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A Meeting Hall Organization ("MHO") is an organization run by the players of GemStone IV. Any group with a defined purpose which is open to new members and engages in activities which involve the greater community is eligible to form an MHO.

The MHOs are run out of a Town Meeting Hall, which provides a location for member groups to meet as well as services that aid in the running of events and activities. Each Hall contains several reservable meeting rooms, a place to rent services such as food carts and themed tents, a shop to purchase unique group insignia and other supplies, and a private tavern. The Hall also allows groups to issue news items and event announcements. Some services are available immediately upon joining, others become available after time and demonstrated community involvement.

Current MHO's

This is an incomplete list of current MHOs:

Wehnimer's Landing based MHOs:

Current Platinum MHO's

This is an incomplete list of current MHOs in the Platinum Instance:


The Town Meeting Halls are located

  • Wehnimer's Landing: a low stone gate on Penna Street
  • Solhaven: a gravel pathway leading to a pillared portico on Limpet Trail
  • Icemule Trace: a cobblestone walkway on the West Road
  • River's Rest: a cobblestone path leading to a well-tended orchard in Targon's Square
  • Ta'Illistim: a large wrought-iron gate on Mzaarine Wey
  • Ta'Vaalor: a tree-lined path on Amaranth Wey
  • Kharam Dzu: an obsidian archway on Glaes street
  • Zul Logoth: a long rolaren path in the Marcasite Tunnel