable imbeddables. Amulets, rods, and wands are available in the following colors and materials:

white cyan lavender grey green golden black
yellow silvery dark brown chrome red tan
brass blue orange crimson azure purple
linden modwir monir thanot tanik fel ash
oak haon hazel yew maoral