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{{spell | name = Minor Shock | number = 901 | mnemonic = MINORSHOCK | duration = Instantaneous | type = Attack }}
| mnemonic = MINORSHOCK
| duration = Instant
| type = Attack
| subtype = [[Bolt]]
| target = Single
| interval = One-shot
| dtype = [[Hitpoint]]
| status = None
| ctype = [[Lightning critical table|Lightning]]
| navigation = {{Wizard base navigation}}
'''Minor Shock''' is an elemental [[bolt]] spell that enables the caster to send an electrical charge from the palm of the hand toward a designated target. The [[Attack Strength]] for this spell is primarily a function of the caster's [[Spell Aiming]] skill and [[dexterity]] bonus, although other spells, such as [[Elemental Focus (513)]] and [[Elemental Targeting (425)]], can add significantly to its effectiveness. Successful attacks will cause the target to sustain [[hitpoint]] damage and possibly [[Lightning critical table|lightning]] based [[critical]] injuries.
Although not very powerful, this spell is used extensively by young wizards, because it is an easy spell to learn and cast, and the [[mana]] requirements are low. This spell can also typically be found in [[Silver wand|silver]] and [[Iron wand|iron]] [[wand]]s dropped as treasure items from creatures or available for purchase from certain shops within each town. It can be imbedded into appropriate items by skilled wizards who have knowledge of the [[Magic Item Creation (420)]] spell. Iron wands containing minor shock can also be created by properly trained [[Alchemy|alchemists]].
==Lores and Increased Damage==
Training in either [[Elemental Lore, Water]] and/or [[Elemental Lore, Air]] will increase the spell's [[damage factor]]s. The increase is .001 per two ranks for the first 100 ranks and .001 per four ranks for ranks 101 to 200. There is no requirement to train in both lores (as previously thought) to increase the damage factors for this spell. Total lore bonus with 200 ranks (300 skill) is .075.
{| {{prettytable}}
|- style= "text-align:center; background: #DDD;"
|'''Air and/or Water Lore Ranks'''||'''<center>DF Increase</center>'''
|<center>1 to 100</center>||.001 per two ranks
|<center>101 to 200</center>||.001 per four ranks
*Note: Damage factor truncates at three decimal places.
== Spell Usage ==
* [[CAST (verb)|CAST]] or [[INCANT (verb)|INCANT]] this spell to hurl a small surge of electricity at your target.
Casting at oneself or [[character|characters]] from defensive or guarded [[stance]] will cause a crackling halo of static to swirl about the target's head, standing all their hair straight on end.
==Damage Factor Table==
{{Boltspell table start}}
{{Boltspell table entry|spell = Minor Shock|DFcloth = .150|DFleather = .133|DFscale = .111|DFchain = .122|DFplate = .128
{{Boltspell table end}}
===Successful cast===
<div {{log}}>
prep 901<br>
Your hands glow with power as you invoke the phrase for Minor Shock...<br>
Your spell is ready.<br>
cast nymph<br>
You gesture at a sea nymph.<br>
You hurl a small surge of electricity at a sea nymph!<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;AS: +200 vs DS: -3 with AvD: +35 + d100 roll: +38 = +276<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;... and hit for 53 points of damage!<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Heavy jolt to abdomen causes skin to break open exposing liver.<br>
The sea nymph falls to the ground and dies.<br>
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.<br>
==See Also==
*[[Minor Water (903)#Damage Calculation Explained|Damage calculation explained]]
*[[Lightning critical table]]
== External Links ==
== External Links ==
*[http://www.play.net/gs4/info/spells/spelllist.asp?circle=5#902 Wizard Base Spell Circle: Minor Shock, on Play.net]
Official Spell Description: http://www.play.net/gs4/info/spells/spelllist.asp?circle=5#901
[[Category: Wizard Base Spells]]
[[Category: Wizard Base Spells]]

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Minor Shock (901)
Duration Instantaneous
Attack Magic  
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External Links

Official Spell Description: http://www.play.net/gs4/info/spells/spelllist.asp?circle=5#901