Minor Sanctuary (213)

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Minor Sanctuary (213)
Mnemonic [MINRSANCT]
Duration 600 sec, Refreshable
Utility Magic  
Subtype Defensive
Major Spiritual Spells
Calm (201) Attack
Spirit Shield (202) Defensive
Manna (203) Utility
Unpresence (204) Utility
Light (205) Utility
Tend Lore (206) Utility
Purify Air (207) Defensive
Living Spell (208) Utility
Untrammel (209) Utility
Silence (210) Attack
Bravery (211) Offensive
Interference (212) Attack
Minor Sanctuary (213) Utility
Bind (214) Attack
Heroism (215) Offensive
Frenzy (216) Attack
Mass Interference (217) Attack
Spirit Servant (218) Utility
Spell Shield (219) Defensive
Major Sanctuary (220) Utility
Transference (225) Utility
Spiritual Abolition (230) Attack
Spirit Slayer (240) Offensive

The Minor Sanctuary spell draws upon the spiritual forces of Elanthia to produce a "sense of peace and calm" in the area which prevents any aggressive activity. It affects a single room, and it will last for the 600 seconds or 60 seconds after the caster has left, whichever occurs first. The caster, and only the caster, can refresh the spell. A warning is given before the sanctuary fails. A cleric or an empath may SENSE an area to see if it is already under the effects of Minor Sanctuary.

While this spell is in effect, most creatures will avoid entering the area of the spell. Persons or creatures that are in the area will not be able to attack or steal from others.

Some areas, such as The Rift, are highly resistant to sanctuaries and will quickly dispel one.

The presence of enemies can prevent the spell from summoning the peaceful spirits that form the sanctuary. Any unfriendly creature in the room that is above the caster's level will contribute (based on level difference) to the failure chance of the spell. Additionally, any unfriendly creatures in the room that are equal to or less than the caster's level (but no more than 10 levels below the caster's) will contribute a small amount to the failure chance of the spell. Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning will reduce the failure chance of the spell.

This spell can be disrupted or broken by either a jagged glossy black shard made via Alchemy or a sorcerer with a minor demon. Any demon has the ability to attempt to interfere with the casting of this spell, with a success rate heavily weighted towards the demon.

Abyran'sa demons from the Lorae'tyr valence also have the ability to break an existing sanctuary, also with success weighted in its favor. The chances of a demon breaking a sanctuary are based on the sorcerer's Sorcerer Base spell ranks, Sorcerous Lore, Demonology, and level versus the caster's Major Spiritual spell ranks, Spiritual Lore, Summoning, and level.

Many naturally occurring creatures have the ability to break minor sanctuaries once they are in place as well. These include, but are not limited to:

Lore Benefit

Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning will increase the caster's effectiveness in creating a sanctuary.


You trace a sign while petitioning the spirits to bestow their aid with the Minor Sanctuary spell...
 Your spell is ready.
 You gesture.
 You attempt to call peaceful spirits to the area but are overwhelmed with a spirit of aggression!
 Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Alchemy Recipes

Some milky blue oil
Eastern version Western version
  1. Add flask of pure oil
  2. Add ground valerian root
  3. Simmer
  4. Add tawny brindlecat hide from tawny brindlecats
  5. Boil
  6. Add 2 doses of powdered pale blue moonstone
  7. Infuse
  8. Channel
  9. Chant Minor Sanctuary (213)
  1. Add flask of pure oil
  2. Add ground valerian root
  3. Simmer
  4. Add 2 doses of cougar tail from cougars
  5. Boil
  6. Add powdered blue sapphire
  7. Infuse
  8. Channel
  9. Chant Minor Sanctuary (213)


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