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A miniature clock tower a participation gift at Gnomefest in October 2014, a small festival presented by the mentors of Silverwood Manor as an exhibition of the culture of gnomes. It also served as a haste imbed that may or may not be merchant rechargeable.

Clock Tower


The creator has also provided the following information:
This item must remain some kind of time piece, and cannot support a LONG or SHOW description.  There can be a READ on the item, but will force a small brass plate to appear at the bottom of the tower.  "Watch" or "timepiece" are not acceptable nouns for this item.

Timer Syntax: TURN TOWER TO <number between 0-60, divisible by 5>


Verb Style First Third
LISTEN When time is set Holding the clock tower against to your ear, you listen intently. Tick, tock... tick, tock. The soothing, rhythmic sound nearly lures you into a daydream. You suddenly realize you're drifting off and lower the clock tower. XXX holds the clock tower against her ear and listens, appearing to fall asleep. She is suddenly startled awake, and lowers the tower.
SHAKE Twice, if set to a time Your clock tower is currently counting down from a previously set time. If you want to clear it, shake the tower again within fifteen seconds.

You vigorously shake the clock tower back and forth causing the second hand to wiggle wildly until it finally stops, pointing directly at the twelve.

XXX vigorously shakes her clock tower back and forth causing the second hand to wiggle wildly.
No time set You vigorously shake the clock tower, and the second hand wiggles back and forth. XXX vigorously shakes her clock tower.
TURN To a number divisible by 5 With great care, you slide the second hand clockwise on the face of the tower until it lines up perfectly with the one. XXX fiddles with her clock tower, moving the tiny, obsidian second hand around the clock face.
Timer running out A soft *CLICK* and a buzzing sound comes from your clock tower, informing you that 10 minutes have passed! A soft *CLICK* and a buzzing sound comes from XXX's clock tower.
Miniature clock tower Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Original Release Venue Gnomefest
Original Release Year 2014
Restrictions Watch and timepiece are unacceptable nouns
Item Verbs