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A material is the substance or substances out of which a thing is or can be made. In GemStone IV, there are numerous materials that weapons, armor, shields, and other useful objects can be crafted of that may have, and may not have real life counterparts.

Alexandrite Bronze
Coraesine Drakar
Eahnor Eonake
Faenor Glaes (Mein)
Golvern Gornar
Imflass Invar
Iron Kelyn
Krodera Mithglin
Mithril Ora
Ora, Black Ora, White
Razern Rhimar
Rolaren Steel
Urglaes Urnon
Vaalorn Veil iron
Veniom Vultite
Carmiln Deringo
Faewood Fireleaf
Glowbark Hoarbeam
Illthorn Ipantor
Kakore Lor
Mesille Mossbark
Orase Rowan
Ruic Sephwir
Villswood Witchwood
Wyrwood Yew
Lockpick Materials
Alum Laje
Vaalin -