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Simucon 2008 Notes

Category: Artisan Skills
Topic: Mining/Smelting
Message #: 473
Author: GRANTA
Date: 8/9/2008 1:53:57 PM
Subject: (Unknown)

Mining and Smelting, single skill.

Can make ingots of metal for forging and hopefully other crafts in the future.

Mines are excavated. You can make your own and dig directionally.

Players can search ores, and intuit ores based on mining skills. Bonus for dwarves.

Teamwork for deeper excavation. Shoring up mines.

Digging too deep has hazards, like critters.

Skill helps chance of finding ore, gems, shoring up mines.

Even rare ores are a possibility.

Good smelters can improve ore quality through normal or mechanical means. Increased skill is a greater quantity of ore, more efficiency.

Can smelt mundane and magical metals.

Exotic metals require even more exotic techniques.

CAN MELT existing items, but at a reduction of overall material. Skill determines how inefficient it is. Some possible restrictions on certain metals (like coraesine, black ora)

GM Vanern

Category: Artisan Skills
Topic: Mining/Smelting
Message #: 591
Author: GS4-VANERN
Date: 5/29/2009 10:02:13 AM
Subject: Re: Mining/Smelting

>Alright 3 question:

>1. Has any more consideration been giving to allowing us to find rare metals in proper locations?

More? It has been considered. It is highly likely that metals that should only be found in certain locations will be found in those locations.

>2. Are we still looking at a 2009 time frame?

Hopefully. I'm making no promises, as I'm currently in the middle of moving to another state, having gotten a new job (I'm an engineer, now!).

>3. Who are you? No really, glad someone is working on mining/smelting, but I don't think I've ever heard of you before. =) I was at the 2008 Simucon (Krakii and I played lots of Settlers there). I've posted on these boards before, too. I'm really not sure what else you're looking for here.

And just to clarify on a previous post, I'm now working on both mining and smelting (before I was just doing smelting). As always, suggestions are welcome. Not to say I'm lacking; I've a pretty clear vision on how this system is going to turn out.

I feel like I should become a geologist, now. There's a lot there to study.


Category: Artisan Skills
Topic: Mining/Smelting
Message #: 601
Author: GS4-VANERN
Date: 5/29/2009 9:11:08 PM
Subject: Re: Mining/Smelting

Interesting you should mention that, Miss Nixxi's Beau.

>Which metals do you forsee being available (albeit in a very limited amount if need be) through mining/smelting? Which metals are completely not approved for release through mining/smelting?

Vultite will not be the limit of quality you can get from mining/smelting. Which metals is still debated. Clearly, rare metals are going to be rare. Extremely rare metals will be a true treasure. That, at least, is the goal.

I can almost certainly say that metals that have supernatural powers that require scripting of some sort (coraesine, krodera, urglaes, urnon) will likely not be released through mining. This isn't a solid 'no', but don't even try to get your hopes up.

Cursed metals

Category: Artisan Skills
Topic: Mining/Smelting
Message #: 627
Author: GS4-VANERN
Date: 9/10/2009 5:42:56 PM
Subject: Re: Mining/Smelting

You're going to be able to melt weapons down into slabs. I can't guarantee your safety, however, if you insist on melting down cursed metals.



Category: Rogues
Topic: Developer's Corner - Rogues
Message #: 2683
Author: HAILEE
Date: 8/11/2008 5:34:09 PM
Subject: Re: why aren't rogues getting any love?

I believe he also mentioned some rogue only Cmans are on the way.

It was also mentioned that when mining and smelting come out, those metals can be used for making lockpicks.(rarer metals will be released)