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Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Mentalist Circle
Message #: 546
Author: GS4-Estild
Date: 6/22/2010 6:54:20 PM
Subject: Re: Mental Casting Stats

>Oh, also, I almost forgot, what's the Mental CS Stat!? - dan/gnimble

We'll be using a new system for the mental CS stat. Instead of a single stat for all mental spells, the responsible stats will be dependent upon the type of mental magic used.

The Minor Mental circle is considered a generic/dabbler's list, so it will only use the LOG bonus. Logic is considered the key stat for mental acuity. For each race, we'll see the following breakdown:

Outstanding (+10) - Burghal Gnomes
Good (+5) - Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Forest Gnomes, Erithians, Aelotoi
Average - Half Elves, Sylvans, Dark Elves, Elves
Poor (-5) - Giantmen
Terrible (-10) - Half-Krolvin

The Major Mental circle, which will focus on telepathy and divination, will use an average of INF and LOG bonuses. Influence is considered a key stat for mental magic that affects the minds of others. For each race, we'll see the following breakdown:

Good (+5) - Erithians, Elves
Above Average (+2.5) - Humans, Giantmen, Half-Elves, Halflings
Average - Sylvans, Dark Elves, Burghal Gnomes, Aelotoi
Below Average (-2.5) - Forest Gnomes
Poor (-5) - Dwarves
Worst (-7.5) Half-Krolvin

The Savant circle, which will focus on manipulation, transformation, and transference, will use the average of DIS and LOG bonuses. Discipline is considered a key stat for mental magic where the caster is using force of will to manipulate matter or energy. For each race, we'll see the following breakdown:

Excellent (+7.5) - Dwarves
Good (+5) - Erithians, Forest Gnomes, Aelotoi
Above Average (+2.5)- Humans, Burghal Gnomes
Average - Halflings
Below Average (-2.5) - Giantmen, Half-Elves, Sylvans
Poor (-5) - Dark Elves, Half-Krolvin
Worst (-7.5) - Elves

"With the above approach, Erithians are either best or second best at all types of CS-based Mental magic, and only Erithians and Humans have bonuses to all three lists. Elves are strong telepaths but weak manipulators. Dwarves, on the other hand, are weak telepaths but strong manipulators. Burghal gnomes are excellent dabblers but not too exceptional when they get into the specialized lists. We think that fits well with the concepts for all of those races. All races except Half Krolvin, Sylvans, and Dark Elves would have some facet of Mental CS-based magic at which they are above average. And for the Sylvans and Dark Elves, they would still be the best of the Elven-types when it comes to Mental bolt spells." - Warden (not going to bother rephrasing since he explained it so well).

GameMaster Estild

Category: Monks
Topic: So You Want to be a Monk?
Message #: 143
Author: GS4-Oscuro
Date: 09/09/2012 03:37 PM CDT
Subject: Re: Stats

>>WIS and LOG are useful for the reasons you stated, also LOG is the minor mental CS/TD stat and LOG/INF are the CS/TD stat for I think the savant circle (either that or major mental) so its good for TD for that circle as well.

LOG is the CS stat for MnM, but DIS is the TD stat. DIS is the TD stat for all three of the MnM, MjM and Savant circles. The CS stat for MjM is the average of LOG and INF, while the CS stat for Savant is the average of LOG and DIS.

GameMaster Oscuro