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Category: Towns
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 4744
Date: 7/27/2010 8:55:28 PM

ICEMULE TRACE -- An Associated Parchment report received earlier today describes the apparent wipeout of the entire moonflower species from the snowy countryside of Icemule Trace. The failure of the sensitive plant follows on the heels of an unusual summer storm, which dumped over half a foot of snow, hail, and rain over the region in a six-day period. Despite thriving in colder climes, the flowers' only remains were of shredded and withered petals and other debris scattered in the regions where they formerly grew.

"It's the worst we've seen in a long time. A'course, it don't compare with the blizzard in the spring of '52," began a native yokel who volunteered to comment on the storm. However, when asked about the moonflower situation, he was said to shrug impassively and reply, "I raise veg'ables, not herbs." Other denizens were equally unhelpful in contributing to the story.

Councilor Reiphe O'Mallory, a spokesman for the mayor's office, was also unconcerned, with the faint lingering regret that the botanical phenomenon would impact revenues from tourism. "They only bloom at night, so the only people who tend to see them at all are the adventurers and other crazies. I can't think of a use that anyone really had for them, except for my mother's cousin who liked to decorate with them for her soirees." When asked if they'd be likely to make a return, he said, "Well, you never can tell. Flowers grow so fast around here -- seems like you can pick up to five of them in a local area, but if you wait an undisclosed amount of time, they grow right back." Despite this offhanded assessment, the future of these tender blue flowers seems dismal.

Category: Towns
Topic: Announcements
Message #: 303
Date: 7/29/2010 9:01:58 PM

The recent sleet storm that passed over Icemule last week (in Prime) has tracked its way east and has broken up over the Dragonspine Mountains, depositing much of the moonflower pollen it was carrying into the area of Ta'Illistim's Gossamer Valley and its environs. As a result, moonflowers can now be foraged in fertile rooms in that area as well as a couple of other areas around Ta'Illistim.

Moonflowers have also returned to Icemule Trace in their usual spots. There have also been some bonus harvesting locations added -- anyone for Pinefar?

The new foraging locations have been enabled for Prime, Platinum, and Shattered.